Feature: Next Playthrough Game

You have completed the first half of the task, but the second half remains? Will you now cast your vote to decide what PS3 game will be the next to be graced with a Lusipurr.com collective playthrough?

What’s that you say? You will? Most excellent. But, you’ll want to know the rules first. You knew there were going to be rules, of course. Otherwise, any mouthbreathing cretin would be enfranchised. No, here at Lusipurr.com we require some evidence of your intelligence before we are willing to accept your vote.

It's a face only a mother--or a Canadian homosexualist--could love.
Sorry Ethan, you can't vote to play with Oliver. He's not a PS3 game.
You may vote for up to five games. But, for your votes to be counted, you must present a single sentence declaring why you are casting your vote. Each vote requires a separate sentence to go with it. There’s a catch of course: the sentence must rhyme with the game you are voting for. Therefore, if you were voting for Final Fantasy VII (and you can’t, because it is a PS1 game), your vote might look like this:

“Final Fantasy VII: I love meeting Tifa in her bar, 7th Heaven.”

I look forward to reading your poorly crafted versification in the immediate future. No doubt, your efforts will provide me with literally minutes of entertainment! Now, enough larking about. Get to work!


  1. Disgaea 3: I love the backwards way of thinking

    Valkyria Chronicles: Its like a WWII Fire Emblem

    Fallout 3: Its a long game that can take many paths and a lot of good discussion.

    Demon Souls: Need i say more?

  2. BTW i am volke so if that counts as two votes for each game….

  3. To countenance Flower fills me with rage,
    One that all too few games are apt to assuage,
    Save for the one who’s recommendation is sage,
    Namely of course it is Dragon Age!

  4. Soon to be done with Uncharted, I must turn the page,
    Ere the battle commences, and war must be waged,
    With warrior, thief or even a mage,
    Onward through November rides Dragon Age!

  5. Even I’m not going to vote for a site playthrough of Flower. That would be stupid.

    Folklore: It’s gorgeous and strange with great monster design, I’d love to go through it even if playing through each stage twice is a bit of a bore.

    Valkyria Chronicles: When I think of this game, I think of Lusipurr giggling while wearing a monocle.

    Infamous: If we play through this awesome game of superpowers, it will feel like Christmas!

    Oliver: Please, PLEASE pretend that Oliver is a Playstation 3 game so I can play with his…um…Fallimer…

  6. Orange Box: …Hmm. …Um. Shit.

    Disgaea 3: Cuz tactically rockin’ the netherworld is a house party!

    I mostly just want to pick one no one has any chance of finishing. Muwahahahahahaha!!!! (Kefka laugh)

  7. Up on ye’ feet, an’ lower yer flagons,
    Tarry not men, get ye’ boots an’ ye’ bags on,
    Saddle yer beasts, an’ load up the wagon,
    There’s adventure to be had, in the game Age of Dragons!

  8. Dragon Age: because Thor wills it… just don’t play a mage.

    Dragon Age: if we don’t play it, Lusipurr goes back into the cage.

    Dragon Age: it registers over 9000 on my awesome-gauge.

    Dragon Age: it takes center stage.

    Dragon Age: that’s enough rhyming for this page.

    Also, it’s not Demon’s Souls.

  9. Dragon Age is trouncing the competition, which seems to be coalescing around Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea 3!

    Where is NATE LILES to defend the honour of Fallout 3?

    Also, I will echo Ethan: I really do love this site.

  10. You’re allowed more than one vote?

    And Nate’s not showing up because the PS3 version of Fallout 3 is the far more buggy version. I’d be more than okay with a DA:O playthrough. I should be able to afford it next week.

  11. You can vote up to FIVE times. Five! For different games. Sorry, Lane!

    They all have to be available on PS3, as well. PSone Classics and PS2 games don’t count.

    I’m not going to do the ‘VOTE COUNTED’ thing anymore because it is boring. Sorry. You can say it to yourself when you submit your comment, if it makes you feel better. Of course, if you can’t follow instructions, saying it to yourself will accomplish NOTHING!

    I am reading them all though, and some of them are priceless. SiliconNoob’s Dragon Age EPICS are truly the stuff legends are made of.

  12. @Lusipurr- I don’t know why you bother to write instructions.

  13. -Hey your instructions never stipulated they had to be diffierent games! Way to change the rules! D:

  14. Don’t you know the Golden Rule? I’m Lusipurr, so I make the rules.
    T O O B A D.
    You may still vote for FOUR OTHER TITLES by my count! Use them wisely, young padawan.

