MAP Episode 34: The Great Podcast Marathon

Cat Fancy
Cat Fancy

Download Link: Produced 2009.10.11

Lusipurr and Ethan are exhausted after an entire day podcasting. Ginia tries to cheer them up by talking about her WoW characters, but this only serves to drive Ethan mad. Suddenly, Lusipurr sees a penis! What will happen next? Listen to find out!


  1. -Wow CatFancyCast#100 is 5 hours long?

    -Disc 2 isn’t choppy and episodic on the whole, the only bit that really spoils it is my old friend forced party change-ups; namely the departure of Cloud as leader.

    -Lol the Nigger police are going to come and shut you down!

    -PSP GO costs $450 in OZ, $50 cheaper than the PS3. What a turd of a system, finally a competitor for the Virtual Boy.

  2. @SN: Well the raw recording (before cuts) was greater than 2h45m, however it took forever to get started (during which we were on Skype) and we hung around for a while after it ended–though not long as we had this to record.

    Agreed about Disc 2. I rather like it–though my favourite part (Cloud’s initial return to Nibelheim) is on Disc 1. Forced party change-ups suck ass, though.

    Attempting to blast a word out of existence with policing and rules only serves to make it more potent. To destroy the negative value of a word, use it endlessly and make its use trivial–not shocking and massive. The skinheads and other racist bastards WANT people to be shocked and offended by such words. Then, it can be used as a weapon. Trivialise it and such attempts are rendered impotent.

    PSPGo=Sony Virtual Boy: I laughed out loud at the comparison.

  3. -@Ethos: She’s just worried that your close friendship means no grandchildren to carry on the family name.

    -Fuck waggle controls, I’m not a casual gamer.

    -@Lusipurr: Buy new pants and give the old ones to Ethan.

  4. -Everyone knows that the Eskimos were hunted to extinction for their glossy pelts.

    -Haha you’re welcome! I love Moto’s blog!

  5. I claim credit for making that popular among Cat Fancy and Lusipurrian crowds!!!

    I need to go listen to both podcasts now (and see if my voicemail made it on the unspoken).

  6. Lusipurr,
    I finally installed the PC version of FFXI this week since my PS2 overheats and shuts off randomly (the fan’s dying apparently). I’m running Windows 7 too, but did get Windower running on it. There’s some weird issue with it, but there’s a new Hook.dll available that makes it work.

    Link: ( )

    Now I just need to get a PS2 -> USB adapter so the damn thing is playable. Stupid keyboard controls.

    Also, I listened to Cat Fancy and am ~6 minutes from the end of Megaphones Ahoy! and both were entertaining. Good show!

  7. We’ve been very busy with a variety of activites since leaving The Great Ice that you know as the Land of Canadia.™ Mostly making crazy awesome things from seashells to sell to tourists.

    Yes, we’re in Malaysia now. The tourists seem confused why we make walrus and polar bears being in Malaysia, but we assure them it is normal.

    And then we kick them.

    Freaking tourist dare to question our great culture.

    If current occupants of The Great Ice, excuse me, Canadia, have any questions or would like to send us ice, moose, or beavers, which are Canadia’s primary exports, they can contact us at for shipping directions.

  8. @EvilPaul: The latest hook didn’t work for me, however running the game in the normal windower works just fine. Apparently SE has made some progress with it since it first came out. Their initial release with windowed mode was terrible–the game graphics were distorted and there was massive slowdown and glitching. Now, however, it runs precisely the same as the Windower ran it.

    So, I’m good to go. :)

    @Eskimo Rep.: Good to know that you’ve found somewhere to settle, so that the Canadian gov’t can get back on track exploiting your ancestral homeland.

  9. So if Catfancy if Catfancy, and this is Dogfancy, does that make Hamsterfancy?

  10. is known as Birdfancy.

    I imagine that’s because Montok gives people the middle finger because he’s angry that they are ridiculing him (which is… always).

  11. Aww, that’s disappointing. Hamsters are awesome, whereas birds are loud annoyances that defecate on everything.

    … You know what, birdfancy fits a lot better.

  12. Yes, let’s see if you can’t turn things around and produce your most racist MAP ever next week!

  13. Oh yeah, and thatcrazymoto is hysterical. Whoever it was that found it, I give you a hearty “good show” and a firm handshake.

  14. I’m from the South, Our years of inbreeding have giving us the ability to connect to the internet mentally… We don’t have the need for computers as the human brain can store up to 147.74 TB of data. The only exception is my mother/second cousin, she is a little slow.

  15. I used to use a mental connection but it took too long to load UNDERBOOB, so I got mobile broadband (which doesn’t work much better).

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