Editorial: Flood of Games

This topic has been addressed many, many times, but it is just starting to hit me hard.  There are way too many games coming out in the next couple months.  Too many for me to get all the ones I want, which are quite a bit.  The coming flood of games got me thinking: is this really a good idea in the current global economy crisis?  Now I know that entertainment as a whole, such as movies and video games, has not been hit as hard as other industries, but this seem excessive.  To the point where Bioshock 2 got pushed back to next year, for various reasons including the sheer amount of competition.

So, I ask you, dear readers, what do you think of this situation?  Are there any games coming out in the next couple months you want, but can not afford?  Tell me your thoughts!


  1. I hate the way releases are clumped, but if you think this is bad just wait until March 2010!

  2. I was thinking about this the other day, and while I think this holiday is lighter than the past few years thanks to numerous games being delayed into next year, gaming isn’t hit as hard as it probably should be thanks to the ability to trade in games. The real problem isn’t affording so much monetarily as it is affording the hours in the day to devote to playing something. Luckily I have that covered with my inability to find a job, but when I get one… man… what a to-do that will be.

  3. Holy moly, it’s Eric J!

    I’m totally with him on the scope of the problem being more time than money. Even with my super-picky tastes, I still have more games to play than I have time for. Trine is coming out and New Super Mario Bros. Wii as well all within the next month, but I’ve still got something like fifteen games to play through which aren’t going anywhere. Argh!

    Talk about being spoiled for choice!

  4. @Lusipurr/Eric J: I’m with you guys. Thankfully, I’ve been pretty much unaffected by the current economic climate (knock on wood), and with the Dow back up above 10,000 today, I think some positive thinking could pull us out of this thing just yet (recession’s over, spread the word!). Unfortunately, that doesn’t make free time any more readily abundant. Over the last few years, I’ve become pretty selective about the games that I play, and even started a SQL database to keep track of what I’m playing through and plan on playing through in the future. Usually the early months of the year are pretty slow, so I’m hoping to do some catching up in that time.

    What’s everybody looking forward to most in the coming deluge? Here are my picks:

    Uncharted 2 – Top of my “to buy” list after I finish what I’m currently working on

    Dragon Age – As much as I love Bioware, this just completely wasn’t on my radar for some reason. Then I downloaded the character creator and the trailer that played when I booted that up looked awesome. Now I’m strangely psyched for it. Still awaiting reviews, though.

    Mass Effect 2 – Not until next year, I know, but still hopefully an awesome game (and the delay will let me finish up the above first).

  5. Uncharted 2, NHL10, Forza 3, Modern Warfare 2.
    I just got a new place, so I’m broke and can’t really afford any of these games. Blag.

  6. @Darth: You asked…

    1) The New Castlevania Game — replete with exploration (unlike Metroid!) and, hopefully, an ultimate showdown with the Count himself. Almost certainly will be scored by Michiru Yamane, another big plus.

    2) Final Fantasy XIII — next year, of course, but who isn’t looking forward to this (and the other games in the FABULA NOVA CRYSTALIS series for that matter)?

    3) Final Fantasy XIV — Even later than FFXIII, but anticipated even more. Finally, a replacement for the soul-eating, all-consuming FFXI.

    4) StarCraft 2 — As much time as I have sunk into FFXI (hundreds of days of Playtime, and that’s actual playtime, not ‘I was logged in but AFK’ time), I have spent probably almost as much playing StarCraft. The sequel is not merely ancitipated, it is something I *NEED* in order to survive. However, because it is made by Blizzard, it will be delayed twenty thousand times, and only released when I am too old to play it without urinating on myself and forgetting my own name.

    5) Diablo III — See above.

    6) Metroid Wii. No, I will not call it “Other M”, which trumps (the ridiculously stupid) Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for worst title ever. It’s Metroid Wii, and I want it now. Hell, I want it six months ago. Release it!

    7) Four Warriors of Light: A Final Fantasy Anecdote — Finally a DS RPG that I might finish. It has the terrible shit 3D graphics that every company feels obliged to use for some ineffable reason, but it looks cheerful and–most importantly–sufficiently archaic and JRPGish. No release date yet.

    8) Mario Galaxy 2/New Super Mario Bros. Wii — Always good to have more games to play with Thea!

    9) Trine — Coming out soon. Eric J alerted me to this one, and I’m keen to pick it up on PS3 (along with Braid, once that lands on PS3 now that my 360 is gone.)

    10) Team Fortress 3 — A fellow can dream, right?

  7. I hope Sony burn in hell. Uncharted 2 was like the attractive whore that they used to Trojan horse my PS3 with aids.

  8. Disregard the previous post, minor misunderstanding between me and an update. Sorted now. LOL.

  9. @DarthG:

    Uncharted 2
    Pixel Junk Shooter
    (there’s a golf game coming to PSN by Zen Studios [makers of Zen Pinball] that I want)
    Batman: Arkham Asylum (still haven’t played it)
    Many, many more!