  15. AWWWWWWWW. Now I must find other ways to waste my votes!

  16. Really, you left yourself open. You said up to five games, but there was no concomitant restriction on multiple votes for the same game. Trust me. I’m a lawyer.

    Back to the cage with ye!

  17. Lane speaks truth! The votes must be counted! Don’t you want to play Dragon Age?

  18. Alas, you may be a lawyer, but this is a dictatorship, so it’s my interpretation that counts!

    Five games; not one game five times. Further argument will lose you ALL your votes! And may even count against you!

  19. @SN: Refer to the line in all caps above beginning with T and ending in D!

    I wouldn’t mind playing Dragon Age, but the rules I intended stand–the purpose is to prevent people using their five votes to push one candidate and thus outweigh someone who has more diverse tastes.

    That’s just how it has to be! Why? Because I said so!

  20. Can I at least get a bonus point if I release all my volumes in a collection and write a foreword?

  21. thank god for dictatorships, I can’t afford dragon age right now.

    Valkyria Chronicles: you all believe DA:O is more worthy; how comical

    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: I vote sixaxis controlled boobies for the lusipurr crew.

    Prototype: trust me, believe the hype.

    Soul Calibur VI: I know a playthrough of this would be a snore but playing by myself is such a bore; I need people to join me in my game of PG-13 gore and for the last time Penelo is not a whore.

    Heavenly Sword: this game awesomeness should be known to the world.

    that last one is stretching it, I know, but this crap is hard.

    It looks like everyone has managed to get their votes counted.

    Unsatisfactory. Next time I will have to set the bar higher, it seems.

    Nevertheless, continue to submit your ballots!

  23. Dragon Age: Origins; A game all perfons muft acquire from the shoppe!

    Contents :

    i) (preface) Tears of sand: The writing of the Dragon Age cannon.
    ii) Dragon Age Origins.
    Canto I: Dragono
    Canto II: Ageo
    Canto III: Origino

    (Preface) Tears of Sand: The Writing of the Dragon Age Cannon.

    The author SiliconNooB (hereafter SN) began writing his Dragon Age Trilogy during the halcyon days of 2009.11.03 at 21:11, amid the backdrop of Ethan/Flower humor, a widely popular form of entertainment at the time. That SN should choose to base Canto I on Ethan jokes came as little surprise, what did raise eyebrows however was his choice to eschew the orthodoxy of the genre, carefully subverting it with elements of the upcoming Dragon Age: Origins movement, fusing both and creating broad appeal.

    By the time the year 2009.11.03 at 21:46 rolled around, interest in Ethan had waned following the Motok scuba-felching scandal, and the popularity of Dragon Age Origins was in full swing. Replacing the tradition of Ethan humor came the reference to Uncharted 2, a well recieved contemporary of Dragon Age: Origins. SN a noted fan of Uncharted 2, nevertheless used his second Canto to express his desire for gamers to move beyond this so they might brave the impending conflict awaiting them in Dragon Age: Origins. SN has also come into criticism in recent years for using his second installment of the trilogy as a platform for promoting the games job classes which many academics asserted were passé and to be predicted, yet many failed to note the immediate forebear of Dragon Age: Origins known in some circles as Mass Effect, which eschewed the orthodox classes of traditional RPG in favor of futuristic facsimiles more appropriate to a game featuring “fucking spaceships”*.

    Riding high on the success of the first two installments of SN’s well received Dragon Age Trilogy, a third volume appeared to be a certainty, yet it was now that personal tragedy struck the reclusive gamer. SN had scarcely managed to scrawl a scant few notes before being wracked with a terrible bout of having to walk to the Psyc labs, leading many to speculate he had gone Robert Jordan on the project. It was not until the later part of 2009.11.03 at 23:44 that SN was able to post his third Canto, completing his body of work, silencing critics. SN’s third Canto was something of a departure from the previous two, gone were the cultural references of his earlier work, the subject of Dragon Age also received a much needed reshuffle, subtly altering the order in which both names are presented, as if to say that just as in his personal circumstances, he had turned things around and had returned better than ever. SN’s focus too seemed to have shifted, Cantos I and II were profoundly personal affairs speaking of the authors hopes and passions for Dragon Age, whereas his third Canto addresses his audience directly, exhorting them to prepare themselves to journey fourth to their local retailer so that they might acquire a copy of Dragon Age: Origins and experience for themselves the heady brew of romance and adventure therein, or finish the fight as it were**.

