Announcement: No Podcast for 2009.09.28

No PodcastIt is my unpleasant duty to report that, due to technical difficulties of a serious nature, there will be no Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast for 28 September, 2009.

It is our desire to solve the current technical situation so that we can return to podcasting soon. We tentatively expect to be able to record a podcast on the following weekend, but the possibility remains that it may be two weeks before the situation is resolved.

The staff have not taken a vacation from podcasting since the site began operation in February of this year. Given that this is the case, this week (and potentially next) should be considered ‘holiday’ weeks. So, whilst we ask for your forgiveness, we also hope you will understand. Chalk it up to ‘two weeks vacation’ if that makes it easier to bear.

We look forward to podcasting soon. Stay tuned for further updates!


  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for next week. Damn Apple, they’re the reason we can’t have anything nice.

  2. Unless Riddles and I record an ultra guest podcast! Bah-ha ha ha ha!…ha…
    Except I don’t know how feeds work, and Lusipurr would never allow that.

  3. Aw rats! Its all good though. Everyone needs a break.

    Speaking of breaks, does anyone want to do my Ohms Law homework?

    No pressure…

  4. Yeah, no big deal on the break, and good luck with getting the Mac replaced. Leaving NATE LILES in charge, though, may be the death of us all. I suggest a joint triumvirate where each member has power proportional to the number of state capitals they can name without consulting Wikipedia.

    @Ethos: Feeds are easy :D. I’m all for Ultra Guest Podcast if people get the chance.

    @El_Hefe: I only had to take one semester of electrical engineering, so all I remember about Ohm’s Law is not liking it (granted, some of that might have been the fact that the class was at 8AM).

  5. @Bup: Shut up, you big poopypants!

    What happened to Lusi’s Mac is a NEW FEATURE w/ Snow Leopard. Everything is working as intended, there is nothing to see here, please move along.

  6. No, they cannot do an ultra guest podcast. Sorry.

    It’s not even related to Snow Leopard, sadly. It’s really NVIDIA’s fault. This is the same problem I had last year. Unfortunately, Apple now gets some of the culpability for knowing about the problem but not doing anything more significant to fix it. Other companies have replaced the offending graphics boards with slightly better, functional boards. But Apple’s rigid hardware strictures prevent them doing this, so we get stuck with crappy drivers that just run the fans all the time, delaying the inevitable.

  7. Aw phooey!

    And that sucks, Lusi. Very little is more frustrating than computer trouble.

  8. :( guess I’ll just have to settle for reruns.

    as an aside, is anyone able to download the the MAPcast through Firefox? I can do it through IE (which I hate with the burning passion of a thousand molotav cocktails) and through iTunes (which I dislike with the mild irritation of constipation) but this cast is literally the only reason I use those apps and I’d like to cut out the middle man.

  9. @breaka666 I had the same problem. I just had to upgrade firefox.

  10. @El_Hefe – thanks, I’ll try that.
    @Ethos – ???
    @Riddles – since we have no podcast to talk about; during one of my usual trips through the internet I happened to come across a (very large) site ,, run by a certain someone. why were we never told about this? hmmm?

  11. “One of my usual trips through the Internet furiously looking for more porn…

  12. @Bup: Are you implying there are OTHER uses for the internet?

  13. @Lusipurr: My condolences on the computer issues, they always suck. I had a power supply grind to a popping halt on one of my machines a few weeks ago. Fortunately, though, it was in a desktop, so things were a little less permenant. Good luck with everything, however it ends up shaking out!

    @Breaka: What exactly are you doing when you go to download the podcasts? I just tried in FF 3.5.3 and it seems to be clipping along fine.

  14. @bup – well EXCUSE me for not having every woman in the world in my little black! some men have to make due with what they can get, dammit! maybe instead of being judgmental you could share! Shakira’s number. NOW.

    @darth – I just click it. in IE it takes me to the page where I can download while in firefox it subscribes me to the RSS feed. for the longest time feed would stop at about 15 but it’s up to date now. weird…

  15. @Breaka: That’s odd. Do you get the “Subscribe with Google” page when you click in FF? Here’s the page I get, does it look similar?

    Sometimes it seems like FF can’t decide what it wants to do to handle XML files. I think IE is detecting the file as a straight XML (going off the extention), but FF is figuring out it’s an RSS feed and asking you if you’d like to subscribe. Sometimes I’ve seen it redirect to Google as well for subscriptions w/ Google Reader (which is my RSS reader of choice, so I prefer that option). Anyway, with all the options I’ve seen, there’s some way to get to the media itself. Hopefully you fall under one of those categories :D.

  16. @darth – yeah, that’s the page. sense the feed is updated now I can just open the cast in a new window and use download helper to get it. thanks for the help and the info.

  17. Yeah, I was just right-clicking on the “mapXXXX.mp3” link and going “save link as,” sounds like you’ve got a method, though. If you’re just looking for a strait podcast downloader without all the bulk of iTunes, though, there are a bunch of options for that as well. Glad you got it working!

  18. Excellent! As a new listener to the podcast, I was worried that my newly-enjoyable Monday morning communte would return to its morose former state. Many thanks to the entire cast for providing such fine entertainment weekly.

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