Editorial: I think I'll sit this one out…

Readers who listened to this week’s podcast discovered that I am sitting out the site playthrough of Final Fantasy VII. Instead, I find myself watching Shawn as he makes his way through the game. I have gotten to the point where, many times, I prefer to watch a game played rather than play it myself — especially when it comes to RPGs.

lostodysseyI just no longer have the attention span, or interest, to play through a long, involved game. Yet, I have just as much fun (or perhaps more fun) watching other’s play than playing myself. This certainly has been the case with Final Fantasy VII and Lost Odyssey. I get to watch all the cutscenes, see all the intricate story plots and dialogue, but don’t have to go through the trouble of crawling through dungeon after dungeon.

So readers, are there games that you’ve enjoyed more watching them be played than actually playing them yourself?


  1. Yeah, I’m that way – strangely – with Halo 3 online multiplayer. Not really the same thing, but while I have no interest in playing these games online and getting and maintaining a ranking, I love watching skilled players play!

  2. anything but an rpg for me. I have way more fun watching my friend play god of war than actually playing it.

  3. While not quite the same thing, if I’ve really enjoyed a really good puzzle game (Ico, World of Goo, Prince of Persia etc.), I will try to convince my wife to play through it and watch her work out the puzzles. It’s like reliving the game anew through someone else’s eyes, and comparing their thought processes to my own.

  4. While I pretty much always prefer playing games to watching them, seeing my girlfriend go through Portal for the first time was frakking hysterical. She talks to the TV as she plays, so I’d frequently hear lines like “Hey, it’s me! Hi me!” right before she’d fall to her death or get hit by one of those death balls (not a euphemism :F). Or, for a while, she insisted on bringing the radio with her through all the levels because she liked the music. Like Edge says, there is something interesting about watching somebody else’s thought process as they work through a puzzle game, and Portal was an excellent example of that (not to mention GLaDOS was great even if you’re not playing the game yourself).

    Really, I find watching her play any game really amusing, though, mostly for her little monologues with the characters (she had a running conversation with the box you had to push across the ship in the beginning of God of War). I have a bit of a tendency to be a back seat gamer, so I usually don’t watch too many other people play games (she’s learned to put up with it :F).

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