    Canto I: Dragono
    [Wherin an oblique joke is made at the expense of Ethan’s gayness, a firm recommendation is made and Dragon Age: Origins is able to provide succour to SN, thus subduing his rage.]

    To countenance Flower fills me with rage,
    One that all too few games are apt to assuage,
    Save for the one who’s recommendation is sage,
    Namely of course it is Dragon Age!

    Canto II: Ageo
    [Wherein SN expresses a desire to move beyond Uncharted 2, the impending storm clouds of epic conflict are foreshadowed and the month of November is marked for war.]

    Soon to be done with Uncharted, I must turn the page,
    Ere the battle commences, and war must be waged,
    With warrior, thief or even a mage,
    Onward through November rides Dragon Age!

    Canto III: Origino
    [Wherein SN directly exhorts his audience to ready themselves for the impending purchase, modes of transport are canvassed and further adventures appear impending.]

    Up on ye’ feet, an’ lower yer flagons,
    Tarry not men, get ye’ boots an’ ye’ bags on,
    Saddle yer beasts, an’ load up the wagon,
    There’s adventure to be had, in the game Age of Dragons!

    * https://thedaytonight.com/2009/10/30/the-best-rpg-youre-not-playing/

    (C) 2009, Richardson & Cockworthy Self-Fapping Classics.

  24. Wow, that really wasn’t worth the time it took, I didn’t mean to write that much …. :/

  25. My vote goes for Metal Gear Solid 4,
    of taste and lore that won’t abhor.
    For the fourth score of director Kojima!

  26. well, if Lusi won’t do it.

    -cracks knuckles-

    the polls thus far:
    Disgaea 3 – 1
    Valkyria Chronicles – 2
    Fallout 3 – 0
    Demon Souls – 0
    Dragon Age: Origins – 2
    Folklore – 1
    inFamous – 1
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – 1
    Prototype – 1
    Soul Calibur IV – 1
    Heavenly Sword – 1
    Metal Gear Solid 4 -1

    someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    I expected the votes to be spread out but I sure as hell didn’t think Fallout 3 would be trailing. come on Valkyria!

  27. The Great Spirit be praised! I bring with me the wishes of the former residents of the Great Ice–the land you know today and the Land of Canadia!

    Ice Age 2: Meltdown of the Nintendo Wii: An icy breeze doth cooleth me! Flail wildly for warmth with the ‘mote of Wii!

    Also, Dragon Age: Origins should be considered ineligible because it is racist and lacks Eskimos.

  28. I’d prefer to play Folklore or VC, but I can’t deny that SN’s post deserves 5 votes.
    Also @Eskimo – what the crap?

  29. Metal Gear Solid 4 takes my vote, but someone has to make a video with commentary of their play through. Otherwise Dragon Age Origins gets a vote, but i’m sure it’s better on PC.

  30. I’m just going to throw my two cents in about all the games mentioned so far:

    Fallout 3: No, only because it’s INCREDIBLY long, and most would play it on something other than the PS3. Also, it’s still like $50, and I feel we should keep the prices on these playthoughs cheaper.

    Disgaea 3: I hate Disgaea

    VC: Yes, you can find it cheap now and it has chapters, so dividing it up would be easy.

    Demon Souls: No, again because of its price.

    Dragon Age: No, because it’s expensive and JUST came out like three days ago. I feel these should be older games we can talk about past experiences with.

    Folklore: Yes, only so I can complain about the HORRIBLE cutscenes.

    InFAMOUS: No, again another still-$60 game.

    Orange Box: Fuck the PS3 version of this game.

    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: Again, it JUST came out, it’s still $60, and it’s just a remake of a 360 game. No thanks.

    Prototype: Not a good game.

    Soul Caliber IV: Nope.

    Heavenly Sword: This would be another good playthrough. It’s cheapish and it has chapters, so it would be easy to break up.

    Metal Gear Solid 4: This is a great game that can divide up easily, but I’ve played it like 10 times through, so I’m voting no.

    I do, however, vote for Silent Hill 1, because you can buy it on the PSN store or find a disc-based version!

  31. I have returned to say:

    Put it this way.

    I’ve already bought Dragon Age, the game.

    It’s what we will be playing.

    My word is law, my will is paramount

    If Lusipurr doesn’t agree, I’ll cast him down.

  32. One vote for Dead Space’s here because it’s cheap.
    I haven’t put it through its paces yet, I’m weak.

    A vote here for Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction.
    The new one just came out, this’d be a good introduction.

    I haven’t yet play BioShock, that one might be good.
    I’ve heard the ending doesn’t rock, but fuck it.

