Feature: Revisiting the Lifestream (Part I)

Lusipurr.com is pleased to announce a new Feature: Revisiting the Lifesteam!

Final Fantasy VII US Box Art
Final Fantasy VII US Box Art

By popular demand, Lusipurr.com has decided to begin a collective playthrough of Final Fantasy VII. The title for this four-week feature enterprise is Revisiting the Lifestream. Week one, running from today until next Saturday, will be a collective playthrough up until Costa del Sol. Please post your comments (positive or negative) on this post!

Of course, any sort of discussion about Final Fantasy VII is acceptable. Feel free to discuss any issues which are on your mind about the game as a whole, or anything up to Costa del Sol! What do you think of the script, the translation, the soundtrack, the battle system, the characters, the art direction, the cutscenes; anything and everything is open for discussion.

Meanwhile, Lusipurr.com staff members will post daily updates on their playthrough, including any issues or thoughts they have had. Readers are encouraged to do the same; if you have friends who might be interested in this feature, please get them involved as well!

Your comments will be used in the upcoming 28 September Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, so tune in to hear us discuss what you have to say!


  1. I’ll kick things off by mentioning that I am currently in Wall Market! Loving the game so far. More to come!

  2. I’m currently running for my life in Reactor no 1.

    Ahmigawd it’s gonna blow in 6:58!!!

  3. I coincidentally started a few weeks ago! But I stopped playing as much once I left Midgar. The hours at the beginning of the game are probably some of my favourite of all time in any game, but after that, I tend to lose interest. Hopefully I can keep up!

  4. I started a playthrough when FFVII was released on PSN over the summer and I just got the Tiny Bronco, so I’ll probably hang out there for a week and join everybody for the next segment (I don’t have a playthrough w/ Aeris at level 99, maybe I’ll see how high she can get…). I think most of my thoughts on the first section can be summed up in the phrase “Midgar is awesome.” It’s one of my favorite video game environments from any game, and I really wish more of the game had taken place there (I think that was one of the reasons I enjoyed Crisis Core so much).

    For as much as I love FFVII, though, I really am noticing a lot of faults in this playthrough (nothing major, just a bunch of little things I never picked up on before). The translation’s the main one. Not sure what exactly I was smoking on the previous playthroughs, but I never noticed any of the glaring gramatical error or any of the things everybody else picked up on. This time, I’m seeing them a bit more.

    It’s also obvious that this was still pretty early in terms of Square’s 3D games. I think it was Ginia who remarked on the last podcast that all the characters hands looked like horse hooves, and that really is true. I’m definitely glad the series went in the 3D direction (especially during the FMVs), but this was definitely a “first attempt,” so to speak (not the first time I’ve noticed this one, just figured I’d bring it back to the podcast).

    I’ve also noticed a few minor issues when the gameplay itself switches into 3D. One that jumps to mind is the “defend the truck” minigame at the end. While that sequence is cinematically awesome, the gameplay is pretty rough. There’s one spot specifically towards the end where the camera moves ahead and the party drives past it, but it doesn’t seem like the controls are flipped as this happens, so hitting left on the d-pad moves you right on the screen. Very counter-intuitive.

    Anyway, enough of my nit-picking of a still-excellent game (not hyperbole here, my life would be very different if I hadn’t played this game when I did). Maybe I’m just crazy and just can’t defend a truck for crap, who knows? :F. Looking forward to the rest of the playthrough and kind of hoping site playthroughs become a semi-regular segment.

  5. For this playthrough, I’m using my PSP to play Final Fantasy VII since it’s the most convenient system to play it on due to its portability. I just completed Reactor no. 1 and I’m hanging out in our hideout, discusing my payment for the next mission.

    I’m actually really enjoying the graphics for the game so far, despite what I’ve heard from critics alike. The dialgoue however is exactly how I remember it. It has its ups and downs and then theres the lower of the two which is Barrets dialogue. However dispite all that, I am greatly enjoying this game and hope to be Costa del Sol by next saturday. :)

  6. Wow, sorry for the wall of text everybody.

    tl;dr: Love the game, noticing a few technical flaws this time around.

  7. Ya same here in regards to finding more flaws. This too is my second playthrough with the PSN version and its still a fantastic game dispite the flaws both you and I mentioned.

  8. @Darth – I actually read your full comment, believe it or not, and I think I entirely agree. Midgar is my favourite, and I can’t believe I never noticed the very noticeable localization until this playthrough.

  9. I really do think that the way FF7 opens is probably one of the very best openings for any game ever. What a gripping introduction to what really is one of the greatest games ever made!

    Translation issues abound, but it’s nothing new to me. The “This Guy Are Sick.” line is still one of my main favourites. I think the legendary badness of the translation has, in some ways, ameliorated its effects. Much as the goofyness of Final Fantasy IV at times has become part of its charm.

    I have found Barrett suprisingly well-translated, actually. Especially for the time. Square’s attempt to do Mr.-T-like dialect actually works really well. And, as Ginia said to me earlier, it’s even better if you end all of his speeches by mentally inserting the word “foo'”.

    I’m thoroughly enjoying it and this time (I REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME!) I will use Vincent instead of Tifa. I really will. I WILL. FOR REAL.

  10. I’ll be using Vincent and Caith Sith, though to begin with it’ll be Barret and Nanami. I want to “date” Barret later in the game. :)

    Shinra 4-eva, biatches!

    ps – Johnny is badass. He needs his own game.

  11. My team’s usually pretty much always got Aeris on it, if nothing else, just for her limit breaks. I still think Great Gospel is the single best move in the game (even better than Knights of the Round). I’ve gotta get some use out of it while I can :F.