  10. Gah! How did I forget FFXIII? I guess my own personal dehypification of that game’s going better than I thought. Either that, or the release date is just perpetually etched in my mind as “some time in the distant future.” I’m definitely looking forward to that as well, and am considering actually going to a midnight launch event for it if they have one around me.

  11. @SN’s trojen horse comment – BWAHAHAHAHA!

    -Whatever The Hell Matsuno Is Working On – I’m more loyal to designers than to franchises or studios so this is my top one. God, Buddha, Zeus, whoever the hell is up there, PLEASE let it be a Strategy RPG.

    -Fabula Nova Crystalis sans FFXIII – the main reason I play JRPGs is for their quirky battle systems and all XIII seems to be doing is ripping off Xenosaga III. I loved the BREAK system (probably not what it’s called but I’d rather type this explanation than google) but if I want to play it again I’ll play Xenosaga. Versus and Agito, however, I need. badly. I have dreams of them.

    -Magna Carta 2 – I am to Magna Carta what Ethos is to Zelda: they’ve broken my heart before and I’m perfectly willing to shell out my money and risk it happening again. MC, please be gentle…

    -Diablo III – see Lusi’s post

    -Final Fantasy XIV – I’ve played MMOs before and despised them with a passion but this one really seems to be different. the little skeptic in my head won’t shut the hell up though…

    -Blade and Soul – another MMO. I love wuxia stories and this looks like you’ll be playing in one. now if I could just get a korean to translate news updates for me.

    -Lusipurr’s Fountain of Perpetual Disappointment – Goddamn you Ethos…

  12. @DG- FFXIII will release and noone will show up …

    @Breaka- FFXIII has a highly unique battle system, love it or hate it, it feels like nothing else. It has elements simiar to other games (CC & X-2) but when they come together they feel different, and this is the fastest ATB in existence as far as I know.

  13. @SN – that’s just it, it doesn’t look unique to me. the more I look up desciptions of it the more it looks like they just took the X3 battle system and made it real-time. knocking enemies up and down, stacking moves, summoning what is essentially a giant robot. if it turns out you have to fight god at the end then square is getting sued.

  14. -Yeah ok, but I’ve played it. It felt like nothing else, and that was before thay added new mechanics to it like the paradigm shift. It might resemble other games, but it feels different, and how many JRPGs have been made with entirely unique battle systems? (I’d say one; the first)

    -As for the whole fighting god thing, it’s been done so often that I’m sure it’s public domain.

  15. @SN – touche. but I still can’t get excited for it, which is a shame cause this one has a black guy. In all honesty I’ll probably get after all my friends go on and on about how awesome it is but right now all I’ve got is apathy for it.

  16. You can’t get a feel for the battle system just by watching videos, it’s very fast. It’s not my series favourite (going by the 2008 build demo), but it will definitely be the most painless for grinding levels, as battles are over very quickly.

  17. @SN – it’s not that it looks fast or slow it’s that it looks derivative. also, and I may be alone on this one, I don’t particularly like the ATB. whenever I liked a game that used it it was in spite of it. the issue for me is that it’s in real time and yet I’m still scrolling through a menu. the speed isn’t the problem. I will, however, concede that I could be completely fucking wrong and that I may have to eat my words later but until I get my hands on it we can’t be sure.

  18. How many FF titles have used the ATB system? Of all the ATB FF games, XIII feels the most unique. If you have an abiding disdain for the ATB system then you probably won’t like it, but even then you would have to admit that it is the most unique ammong them. It just feels so different to cue up commands and then have them play out by hitting the execute button. No one is going to pick up this game an say this feels just like game X, the people who end up not liking it will do so because it feels too unfamiliar and because it sometimes has too much going on at once.

    -Yeah we did kind of take it over, but that’s ok.

  19. I’m still undecided about whether or not I’ll like this system, but it doesn’t feel derrivative.

  20. Well, I’m almost OK with you hijacking the thread, but now your discussion MAKES ME WANT THE GAME MORE! Damn you, SN and Breaka *shakes fist*.

    From SN’s description, it does sound like something I’d really enjoy. We’ll see what happens when the game comes out, though.

  21. @DG – heh heh, my bad.

    @SN – I guess we’ll just agree to disagree on this one.

  22. @DG- It does feel a bit frantic and messy, but it’s exciting and I think it will get better the more you play it, and become used to it.

  23. And of course playing the demo is hardly like playing the real thing.

  24. @SN: Your description sounds a little like the X-2 battle system. If they can take something like that and put it in a better game, they’ll have my full support :D.

  25. Yes like that but faster, very little downtime between attacks.

  26. Derivative doesn’t really have a negative connotation for me anyway. Shakespeare’s plots were derivative but the writing was – obviously – incredible. So if FFXIII’s battle system can be broken down into “this segment was taken from this game, and this part is SO OBVIOUSLY this game”, I really don’t care at all as well as it’s done well.
    And from what I’ve heard and seen, I’m expecting to agree with SN.

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