  33. Read the instructions, only Ratchet and Clank gets a vote.

  34. NATE LILES is really right about many of the points he’s making, but then he’s NATE LILES so you should expect that.

    I’m a little disappointed that DA:O has so many votes. I appreciate that it is an excellent game and new–but it is also full price and… well, new. Much like Nate, I’d like for our playthroughs to focus in two directions:

    1) Cheaper-than-full-price and easy-to-obtain games that our readers can afford/find.
    2) Games that have been out a little while so that we aren’t doing the same thing that every other website is doing.

    It’s also worth adding that DA:O will be better on PC almost certainly, but because it lacks multiplayer I will be buying it on PS3. I have not bought it yet. Really, I don’t like paying $60 for games in principle unless they are something I am frothing over. DA:O looks really good, but it is not the kind of good that says, “I made this for Lusipurr,” like LBP, Disgaea3, FFXII, and so on.

    DA:O is $60 in the states and probably several thousand dollars in The Frozen North. It’s also being widely played/reviewed right now, so I don’t know that one more voice in the chorus of congratulation will make much of a difference.

    Personally, I’d much rather see us invest our time in Valkyria Chronicles or LBP–both of which have been out for a while now. VC is my preferred choice as it is cheaper than LBP and is truly one of the most innovative RPGs I’ve ever played.

    @SN: Your Dragon Age post above will be enshrined in the official Lusipurr Museum of the Humanities when I become Emperor of Everything.

    @Eric J: Yah, the ending is disappointing, but it’s still worth playing if you like FPS exploration/survival/fighting/action type games. Personally I prefer Metroid Prime any day.
    Cheap and Weak are sight rhymes! As for good/fuck it, it must be some crazy Cali-forni-a pronounciation. :D

    @Lane: Good luck casting me down. Do YOU have the FTP password?

    @Ethos: Why haven’t Oliver and Ginia voted? I charge you with the task of figuring this puzzle out.

  35. Even though I’ve heard it can be a bore
    I cast a vote for Metal Gear Solid 4.

    Dragon Age: Origins I would not refuse,
    but it would give my checkbook the blues
    (plus I’ve heard the PC versions much better)

    Ratchet and Clank: Future Tools of Destruction
    Even though platformers are usually filled with suction
    (Fuck you all, you try rhyming “destruction” correctly. Translated to a real sentence, that reads “Platformers Suck”)

    Ninja Gaiden Sigma Two –
    Giggling boobies always make me go “whoo!”

    Finally, I’d like to put forth Uncharted.
    In the immortal words of NATE LILES: “I Farted.”

  36. P.S. there’s no chance in hell that I’ll ever play MGS4 again.

  37. You’re all fools (FOOLS!) for picking the PC version of DA:O. All of the reviews say that graphically, the PS3 is the most stunning. Xbox is finally showing its age, and the PC version lacks the need for big graphical whiz-bang that the PS3 can pump out. Although I have heard that the console controls are a little limited versus the mouse and keyboard, I’ll sacrifice better camera angles for a more visually-striking game.

    All I know is that my copy of Dragon Age is in the mail, and it’s getting played, hardcore. This is a principle on which I cannot be made to waver.

  38. Uh no … the PC still has the best graphics, the PS3 trumps the 360 though.

  39. Yeah, but I’m rocking a 52″ LG 1080p in the living room. I’ve got a 19″ LG with a max res of 1440 x 900 on the computer. SLI card or no, the PS3 is going to be the superior graphical experience for me (and, I’d warrant, most people).

    I expect I’ll have to pause more and get used to switching between characters without a point and click interface. But it’ll be worth it.

  40. Ok, but just because you have a nice telley does not mean the graphics will be better on the PS3. Also, Dragon Age’s native resolution will certainly be sub 1080p, and possibly even sub 720p (haven’t checked yet), so you will still get better visual fidelity from the PC version, just a bigger picture using your PS3.

    P.S. I’m still getting it for my PS3, as consoles tend to have fewer irksome niggles.

  41. @SN: Not on my PC, I bet it doesn’t :D.

    @Lane: That sums up why I usually prefer the console versions of games perfectly. It’s such a different experience sitting at a desk hunched in front of a monitor than laid back in a chair with a wireless controller, and I generally prefer the latter.

    That being said, I think the interface differences between the PC and console versions will be enough to sway me to the “desk” option for this game, even though it will probably cause my computer to explode somewhere along the line. The console camera controls and the radial wheel look frustrating to me. However, if I’m mistaken, let me know, since then I can put off buying a better processor for another few months.

