Editorial: Another Case of Wii-itis

Readers, have you seen the trailer for Final Fantasy Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers? In case you missed it, here it is in all its movie-like glory:


I fear, once again, that my hopes for a game have risen beyond what the actual game could ever live up to. I have written in the past that my love of Nintendo systems (i.e. Wii, DS) has been dwindling for quite some time. It is as though the gaming gods dangle potentially great games, games that I look forward to and count down the days to release, only to have them unfailingly fail in every respect.

So, despite my desire to look forward to what in all respects looks like a beautiful and compelling game, I find myself a skeptic. Do I spend the money on a game that has Wii dutifully engraved upon its case? Or do I follow the flailing ravings of my perpetually disappointed gamer fairy? All things considered, this is one of the few games this year that I’ve actually wanted to buy and I certainly hope not to be disappointed again.

It comes down to this: If The Crystal Bearers was slated for release on a different system I would have no qualms about spending my hard-earned money on it. However, the lackluster performance of the Wii makes me wary of any upcoming titles.


  1. This game looks …… good ……. I’m waiting for the catch.

  2. This is shaping up to be pretty intriguing. It looks a lot more fast paced than the previous CC, but we’ll see soon enough.

  3. Oh … Kawazu … right … hit yourself to get stronger …

  4. Well the voice acting is pretty awful, and I’m with Thea on the DS games disappointing. However, it does seem to be more intriguing than any CC game I’ve seen in the past.
    My eye is slightly on this one again, but it’s definitely not a day one.

  5. By what standard is the VA awful? It’s better than most of the bilge that hits consoles these days–in fact, I’d say it is on par with most animated children’s films in America, which is a satisfactory enough standard for the industry.

    With the exception of the idiotic ‘yahoo’ at the end of the trailer, it all seems pretty average for entertainment fare: and of course jubilant cries are difficult to voice act–or even act–well. Ever seen Star Wars Episode 1? YIPPIE! YIPPIE!

  6. I thought we had already established that Ethan’s taste is highly suspect.

  7. Indiana Jones 4?

    Ethan probably just hasn’t found a kickass assertive WOMAN that he can identify with in the game, and that = bad VA.

  8. I just hate the cartoony style of the Crystal Chronicles series. In fact, I am slowly growing to out and out hate cartoony games. It’s kitsch, it’s what it is. And we shouldn’t tolerate kitsch.

  9. Art style is the least of Crystal Chronicles problems, the problem with CC is they have yet to have a good entry in the series, but I’m open to them turning this trend around. As for the art style I think it looks a little like FFIX (as well it might since they both share a character designer), so I certainly don’t see that as a flaw. Not every game can (or should) be possessed of the breathtaking realism of WoW!

  10. I rather like the original CC for Gamecube, but there are a couple things that really fucking PISS ME OFF about it:

    1) Why do I have to constantly pick up spells from the ground in a level? Why can’t I learn them? How is that unbalancing?

    2) Why do I have to carry a FUCKING URN ALL OVER THE PLACE. I understand that we can’t have people wandering off a million miles from each other–the hardware can’t handle it. Inventing an awful gameplay mechanic to cover that up is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Just make it so I am not allowed to wander off the goddamned screen like every other preceding game did.

  11. Despite your typically critical eyes, SN and Lusi, you are surprisingly forgiving of voice acting.
    Seriously, that trailer didn’t have a lick of a believable moment. It ruined it for me.
    You guys actually liked it?
    I know I like a game about flower petals guys, but c’mon!

  12. Right … due to the lack of believabley though and resilient female VA.

  13. I DO like badass women, but my favourite voice performances are all dudes.
    Balthier, Nathan Drake, Yuri.

  14. Y’know, I watched it again with an open mind and ear, and I think just a few lines struck me as super-cheesy and so it made me take the whole thing less seriously. There were more believable lines than I expected based on my first impressions.
    As such, I’m slightly more hyped for the game too! Quite curious to see how this turns out.

  15. Name one voiced FF (Besides XII) that doesn’t have a few lines of unfortunately voiced or directed dialogue. Crisis Core had generally excellent VA, yet it contained some lines that would likely create a similar effect. That’s just part of playing JRPGs, and if they manage to get the VA 90% right then I’m most happy.

  16. @breaka- I wasn’t really trying to attribute blame for the way the lines come out, just explaining that it’s silly to jump to dramatic conclusions based on one solitary line of dialogue seen out of context in a trailer.

  17. Just read an interview with Kawazu, apparently CC is only 15 hours long. Given SE’s tendency to inflate their playtimes by around 50%, it’s probably more like 10 hours long …

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