Feature: Revisiting the Lifestream (Part II)

Lusipurr.com moves into the second week of our Feature: Revisiting the Lifesteam!

Final Fantasy VII US Box Art
Final Fantasy VII US Box Art

Last week, Lusipurr.com began a collective playthrough of Final Fantasy VII. The title for this four-week feature enterprise is Revisiting the Lifestream. Week two, running from today until next Saturday, will be a collective playthrough from Costal del Sol through the Temple of the Ancients. Please post your comments (positive or negative) on this post!

Of course, any sort of discussion about Final Fantasy VII is acceptable. Feel free to discuss any issues which are on your mind about the game as a whole, or anything thus far! What do you think of the script, the translation, the soundtrack, the battle system, the characters, the art direction, the cutscenes; anything and everything is open for discussion.

Meanwhile, Lusipurr.com staff members will post daily updates on their playthrough, including any issues or thoughts they have had. Readers are encouraged to do the same; if you have friends who might be interested in this feature, please get them involved as well!


  1. I have a lot of positive thoughts, but I’m currently really annoyed with the controls in the overworld. Why no ability to lock the camera? Also, I know it was probably a dual-shock thing, but the d-pad only control is imprecise and frustrating.
    Definitely enjoying revisiting the game overall though!

  2. @Ethos: What do you mean by “ability to lock the camera”? There’s a fixed camera option somewhere, if that’s what you’re looking for. I think you have to fiddle with the L2/R2 buttons or something to get it to pop back into place overhead if you’ve been moving the camera around, can’t remember exactly.

    I’ve actually had a lot of problems moving around the non-overworld maps this playthrough. Maybe it’s because of the PSP’s d-pad or something, but I keep getting stuck on stuff (even more than usual).

    @Blitzmage: At least they didn’t go through with the plan to play through all of disc 1 last week :F. That would have been pretty insane.

  3. -I’m about to do Gongaga, I’m well impressed by how well this game has held up, it’s still a blast to play.

  4. Updated this post. The original target of Nibelheim was far, far too short, as that is less than 4 hours from Costa del Sol.

    The new target is to complete the Temple of the Ancients, which should be closer to the 10h mark.

    (This assumes that you take the Tiny Bronco to Wutai directly after Rocket Town to complete that side-area.)

  5. Speaking of Costa Del Sol… Did anybody here ever buy the condo? Haha!

    Ah, the temple of the ancients. I always thought the music in the temple was awesome! One of my favorites from the soundtrack for sure! Nice use of chromatics (Music theory nuts will get this)!

  6. @El_Hefe – I actually bought the condo on Friday because I was bored and had excess Gil. No real reason to, but I really do tend to gratuitously overlevel my characters in FFVII, so I always have more Gil than I can shake a buster sword at.

  7. I always buy the condo! Haha.

    And I love the materia system, I really do.

  8. Saved outside of Temple of the Ancients at exactly 20:00 on the clock, which includes extra time for screwing around and getting all the Enemy Skills up to that point, in addition to the Wutai Corneo sidequest and the Pagoda of the Five Mighty Gods.

    Looks like I called this one pretty close. If you’ve been sticking directly to the storyline, you’ll get here a bit sooner.

  9. @El_Hefe & Ginia – I remember buying the condo. Mr. T in a sailor suit… the horror… the horror…

  10. hehe, apparently I play through the game really slowly :F (almost to 42 hours). I’m Just getting to the Gold Saucer for the second time now. Thinking back to Ginia’s article from last week, I think I find the date with Aerith much sadder than when she’s actually killed.

  11. I’m at about 32 hours, nearly at the Temple of the Ancients boss. Aeris is not long for this world (has actually been giving me the shits).

  12. I finished the Temple of the Ancients yesterday and kind of just kept going. I finished up Disc 1 and I have to say I forgot how catchy the Forgotten City theme is (not sure of the name).

  13. I have made my way through the sleeping forrest and will probably finish Disc 1 tonight. KH:DS has been canibalising some of my FFVII time …

  14. Hehe, I’ve been tempted to throw that into my DS, but I have way to short an attention span to be playing 2 portable games at once :D.

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