MAP Episode 31: Voices in My Head

Schizophrenia for Dummies
Schizophrenia for Dummies

Download Link: Produced 2009.09.13

With new recording software ready so as to avert the potential danger of further lost podcasts, a new question arises: what happens when Lusipurr is distracted by the sound of his own voice? The answer is contained within.


  1. It is worth noting–though this is implied by the last of the outtakes–that we were able to get the microphone issues resolved by manually configuring a convoluted series of filters and using those to record.

    The correct method still does not work, but the Audio Hijack people are working on it.

    Next week I’ll be much less distracted and befuddled. Trust me, it’s really hard to record anything with your own voice screaming back into your ears with a 1s delay.

  2. – FFVII – I’d totally be on board for a site playthrough. As I think I’ve said somewhere before, the whole “game club” concept’s always been something I’ve wanted to participate in, I’m usually just lazy and don’t get around to picking up a copy of the game in time. I’ve already got FFVII on my PSP, though (heck, I’ve even got a 1/3 done playthrough), so I’ve got no excuse now :D

    – I found it funny that at one point the metra rail crossing bells could be heard in the background. Those things haunt my dreams.

    – Wolfenstein could have sold much worse. It did significantly better than Bionic Commando

    – I believe the bugs that make that awful buzzing sound are cicadas:

    I’m no biologist, but that’s what I’ve been calling them for years and nobody’s corrected me, so take that for whatever it’s worth.

    – Ginia’s squeeing is funny

    – Swine flu’s all in the mind. Much like the recession.

    – Seriously, I don’t know what kinds of under-the-hood changes they’ve made for the PSP firmware 6.0, but changing background colors does NOT justify a x.0 release. Sometimes Sony’s numbering scheme baffles me.

    – Couldn’t all Ginia’s arguments about how Apple hasn’t had purchased movies expire also be applied to the PSN video store? I don’t think that Lusipurr’s argument that Apple’s totalitarianism is keeping movie studios from having purchased movies expire holds water (at least I think that was his argument, am I misunderstanding?). I would think that the games with expiration dates would follow the same formula that downloadable movies, with a “purchase” and “rent” option, with “rent” costing significantly less. Maybe I’m just optimistic too, though, only time will tell.

    – I may be a lazy, basement-dwelling, fat gamer, but I do NOT have a neck beard.

    – Has Sony announced anything about their plan for dealing with already purchased UMD games on the PSP go? I really wish they’d hurry up and give us some details.

    – You can never have enough porn, true, but with all the streaming porn available online, you really don’t have to worry about hard drive space any more. With that myth dispelled, we’re back to having no reason not to download D&D online. NO REASON AT ALL!!!

    – So far, the fact that Dissidia doesn’t have a story mode for the villians is the only thing I’ve heard about it that’s dissapointed me. I was hoping that you could play through the other side of the Heroes’ story, but my hopes were dashed :f

  3. Apple really is very totalitarian about their administration of the iTunes store; it’s not a matter of my argument holding water–it’s a well-known fact. This is one of the reasons you can’t get Beatles music on iTunes (that, and their long-standing feud with the Beatles).

    Apple has a list of possible options for how things can be priced and arranged on their store. As a rights owner, you can either agree to the Apple pricing scheme, or you can choose to simply not be on iTunes. There’s no room for negotiation. With iTunes, Apple determines what the valid pricing options are.

    The PSN store is quite different. Sony pretty much lets every company decide what they want to charge for stuff. It’s far more caveat emptor as a result–and worse still, leaves us open for the worst of all possibilities: the release of games only in a rentable format, with no ‘permanent’ ownership format at all.

    You guys are very optimistic indeed if you don’t think that corporate greed will eventually clutch for that tantalising fruit. Developers are already reselling us ephemeral copies of twenty-year-old games and charging us incrementally for content that used to be included on a disk for free. Microsoft is charging us for the right to play games with each other online: something every other console and handheld allows you to do for free, and something I’ve been able to do for free on a PC since the 1980s–most alarming of all, they’ve managed to do all of these things whilst simultaneously being lauded by the people they are screwing over: gamers. Listen to Nate defend MS for making him pay for the ‘right’ to play games with his friends on XBox Live, and you’ll begin to understand what sort of a victory they have achieved.

    So, let me dispel your optimism: not only are they thinking about it, but I promise you it has been discussed and they’ve got a roadmap for it already. There’s not much you can depend upon, but corporate greed is one of the things that is as constant as the northern star.

  4. In re. the Cicadas, that is indeed what they are. I was confused because I was under the impression that they only came once every seventeen years, but it seems that Illinois also has a population of ANNUAL Cicadas. Joy.

    In Michigan, we do not have such blights. Just one more reason I look forward to the day when I can move back home.

  5. -I’m totally up for a FFVII playthrough, but probably not for a couple of weeks, I need to get a Pandora battery and get it on my PSP.

    -FFVII’s graphics are fine, the only thing I dislike about them is the low resolution backdrops which look awful in HD, which is why I must get it on PSP.

    -I also like Cait Sith, and like the fact that his and Aeris’ names are not mispronounced like in the newer FFVII spin-offs.

    -The PS3 slim outsold all systems for the week, but because you’re using monthly data its dominance is somewhat diluted.

  6. -Wow those Circada’s are awful!

    -I definitely think FFVII was better for having 3D, one thing I have noticed recently on CatFancy is a small but vocal contingent who bemoan each and every 3D RPG made for the DS. Their pin up games are FFI&II for the PSP and every game should be just like them, personally I’m glad we’ve moved on a little.