  42. From what I’ve been told, as long as you’ve got a competent system you’ll be able to run DA:O reasonably well. It’s definitely not a shiny FPS that’s squeezing your graphics card hard.

    From what I’ve seen via a quick google search, they do not expect it to be 1080p, which is a little disappointing… but 720p on a big TV will probably look superior to 1440 x 900 on my little monitor. Less resolution but, given the features of my TV, probably a bit smoother look to it.

    Also, surround sound versus my cheapo 5.1 system on my computer = more epic win. I plan on immersing myself in this game, and no amount of silly SRPGs will derail me.

  43. Well it’s not just resolution, there are better effects, textures and models on the PC, and apparently the console versions have issues with pop-in.

    -Personally though, my PC is old enough for me to doubt that DAO will run as well on it as it would on PS3, besides I don’t have 20GB of harddrive to accomodate the massive installation it requires.

  44. @Lane: Though I’m going to buy it on PS3, I hate to say it, but it’s not going to look better than the PC–not by a long shot. The PS3 graphics are very, very outdated compared to even modern mid-range graphics cards.
    Quite frankly, my old NVIDIA 8600M GT outperformed my PS3 in every aspect, and that is a mobile card from 2007. Any typical computer with just a single 200-level NVIDIA card will run circles around the PS3. You’ll have larger draw distance, less lag, better redraws, better resolution, and higher fps.
    Most modern computer systems sport 7.1 surround sound or better. In fact, the computer I built back in 2001 had it, and my current (mid-range) desktop had it standard–not an option, standard.

    Consoles are not, have not, and will not compete with PCs in terms of hardware of capabilities. The business model of a console precludes such a possibility to begin with: you have to make it affordable to sell at a low price point with minimum loss (or even profit), and then the hardware doesn’t get upgraded from that point onward. Computers are not similarly constrained, which is why the PC version of a game always, always, always looks/performs better than its console counterparts.

  45. Make it rhyme WTF Lusipurr


    it seems to me that I can see the benifiet of using the worthless ps3. So with that said with hopeful in store I demand you lazy bastards play metal gear solid four.

    Dragon age origins may seem like a bore but the joy of threatening priest makes me demand more.

    So this I say to you rhyming whores next time you make me do this I will beat you to death with super Mario mushroom spores.

  46. No, wait … I don’t think that one was valid. It has to rhyme with the game title.

  47. I’m all for anything except a SRPG I guess. I just don’t have the time or energy to devote myself to the sort of intense micromanagement SRPGs require. I’m not 20 anymore.

    I’ve already beaten Heavenly Sword, and I’m not adverse to another playthrough, but if I have a choice, I’d rather play Assassin’s Creed as a refresher course for the release of ACII.

    But then again, I really don’t want to play a sandbox game where I spend a lot of time running from frackin’ place to place. I am a man of limited time and the desire to start raiding Icecrown soon!

  48. @Lusipurr- So do I get a bonus point for wasting a ridiculous amount of time on something so pointless?

  49. WTF why must you guys make it hard WTF rhymes with origins
    pooridgins boridvins gin and tonic man screw this metal gear is my only vote f this noise

  50. @ SiliconNooB: “Space(‘s)” and “paces,” but also “(Bio)Shock” and “rock.” Are those not rhymes?

  51. @Eric J: I missed those! You have hidden your rhymes in a crafty fashion. You might be a rapper.

    @Underdog: Thor again? Trust me, go with rhyming “age”, it’s a lot easier. That gives you page, rage, mage, sage, and bacteriophage, amongst others.

  52. Valkyria Chronicles: A fantastic game I would love to play again, and its not Fable.

  53. @Eric J- Indeed. I was looking for the rhyme at the end of the sentence, but it was in the middle. I should have read more carefully.

  54. I feel the urge to unleash my rage, so you lazy fuckers start cranking out some Dragon Age.

    @lusipurr: You’re right that is easier, and rage was a good choice

  55. The new Lusipurr.com policy is that we only count votes for Valkyria Chronicles. All other votes are invalidated!

    But seriously, the votes for Dragon Age are numerous. There is deep and abiding demand for DA:O it seems.

    Votes/Flow works, Eric J. I’m inclined to give that the thumbs-up.

  56. Huzzah! Another vote for Dragon Age! Going to pick it up right now!

  57. This may be a contender for the post with the MOST comments ever. We’re already over 70.
    If we’re ever going to break 100, this might be the post that does it.