  12. My party will more than likely consist of Tifa and either Cid or Caith Sith, depending on how I feel. I’m the same way Ethos, I’ll probably never have Aeris in my party unless I’m required to. I’m planning to get all the summons, gold chocobo, and ultimate weapons by the time I reach the end of the game. Knights of the Round rocks and Great Gospel is cool too……until Aeris dies and then you realize all that work you put into her, all that time and grinding was wasted. Hazaa!!

  13. @Syrek: I remember the first time I played through the game my main party was Cloud, Aeris, and Tifa. Then I got to the point wehre NONE of them were available. As a result, I hate Cid because he was the character on-screen at the time (I don’t really hate Cid).

    I’ve found Aeris is a great edition to any grinding session just because of her limit breaks. Because Pulse of Life (and, later, GG) is always refilling your MP, you never have to head back to a town or find a save point to use a tent. Just throw a hyper and cover materia on Aeris and go fine something somewhat powerful. Her limit break will usually be full within a few encounters, then you’ve got full MP again :D

    @Ethos: Well, we all know you’re a nazi-communist.

    I’m going to try going through this playthrough without any guides or anything to see how much I remember from my last time. So far so good, but I’m probably going to miss out on most of the ultimate weapons due to my crappy memory X_X (not that you ever really need them, especially with Knights of the Round).

  14. @Darth – Well not EVERYBODY knew. But now I suppose they do!
    And in an embarrassing fit of stupidity and ignorance, I didn’t even know that Vincent existed my first playthrough, so I’m going to change that this time…

  15. hehe, same thing almost happened to me. I didn’t find him until I was going around leveling up my guys before the end dungeon (can’t remember why I was in Shinra mansion, exactly). Was kind of funny that he popped out of his little casket-thing already at level 75+.

  16. Damn I’m going to have to hurry to catch up! Mid-semester break in a couple of days, I’ll be sure to get stuck it!

  17. I don’t know whether to join in on this one. I definitely enjoyed VII but it’s just so damn easy. I don’t know if it would hold my interest for another playthrough.
    also, could someone please tell me what’s so appealing about Midgar? is it just cause it’s so big? when I was there I couldn’t wait to get the hell out. I’ve never lived in a true ghetto myself but the place I used to live was just a pimp and two dealers away from being one and it was horrible. last time I went through Midgar it just kept bringing back bad memories.
    except the dress part. that was awesome.

  18. Midgar was visually interesting, and was packed to bursting with interesting scripted events which cover a lot of ground. It was a very big and impressive experience given the small role played by JRPG towns up to that point. We went from spending just long enough in towns and castles in order to speak to the right people and find some treasure in the 16-bit era, straight to a massive fully realized city full of scripted events which comprise a massive chunk of the game. It was just one of those things that took your breath away at the time because there was nothing else like it.

  19. Now you can all listen to the podcast where this Feature is VOCALLY announced!

    Wow! Behold the power of AUDIO.

  20. Midgar is cool because, for the most part, you cannot go back. Sector 7 gets, well, squished, and you can’t go back to sectors 5 and 6 until almost the end of the game. It’s kinda like “home”, and it feels good to be back there, even if it is a dump.

    ps – Wall Market is hella fun, I forgot how fuckered that place is, haha.

  21. Here’s an update on my status so far. I’m finally done with Midgar and I’m working my way towards Kalm. At the moment my party consists of Barret and Tifa but I’m having a hard time deciding wheather or not I should care about Aeris or Red XIII at this point. I was able to steal some Carbon Bangles from these robots as well as a new sword for Cloud from 3rd class SOILDERS on the 67th floor of the Shinra building. Not that it matters wheather you aquire these items or not since the game is relatively easy, however if I find something of benefit, I’ll inform you all. I was also able to get that horny guy, Dono to pick Cloud over Aeris and Tifa which is a first for me. I swear, that entire section where your trying to dress up as a girl and when your in Dono’s Mansion is priceless good fun. :)

  22. Stealing Carbon Bangles from the Moth Eaters and a Hardedge for Cloud in Shinra HQ is really very useful. A lot of good stuff can be stolen long before it can be bought. Thanks for reminding me to mention that!

    I’m just outside of Midgar too. Screw Aerith and Nanaki. She’s going to die, and he’s useless. Stick with Team AVALANCHE ftw.

  23. So I know it’s a little far out, but I’m just about to go do the Wutai sidequest. I was wondering if anybody’s tried to just get to the point where Yuffie leaves the party, then take off and finish the game proper? Does it ever stop you? Can you just abandon her and your materia for lost and continue on?

    Oh, and currently rocking an Aerith/Cid combo. Figured I might has well have one full powered party member who’s with you for the duration of the game and has some decent limit breaks. Now I have to try to find Highwind…

  24. Anytime Lusipurr! Ya, screw Aerith and Nanaki, Team AVALANCHE is where it’s at. However once Cait Sith joins my party I may feel inclined to swap him with Barret. Although I will always have Tifa in my party. ;) I’m not sure about abandoning your materia but I’m all for ditching Yuffie! I am currently in Junon, about to send of President Rufus with my march of glory! Costa del Sol, here I come!!

  25. -Does the guide have a chart detailing the characters base stats? I took a cusory glance through it and can’t find one …

  26. I don’t remember there being anything that detailed in the guide, unfortunately. You might have to resort to the internet or gameFAQs for something like that. If I’m remembering correctly, though, you can boost all your stats to max either by materia or morphing random encounters into “x sources”.

  27. @Darth & SN: Nope, not there. Sorry! But what Darth says is right.

    So far, I’m up to the Mithril Mine. Was *very* busy the last few days! Should be able to play more now!

  28. I always buy the house, but I never use it. My Cloud is so wasteful.

  29. -Have come to the realisation that the official guide is even more useless than non-official game-mag guides of the day. What a useless fuck-load of horse piss.

    -Am up to the train graveyard.

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