Review: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Naughty Dog adds another stellar title to the Uncharted series with the recent release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Uncharted 2 puts the player in the shoes of Nathan Drake on his quest to find the missing ships, crew, and treasure of Marco Polo.

The little details on the characters are amazing
The little details on the characters are amazing

Everything about the presentation of Uncharted 2 is amazing.  The first game’s graphics and cinematics were hailed as the some of the best on the system, but Uncharted 2’s absolutely blow away those of the first game.  Little details in the environment and facial features, such as burn scars on a character’s face, help immerse the player in the world.  Drake’s little sarcastic quips in both the cutscenes and randomly throughout gameplay have the player smiling for most of the game.

Another great addition to the game is the inclusion of a multiplayer mode.  Along with the standard team deathmatch, the game includes elimination, objective, and co-op gameplay modes.  The multiplayer includes the ability to level up based on how well the player performs, with each level giving the player various options to improve his or her character’s stats in the multiplayer game.  The only downside to the multiplayer is the fact that there is no filter to stop higher level players from competing against lower level players.  Many games will include level thirty-plus characters absolutely dominating against level one characters on the other team.

Me (left) gives Oliver (right) what he deserves
Me (left) gives Oliver (right) what he deserves

Uncharted 2 is an amazing game.  The graphics, cinematics, and overall presentation of the game are absolutely outstanding.  The game’s flow will keep the player interested for hours, and makes the game hard to put down.  The inclusion of a multiplayer portion is a great addition, which was a concern to some when the new feature was announced.  While the multiplayer may be a bit tough sometimes, it is a lot of fun once the player gets the hang of it.  For anyone who owns a PlayStation 3, this is a must buy.


  1. I like how they made Chloe a good mixture of your typical “hot chick in a game” and “badass character”.

  2. Chloe is such an awesome character, I love how real all of the characters feel. Chloe has some great banter with Nate.

    -I also love how well balanced partner AI is, it’s useful enough not to feel useless and artificial, yet it’s not so competant that I get mad at it for stealing my kills. And moreover it doesn’t keep stepping on your testicles a la RE5.

  3. Wait, the treasure of Marco Polo? What?
    Who invented this line of malarky?
    What next: the treasure of Christopher Columbus? The treasure of Lewis and Clark? The treasure of Prof. Livingston?

  4. Oh .. didn’t you know? Marco Polo found the anchient mcguffin stone of Shangrila.

  5. Its based around the lost fleets of Marco Polo. NG crafted a great story of historical fiction.

  6. I still think the Marco Polo joke on the top of the hotel is one of the funniest moments in the game.

  7. Oh yeah I loved that bit! I also ROFLed at the in like Flynn bit and the wet Tshirt line!

  8. I also loved the part in the ice caves where Nate says “There’s no way you can make tha.. oh you got it.”

  9. Bah on all of you mocking my lack of ability to play this game. I want to so bad, but I lack the free time X_X.

    Sounds amazing, though, and I’m glad they carried over the great characterization from the first game. In my opinion, that’s what set Uncharted 1 (and, from the sound of it, U2) apart from all the bald space marine games out there.

  10. Thanks for the review! Definitely need to pick this up…and the first one for that matter. >_>

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