  58. Gah I fucking HATE Bioware/EA. They made a big fucking deal about pushing the PS3’s version of DAO forward to match the PC an 360, and the Australian release date was now set as the 5th of November, so today I bus it to the shopping center to pick up the fucking thing and it looks like a couple of fucking days before the Aussie release date EA pushed our release all the way out to the fucking 19th! FUCK! None of the hapless store jerks had any fucking idea what was going on. Wasted fucking trip to the shops, I just fucking love being fucked around by shitty arse incompetent cunting publishers, fucking EA. Fucking typical! I’ll bet Australia’s stock probably got diverted to Europe, I’d warrant none of those berret wearing, latte sipping eurofags missed their PS3 launch! Gah! *angry face*

    -Tomorrow I’ll have to call Shin Tokyo (they get most of their stock from the US), if they don’t have it then I’ll be very fucking unhappy. :(

    -I could get the 360 version … but I fucking want the PS3 one.

  59. I would rather slit my wrists than play a game that starts with Dragon.
    Y’all want it more like Oli Twist, but my vote’s self-serving like Fagin.

    (in other words, consider this a “-1 vote” for DA:O)

  60. I don’t think it works like that Eric, though it would be an interesting feature to be able to vote down games for our next playthrough.

  61. Why are there so many comments on a post with OLIVER as the picture? I don’t think he’s even commented!
    Although I’m keeping my vote to play him on the PS3

  62. I’d rather not! How are all going to get an Oliver anyway?

  63. RT @Eric J — (in other words, consider this a “-1 vote” for DA:O)

    I am but a poor peasant, and may have to resort to the PC version for obvious reasons if this is chosen.

    ——–Vote Number 2——–

    I won’t break the bank
    Nor work part time for construction
    For Ratchet and Clank:
    Tools of Destruction

    The furry lombax
    And steampunk robot
    Don’t need hacks
    to be a sans-culotte

    (In Eminem’s voice)
    And it’s a fact we’ll react with an impact
    with the exact action that causes a flamin’ reaction
    We’ll all gather togetha’ in the Lusi’ Nation
    under a retalliation, screamin’ “No DA: Origins!”

    Courtesy of the RYNO*

  64. I think Squalldane and I are like siblings, or something.

    Also, SiliconNooB has a point that it probably doesn’t work that way (voting against), but the rules don’t really go so far as to suggest you can’t. Either way, Dragon Age doesn’t look like it has much to worry about.

  65. Some of these entries are the most entertaining things since sliced entertainment.

    And no, you can’t vote down a game. Though I really am wary of playing DA:O at this exact moment. Esp. as anyone who isn’t a big fan of Bioware games probably won’t be quite so enamoured of it. –I still haven’t bought my copy, incidentally.

    @SN: EA is an evil, horrible corporation. I am not surprised that they screwed over everyone in Australia. It probably brought a smile to their red, horned faces.

    @Ethos: I know! Why hasn’t he commented or voted? At this point I think he is the only person in the world who hasn’t.

  66. why doesn’t montok comment here more often? I would imagine his reaction to me discovering his secret pornsite would have been hilarious. does he just not want us to have a good time mocking him. oh, wait, I think I just answered my own question.

  67. @Eric J – I’m not quick to shoot that down, intriguing similarities.

  68. Bioshock
    Eric J
    Dead Space – 1
    Eric J
    Demon Souls – 0
    Disgaea 3 – 1
    Dragon Age: Origins – 2
    Fallout 3 – 0
    Folklore – 1
    Heavenly Sword – 1
    inFamous – 1
    Metal Gear Solid 4 -1
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – 1
    Prototype – 1
    Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
    Eric J
    Soul Calibur IV – 1
    Valkyria Chronicles – 2

    * Question marks are votes casted that did not rhyme or are questionable. No guarantee of 100% accuracy. Just a relative idea, and continuation of breaka666

  69. Interesting! Seems Valkyria Chronicles and Dragon Age: Origins are neck-and-neck!

    There’s also MY vote to consider. Uwee hee hee!

  70. Repost — didn’t know tabs aren’t accepted! also, fixed the tallies from copypasta-ing breaka666

    Bioshock – 1
    ~Eric J
    Dead Space – 1
    ~Eric J
    Demon Souls – 0
    Disgaea 3 – 1
    Dragon Age: Origins – 3
    Fallout 3 – 0
    Folklore – 1
    Heavenly Sword – 1
    inFamous – 1
    Metal Gear Solid 4 – 3
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – 2
    Prototype – 1
    Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction – 2
    ~Eric J
    Soul Calibur IV – 1
    Uncharted – 1
    Valkyria Chronicles – 2

  71. son of a bitch! riddles! get your ass out here and vote for Valkyria Chronicles right now!