    -Ginia would be ok with Riddlethos, she’s a girl!

    -I think Ginia should pay Nate!

  7. -I think expiration dates are a very slippery slope, either I want to own a game, or I don’t want to play it at all.

    -Hotel Dusk is amazing.

    -Actually if you wait ’till the end of the month for a FFVII playthrough it will sych up with the year of Final Fantasy on CatFancy.

  8. 1. Lusipurr sounds like Chris Hansen

    2. I think the run through of FFVII would be a great idea.

    3. I would like to point out this link where it says the PS3 hardware sales are up a total of 14,000%+

    4. I LOVES 2D games!!!!!!!

    5. Nate you are correct: The second time you get to do the fun stuff.

    6. I think Gina was good enough to get paid!

    7. I agree with Lusipurr on the video game download thing. I would have to think that there is another idea that people might try to use. Perhaps they will start a gamefly type of download system where you “rent” a game for a certain amount of time but for you to be able to play a different game you have to get rid of that game and pick a new one.

  9. Oh, I wasn’t saying Apple’s not totalitarian in it’s running of the iTunes store, I was just saying it seems like the model for purchasing/renting movies is about the same on iTunes and the PSN. Whether or not that can be blamed on iTunes’s iron fist, then companies on PSN wanting to be competitive, I don’t know. Now, time for work!

  10. Wow, everyone wants to play through FF7. Looks like we’ll be doing this soon.

    As for a playthrough connected, even accidentally, to CatFancy, I think we’ll pass. I’d hate to give them the impression that we want to ape them. The reality is rather different. We’ll probably start soon, if not very soon. If it takes too long, we’ll start in the middle of October just to avoid any confusion.

    I actually prefer the name Aerith to Aeris–and I have always renamed her this, even when I first got the game, having gotten used to the translations available on the internet prior to its NA release.

    As for pronouncing Cait Sith as “Kett Shee,” I am fully aware this is the correct Gaelic pronouciation. I hope native Gaelic speakers are equally aware that I don’t give a shit about their stupid language and that I am going to continue calling him KATE SITH. Suck it, you woad-wearing gingers.

    As for the rest of it: It’s TIDE-us, zih-DANE, and SY-fer.
    It is NOT: TEE-dus, zih-DAHN, and SAY-fer.

    But it is definitely MAHR-EE-OH and not MEHR-YO.

    Canadians! Seriously, wtf?

  11. Yeah seriously what’s up with these mispronounceiations? The Tidus one is what has always bothered me the most because I just don’t see where it comes from. As for Canadians and Mario each and everyone of them should reserve five minutes of everyday for the express purpose of giving themselves a decisive and protracted facepalm!

    With the CatFancy playthrough, I don’t know whether it’s an official site activity, I think it may just be a bunch of members instigateing it.

  12. Yeah, now I’m really confused. I always assumed that the “Tee-dus” pronunciation came from the Japanese name (“チダス”, maybe?), but according to Wikipedia (so it MUST be true), his name in the Japanese version was “ティーダ” (“Tīda”). As somebody who usually embraces bad pronunciations, I can get behind it, but my theory about it’s origins was just blown out of the water.

  13. I just think the pronounciation came from footage of US game journalists talking about him. They had reletively free reign to interpret his name, since it’s never spoken in the game. Now sadly he’s Teedus forever! Bah!

  14. I’m definatly on board with another playthrough of Final Fantasy VII. I would have more of a drive to play it if I knew others who were also playing at the same time as I am. That just adds a whole new gameplay sense.

  15. @SN: Do you know if his name’s ever spoken in Dissidia or Kingdom Hearts? I haven’t played Dissidia yet and KH was a very long time ago. Could give us an official version of the name, though.

  16. It’s Teedus in the FFX trailer found in the Spirits Within DVD so I guess thats the official romanization?

    Dunno about this “new” preference for 2D, I myself have always prefered detailed 2D sprites instead of the clunky 3D gfx of most of the PSX and some of the PS2 era.

    About FFVII’s graphics in particular, it had beutiful backgrounds and awe inspiring FMVs, but man those character models were ugly, I thought so back in 1997 and I still think so today.

  17. It’s definitely Tee-dus officially: Kingdom Hearts, Spirits Within FFX Trailer, and Dissidia all confirm it.

    The pronounciations I complain about above are all ‘official’–except for Merry-Oh, which is an invention of the lunatics who dwell in the Frozen North.

  18. I replayed FF7 again recently, so I wouldn’t want to play it again already. I would be interested to hear what you guys have to say about it though.

    I’d kind of like to see you guys tackle Chrono Cross or FF Tactics.

  19. CC would be cruel.

    FFT would be just the motivation I need to finish the fugging thing once and for all.

  20. I’d be up for either of those as well, although I’d have to find a copy of CC somewhere (and I should probably play Chrono Trigger first. Still haven’t played through that one). I’m debating whether or not to hold off on making more progress on my FFVII save on the train until the site playthrough starts, if it is indeed happening.

  21. Other than people hating the ending of it (and all the exposition) CC wasn’t really a bad game. It’s not like they could have done anything to make fans of CT happy with the sequel anyway.

  22. Some of CC is all right, but the battle system is terrible and the way that characters are shoe-horned into the plot and never developed smacks of the late 80s.

    The music is excellent though, and the game itself is beautifully presented. We won’t be doing a playthrough of it any time soon, though. Nor FFT.

    As for FF7 it is beginning to seem a certainty. Tune into the next podcast for more details.

  23. Great Cast…And I think any reason to play Final Fantasy VII is a good reason. So get on that train!

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