Editorial: Brought to you by the Horde Diplomatic Branch

Hello, hello, Lusi-sprites. As luck would have it, I find myself in a similar situation to Lane’s last week. I am currently at work and will be at work until late o’clock and therefore I am unable to post a more conventional post. With like, pictures and stuff. I reckoned that it would be very appropriate if I took a page from Mr. Haygood’s book and created another faction-based list.

I am not going to list the Top 5 Reasons to Not Join the Alliance. That would just be rude and negative of me. It would also be very short.
1. Humans
2. Gnomes
3. Dwarves
4. Night Elves
5. Draenei aka Space Shamans

Not very exciting, huh?

No, instead I am going to focus on the positives. So without further adieu, here is my Top Whatever Reasons to Join the Noble and Honorable Horde.

1. Lok’tar Ogar! Glory and Honor!

If Klingons existed in the Warcraft universe, they would definitely be members of the Horde. The Horde is built and structured around the concept of honor. Honor to your War Chief, honor to your clan, honor to the oaths you have sworn. The races of the Horde came together under Thrall’s banner because each found themself in a desperate situation, were assisted by the noble Horde and subsequently were moved to join the Horde out of gratitude and a sense of honor.

I said “honor” a lot, here. Why? Because the Horde is full to the brim with it. Honor, honor, honor.

2. Come for the ERP, stay for the complimentary continental breakfast

If Roleplay is your cup of honeymint tea, the Horde has a great deal to offer. While the Allies muck about in those little shacks in Goldshire, members of the Horde live in the lap of luxury in Silvermoon City. The Blood Elves’ capital features the best of Barbie’s dream castle, and a Saudi Arabian harem.

3. For the Horde! For the Win!

Winning in battlegrounds is nice. Really, really nice. And we do it. All the time. Now bear in mind, winning certainly is not for everyone. If you are uncomfortable with winning or simply find losing to be more enjoyable, then perhaps the Alliance would better suit your needs.

The Horde’s prowess at Player vs. Player combat is probably related to the sense of honor I mentioned in point 1. The Horde fights with passion, and our honor and duty to our War Chief compels us to constantly practice and refine our battle skills.

4. Blood Elves.

The most mad-sexy race. Love us or hate us, you cannot deny that Blood Elves just look good. Even if you yourself choose to represent one of the other fine races of the Horde, you can be guaranteed that there will be a Blood Elf in your party to offer some sweet eye candy.

5. Lusipurr

Lusipurr fights for the Horde. ‘Nuff said.


  1. Reason 5 should be enough to convince anyone, whatever other facts are presented in defence of either side.

  2. We’ve already established that I am (roleplaying) a racist human. I tolerate Alliance races because they all pay homage to His Studliness Varian Wrynn (whose father is my namesake, lest ye forget).

    I also tolerate Draenei because their women are hot, interdimensional space goats or no.

  3. Oh, Lane, you don’t have to hide your racism here. This is Lusipurr.com, and we have NATE LILES. There’s no need to be coy.

  4. Speaking of NATE LILES, since he’s neither Horde or Alliance, I think that means both factions could use some improvement. I anxiously await NATE LILES telling me what my opinions should be on this matter.

  5. @ginia – saudi arabian harems you say… go on…

    @Lane – I just googled Draenei. really. really? really!?

  6. all I can do is shake my head at Lanes bad taste in fetishes and artists.

  7. See, Hordies? We have hot space goat on smurf action. What have you got? Orcs? Faugh!

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