Editorial: First Place

Super-Smash-Bros-Brawl-8My life has a gamer, if it has been anything, has been lukewarm. I have never played an MMO to find myself swept into the race for gear and camaraderie of a raiding guild. I will not be found point a gun at someone’s head in the latest round of the latest, greatest, first-person shooter. I could care less whether my racer comes in first, or last, place in Mario Kart 500,216,001. In fact, I think it is safe to say that I have never legitimately won a round in Super Smash Bros.— except, perhaps, in a moment of dumb luck.

That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy these games, it just comes down to a vague dislike of the competetive nature in our world. By nature, I am not a competetive individual and as such have a certain aversion to online environments where the heart of player interaction boils down simply to a holier-than-thou “I have more points” or “my gear is better than yours.” Am I the only one who gets this impression? Maybe I’m just not cut out for the gaming world.


  1. Thea beat me in Smash Bros. last week, legitimately, and not in a moment of ‘dumb luck’. So don’t believe that line of malarky for a moment.

  2. See, I thought I was that way for a while. But then I actually started to get good at some games and then I became competitive at them. Still, I’ve never been hooked on crazy multi-player games (especially online ones), and tend to stick to the single player games when I really have no gauge to tell if I’m terrible or amazing.

  3. @Ethos: That’s what a gamerscore/trophies are for, obviously!

    Personally, I’ll enjoy a round of Halo or TF2 as much as the next person (I’d rate myself a solid “decent” at multiplayer shooters), but I’ve found myself liking co-op content more and more recently. Even though it’s still a matter of “you versus the enemy,” I find I enjoy working with my friends as opposed to working against them. That being said, it’s still fun to throw Soul Calibur in and see who can mash buttons the fastest, but I’ve never really been one to take video game contests too seriously (although once in a while I can get swept up in the moment).

  4. @thea – I don’t think you not being as competitive makes you less of a gamer. I myself have just as much fun playing the eternally mispelled Soul Calibur whether I win or lose. And when I am better than those I’m playing with I’ll often hold back so that they don’t get all pissy and ask to play Burnout instead.

    we’re not worse gamers, just more mature. that being said, I have a DISTINCT dislike for the competitive nature of our world so I win.

  5. @Breaka: My post had more words, therefore I win this article.

    I don’t think anybody’s saying anyone’s less of a gamer. I know PLENTY of people who I’d consider “hardcore” gamers who just aren’t that into straight vs. games. Personally, I’ve found myself going back to Castle Crashers repeatedly because people are over and we want something we can all just hop into without worrying about competition. I think the co-op space has a lot of room for the industry as a whole to grow, and I hope it keeps getting explored more and more as PSN/XBL become increasingly ubiquitous.

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