MAP Episode 37: Spookycast

Michael Jackson
Now that's spooky!

Download Link: Produced 2009.11.01

Nate “I’m a Banana” Liles and Ginia “Cheese!? Where!?” Herrell team up to bring you spookycast against the wishes of their betters (Lusipurr). A Wii baby-shaking game can’t save the system from financial meltdown, and the PS3 proves overwhelming popular!


  1. (Also, you can use the direct link to the MP3 on the page if that doesn’t work. But it should be working. Let me know if it persists.)

  2. -Pannello sucks “rocks”.

    -Don’t kick Nate off!

    -Tekken 2 was my first PSX game.

    -I think Lusipurr’s predictions will be correct unless someone releases a new console which would completely change the game.

    -I think we all know that Nintendo love to flog a dead horse. The DS is for Nintendo what SFII was for Capcom.

    -And if you reach the end of the game looking like Ethan Pipher then we know you haven’t even touched the controller.

    -I don’t think Dragon Age could be better than Uncharted 2. (objectively at least)

    -I think Dragon Age will be much better than Mass Effect though.

    -I wonder why Insomniac can never make Resistance games as well as they make Ratchet games.

    -Borderlands achievements don’t really sound like a selling point.

    -Lol your rampant antisemitism probably came to the attention of ZOG, who have their tendrils in Apple, who defected MAP.

  3. I do not need/want another iteration of the damned DS. Like Nate, I’m seriously considering selling my DSi and getting a Lite again.

    That’s the last time I listen to Ethan “Everything New is Good!” Pipher!

  4. Why won’t you let Michael Jackson die?

    Even Kotaku has moved on, but I visit, and THERE HE IS AGAIN


  5. Even I don’t care about the new DSi. It’s intended for grandparents. Even the carefully constructed PR can’t hide that fact.

  6. @bup – you know Basch was originally meant to be the main character, right? that’s why Basch’s story is so awesome and Vaan always seems like a hanger on; he (Vaan) was supposed to be a sidekick type character and unfortunately that didn’t really change. if only Matsuno had stayed on the team…

    also, you’re a bastard and so SiliconUnderBoobNoob, Penelo is awesome. Lusi, why have they not been flayed.

    @ginia – get off your ass and finish XII, the game plays itself most of the time for christ’s sake.

    @Lusi – wow, when you list the Wii’s faults all in a row like that it really looks like shit. and I thought it was shit before.

    @riddles – MJ still lives! don’t believe Ondore’s lies!

  7. @Lusi- …. Wait you actually listened to Ethan “Everything New is Good!” Pipher?

  8. – I’m usually an “everything new is good” type person, too, but yeah, the DSe (DS Elderly) has no sway over me.

    – Tekken’s awesome. I picked up 3 copies on Saturday (no joke. Christmas shopping is fun!) and it’s still a fun game. What other game can you play as a boxing velociraptor? Tekken 3 was the one with the volleyball minigame, I’m pretty sure. Whichever one had Gon in it.

    – Penelo sucks “rocks”.

    – @SN: As much as I love Mass Effect (and I do), there were a lot of areas that could be improved upon. If Bioware keeps the good and improves on the bad for Dragon Age, they’ll have a truly epic game on their hands (same applies for ME2)

    – The random little in-jokes in Borderlands aren’t limited to the achievements or anything, they’re throughout the entire game. Like one of the first things the disembodied voice giving you quests says is prefaced with “would you kindly.”

  9. Well perhaps if she didn’t suck so much then she would be a little better …

    “What I actually meant to say was how wonderful Penelo is.”

  10. if only some brave man with a fondness for Cait Sith could edit that unfortunate line…

  11. DUN DA DUUN! Lusi to the rescue! damn, that’s a lot funnier when it happens to someone else :)

  12. Bah-ha ha ha.
    This thread is too awesome for me to say my opinion of Penelo.

    “I can only say how much I unreservedly agree with Lusipurr on this, as on everything.”

  13. If Edward Cullen “God” and The Sims “Chuck Norris” had a baby, it would be Penelo.

  14. Now this is just getting fun!
    How will he edit?
    Fable 3 will likely be better than Team Fortress 2! Also, I hear that Mother 3 sucks.
    “I wish I could type more and find out, but it’s so difficult to type with a penis in each hand. Oh! I have an idea, I can temporarily stick one in my butt and one in my mouth! Now I can type with ease!”

  15. Best. Post. Ever.


    I like Penelo, though she really has to do something about her hair. Seriously. She’s always in my party anyway, though. Mostly ’cause someone has to heal the men.

  16. Just got to use reverse psychology is all…

    Lusipurr is one one of the greatest men of our generation. He is always right, perfect, and a damn good kisser. We are not worthy of being in the same physical plane of existence as his holiness. Fable sucks. The end.

  17. It’s not like I haven’t tried to like Panello …. but I just can’t get over her being an awful trollop. :( “such a beautiful and accomplished young lady.”

  18. Oh .. did I say accomplished young lady? What I meant to say was trollop. “she’s beautiful, too!”

  19. Wow for once Gamespot actually gave a PS3 version of a game (Dragon Age Origins) a score which is a full 5 points higher than the 360 version. In the negative points section the 360 is listed as having drab underwhelming visuals Panello’s lame “such as high-definition footage of Australia’s ASTONISHING 2009 Ashes defeat”, while the PS3 is only listed as having various visual hiccups. It’s not like I really have much trust for Gamespot, but I’m genuinely surprised to have one of their number to show a preference towards the PS3 version of anything.

  20. When you put I put it like that I guess Panello is as inspirational as the dogged determination exhibited by England during their subsequent ODI series.

  21. OK, that’s it. fighting with words is for pussies and Kliff Undersan. Lusi, get your flail and I’ll get my bat.

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