  72. @breaka666 ~ I have a feeling this vote is going to be skewed hard when Emperor Lusipurr casts his vote. I wouldn’t worry much…

  73. For what it’s worth, my vote wasn’t particularly FOR Dragon Age, it was more just I had a rhyme so I figured I should use it.

    Since we’re close to 100 posts on this thread, will people try to claim the 100 get 4chan style? Should we be posting images along with text?

  74. tried to post a picture. that would be a resounding noooooooo.

  75. @Ethos – congratulations! as the 100th commentor you get a free blowjob from Etho… oh, wait. well, this is a bit awkward…

  76. Lusipurr, I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this. I realize I am new, but for the good of the tribe, I must challenge you as naib. May your knife chip and shatter.

  77. @Lane: Request denied. Next!

    100+ Comments! A Lusipurr.com first! Bust out the champagne and confetti! Ethos is here; inflate the Motok Doll!

  78. Uh, I have ridden the sandworm. I have the right to challenge for leadership of the tribe to prevent a playthrough of a tactical SRPG.

  79. @Lane: Nope!

    Also Valkyria Chronicles is not a typical SRPG (FFT, Disgaea, Ogre Tactics, &c.) by any standard. Unless the S stands for ‘sniping’.

  80. Does it contain maps that are only passable with extreme grinding, and characters that can be unlocked only by methodically replaying each stage until you have put every character on every square to ensure that you are not missing a hidden item?

    In other words, is it build for hardcore Japanese/Korean gamers, or lazy American ones that are not able to play a game seven to eight hours a night?

  81. @Lane – no squares to speak of, no hidden items, and the grinding isn’t as bad the games that Lusi listed. have you seen the game played?

  82. No. I was impressed by the good reviews and I liked the art style, but the last tactical SRPG I was able to complete was a Fire Emblem game, on the easy difficulty, with a walkthrough.

    I avoided Tactics A2 because I watched a guy at my law school play it. When I say him with his computer out making a spreadsheet to compare, mathematically, his party composition, I said, “too nerdy for me!” and went back to pretending to be a knight in WoW.

  83. -I gave up on VC when it became apparent that an obscene ammount of grinding would be required to surpass the hurdles, I am quite happy that I was able to beat the Tank boss fight, that was epic, and very trial by error.

  84. I didn’t have to grind in VC, so I’m not sure what the deal is. You do need to use your units correctly, though throughout the game or you will be in trouble.

  85. Also Lane, I think you should actually play VC before dispensing with your “It’s an SRPG and therefore it sucks,” mentality. There’s a free demo. Download it now.

  86. Oh I like SRPGs. I just can’t play them because I am lazy and give up when stuff is too hard.


  87. So its settled, VC it is!

    I just don’t have the money in my budget to buy another new game. D:

  88. You can play the free character editor and browser based flash RPG whilst the rest of us partake in glorious DOA, or you can simply win the *free* Lusipurr.com give away.

  89. @Lusipurr: Yeah, I’m not sure what the deal is, but I got through VC without too much difficulty without really any grinding to speak of until very near the end (there’s a map that’s perfect for grinding and I just couldn’t resist). The only map that gave me any problems was the 2-side multi tank ambush level, and I got through that eventually without having to go back and level up or anything. That being said, level 20 snipers are amazing!

  90. @darth – ah shit, don’t remind me of that fight.

    me and my friends discussed the grinding in VC and we think that if you only spend your EXP on soldiers and none on commander abilities then there is very little grinding. I spent a ton of EXP on abilities and by the the two ambush tank fight my shock troopers still couldn’t use flamethrowers. that fight sucked…

  91. @Breaka: Maybe that’s the trick. I went through the whole game without using any commander abilities. By the time that battle rolled around, my snipers were pretty beastly and could knock off almost anybody they had a clear line-of-site to. Granted, that wasn’t that useful, since all the foot soldiers respawned every turn, but it was enough to keep them at bay.

  92. @Darth – I kinda hoping we were wrong. I love those commander abilities :(

  93. TALLYING THE VOTES yields a TIE between Valkyria Chronicles and Dragon Age: Origins. I will therefore vote, and I cast my vote for Valkyria Chronicles.

    THEREFORE, Valkyria Chronicles wins by one vote!

    HOWEVER, Lusipurr.com will be GIVING AWAY a copy of Dragon Age: Origins to one lucky reader. Stay tuned to the podcast (and the site) for more details!

