Editorial: Roll 'Em Up.

katamariKatamari. Despite a curious lack of hamsters, I love this game. What isn’t to love, really? Katamari features colorful, beautifully developed and engaging levels, interesting up-beat music and is not particularly demanding on one’s time. It really is, everything I could want in a game.

The newest installment in the series, Katamari Forever, will be released on the PS3 tomorrow. If you have not played the free demo, you should, and perhaps you’ll be convinced (as I was) that this is worth picking up. It brings to mind my most frustrating Katamari moment: the fire level in the Xbox 360 version. I never could quite keep my katamari’s temperature hot enough.

So, Katamari, love it or hate it?


  1. Was I the only one EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED by the jumping mechanic? I also play the Japanese demo, and maybe Andy’s controller was broken, but jump definitely did not work.

  2. @Ethos: I try to avoid anything other than your standard “run around and roll them up” actions. I didn’t even know you COULD jump in Katamari. I’m probably the most unsophisticated gamer ever.

    Maybe it works in the real thing? I sure hope so not that I will be jumping… probably.

  3. There should be level creation in Katamari, so you can make a level full of hamsters.

  4. @Ethos: I had no problem using jump at all, so either your controller is broken, or you’re an idiot.

    Or perhaps both!

  5. @Bup: Or maybe a level where you’re rolling an ever-expanding hamster. That could be the best Katamari level ever.

  6. @Lusipurr: I just think we’re fixing a gaping hole in the series. It’s been hamster-free for far too long! (I don’t play Katamari, is it really still devoid of hamsters? Seems like they’re really missing an opportunity if it is)

  7. @Lusipurr – It was sixaxis in the demo I played. Is it still that? I’m hoping it was the controller…

  8. I’m so excited. I have Katamari Forever ordered. It’s my first Katamari game. ^_^

    I’m sure I’ll love it.

  9. hehe, I just remembered the first time I actually saw the first Katamari game. All my friends were getting together to do a homework assignment for this one class, and I forget why, but we were meeting at the apartment of the guy who wasn’t in the class, and he just picked up Katamari. Maybe it was because none of us wanted to do the assignment or something, but we all just sat there in a “WTF” stupor for a good hour before we realized any time had passed at all. It was awesome.

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