Editorial: Scary Games!

With Hallowe’en fast approaching society has once again begun its annual embrace of the terrifying and creepy. Scary books, movies and television shows are all the rage, and one cannot walk through a department store without tripping over a Jack-o-Lantern or plastic skeleton. Lusipurr.com is no exception to this, as we always strive to conform to what society wants! So this week I thought I’d talk about scary games and the rather surprising choice I made for the game that freaks the crap out of me the most. Or would that be freaks the most crap out of me? Well either way, I simply cannot play this game series after 10pm, in the dark, or if nobody else is home.

That series, is Clock Tower, a point-and-click survival horror game for the SNES, Playstation and Playstation 2.

Ahhh! Big freaking scissors!
Ahhh! Big freaking scissors!
These games have all of the things that really frighten me and make me jump out of my seat, the main thing being suspense. In the games you always know that a giant scissor-wielding maniac could be just around the next corner or behind the next door. One of the worst parts of the game, psychologically speaking, is the constant anticipation of certain doom, thoroughly expecting to be decapitated or run-through with giant scissors at every turn. At some point you have to open a door or pull back a curtain to progress, you know that you cannot simply remain stationary and hope to somehow magically be teleported to safety. But which door to open?

The game also liked to fake the player out. I remember being in a bathroom in the first Clock Tower game. There was a tub with a shower curtain drawn around it. I remember pulling back the curtain with great trepidation, only to find an innocently leaking shower. However as I made to leave the bathroom, relieved that no scissormen were hiding in the tub waiting to stab me, it was then that I was attacked. What the heck, way to screw with my blood pressure, game.

I know that there are other horror games that are more popular and more critically acclaimed than Clock Tower, but for whatever reason it is the game that got under my skin the most. If you are not familiar with the series, I would recommend checking them out.


  1. Thinking of scary games makes me sad that Silent Hill sucks so much these days.

  2. I hear “Dead Space” is creepy. But I hate survival games. Even more than twitch games and platformers.

    The scariest game I ever played was Clive Barker’s “Undying.” That shit was freaky.

  3. Dead Space is fantastic, easily the best horror game of the current generation.

  4. @Lane: I lost my disc to Undying years ago, and I regret it every waking second.

  5. Clock Tower always looked interesting, never got around to playing it though. How do you think the scares would hope up today? Would the tension/atmosphere overcome what are almost certainly aged graphics?

    I see Clock Tower 3 used at my local used game store all the time. Any opinions on that one?

    Personal favorite horror games are the Fatal Frame series. All are great games that thoroughly scared the crap out of me. Just finished Dead Space recently and highly enjoyed that as well.

    Oh, almost forgot, hellonicetomeetyouall. :)

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