Editorial: Go Play Katamari Forever

Hey Lusipurrites. Haha, that sounds like Lusi-Sprites.

Due to having to work today and then having a wedding rehearsal to attend, I am not able to post a proper editorial or review today. I did not want to leave you guys hanging, though. I know that content has been a tad sparse lately due to the computer gods frowning upon Lusipurr and Thea and I sincerely apologize for contributing to the drought.

Play it! Play it now!
Play it! Play it now!
My copy of Katamari Forever arrived yesterday. I am sorely tempted to review it, but I think Lusipurr’s head might explode in a fit of nerd rage if I do that. I am fairly certain that he would like to review it himself when he is able. I am quite loving the game, though. It is my very first Katamari game, and oh my goodness, I had no idea what I was missing. This series is ridiculously quirky, fun, whimsical and addictive. So I strongly encourage you all to go play it right now. Stop reading Lusipurr.com (at least until tomorrow, then read Lane’s post!) and play Katamari Forever.

Nah nah-nah-nah nah-nah-nah-nah …

(Ok, ok, back to work fixing mp3 players!)


  1. Katamari Forever IS excellent. I cannot praise it enough.

    The Montok spoke with me the other night. Apparently, he has never played a Katamari game. I told him to stop jawing with me and to go to the store and buy it. Apparently, he had to go to a place called Werk (Wirk? Wurk?) first, whatever that is.

    Here’s my short & sweet review: If you have ever enjoyed a Katamari game, you’ll enjoy Katamari Forever. It’s delightful in every way.

    If you have not enjoyed a Katamari game, you have no soul and should throw yourself into a pit of fire.

    Review ends.

  2. Question: As someone who has thoroughly enjoyed the previous iterations of Katamari, does this version add anything for the veteran of the series? As I understand it, this is simply a “Greatest Hits” of popular past levels – if one has played almost all of the levels already, is it still worth a purchase?

  3. @Edge: Whilst it has some levels from previous Katamari games, there are also many new levels: about 50% or so, I’d estimate. (There are two storylines, one which takes place in the King’s memory, and one which does not.)

    If you thoroughly enjoyed the previous iterations, you’ll love this. There’s tonnes of fanservice in it, whether you like the stages, the characters, the cousins, or the music. It is a game designed to make people say, “Ah ha! I get it! I remember…”

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