  94. Ah no … By my by my count DAO was still ahead by two points …

  95. No make that one point (DG invalidated his DAO rhyme further down the thread) nevertheless:

    Valkyria Chronicles: you all believe DA:O is more worthy; how comical-Breaka666

    Valkyria Chronicles: When I think of this game, I think of Lusipurr giggling while wearing a monocle.-Ethan

    2 votes for Valkyria Chronicles.

    I feel the urge to unleash my rage, so you lazy fuckers start cranking out some Dragon Age.- Underdog.

    Dragon Age: because Thor wills it… just don’t play a mage.
    Dragon Age: if we don’t play it, Lusipurr goes back into the cage.
    Dragon Age: it registers over 9000 on my awesome-gauge.
    Dragon Age: it takes center stage.
    Dragon Age: that’s enough rhyming for this page.
    Also, it’s not Demon’s Souls.-Lane

    To countenance Flower fills me with rage,
    One that all too few games are apt to assuage,
    Save for the one who’s recommendation is sage,
    Namely of course it is Dragon Age!-me

    3 votes for DAO

    By casting your vote you are only tieing both games (assuming of course you weren’t serious about the 100,000,000 vote thing?).

  96. I was more generous with the Rhyming thing than you are being–especially because it is much harder to rhyme CHRONICLES than it is to rhyme AGE.

    My tally stands. :)

  97. Also I was rather hoping you’d place your vote in line with the established conventions.

  98. I also have Luis and Ginia whose votes were submitted to me off-site, and which can be placed here at your disposal. So really, be glad I kept the tally tied instead of simply saying “Loses outright.”

  99. 5 votes for VC. Unless I get the free copy of DA:O.

    Reason, It’s been gathering dust in my shelf for months, and apparently everyone loved it.

    Do we win?

  100. VC has won. For reals. But there WILL be a free giveaway of DA:O as a consolation for the runner-up.

  101. -Oyashiro didn’t even attempt to rhyme it.

    -Also I am one for transperency, and should very much like to see the missing votes.

  102. You’re beginning to sound like a sore loser. It’s not agreeable.

    Oyashiro, unlike many of the other DA:O people, didn’t pester me and try to vote multiple times in violation of the rules even despite it being clarified.

    Chronicles is much harder to rhyme. I am more lenient with it. His vote is accepted–if only because Oyashiro is close enough to Valkyria. :p

    G-lanser’s vote above will now count as well because I am irritated with having to justify the scores I already counted. Why? Because VC rhymes with Free.

    I’ve told Luis and Ginia to post their votes here, but the count is in VC’s favour without them.

    The end.

  103. So I think that means VC won by a landslide after all–and without people having to try to stack votes multiple times for it. And to think, I was going to be happy saying it was a tie.

  104. Oh I see how it is, you might try omitting the rules next time if they’re only going to apply to games that are not VC. :P

    -Not a sore loser, just trying to see how you could arrive at such a result when all the evidence in the thread points to the contrary. For instance you stated that DAO and VC was tied and that your vote was the tie breaker, yet then you go on to mention three aditional votes (two of which presumably weren’t being counted before?). You can see why I’m having a little trouble making this add up, the 100,000,000 vote rule would have made more sense (we’re all used to the Lusipurr brand of arbitrary rule by decree).

  105. @G-lanser: It will be a while!

    DA:O just came out, and it is REALLY good–there’s no denying it. We want to give those who are playing it time to cut their teeth on it a bit. It seems cruel to say, “Glad to hear that an awesome new game came out! Now we’re going to play something else!”

    One of the other reasons I didn’t want to do a DA:O playthrough is that we were hoping to do this over Winter holiday. Expecting people to hold onto DA:O and not play it in the meantime seems equally cruel.

    So go out and play some DA:O (or Trine, or New Super Mario Bros., or Boy & His Blob, &c.) and in December we’ll announce our VC playthrough and associated contest. Yes, that’s right, ANOTHER Contest.

    And if you want a copy of DA:O for free, stay tuned to the site in the meantime!

  106. @Noob: I missed Nate’s vote, and had received votes on Skype with both Luis and Ginia as part of our official D&D group. Oyashiro’s vote was in my original count. I don’t know how much more clear about this I can be.

    With Nate’s vote, my tie-breaking vote is not needed, nor with the two Skype votes from Gin and Luis. But really, do you want to wait until mid-December to play DA:O anyway?

  107. Ok, all excellent reasons not to allow a DAO playthough at the moment, or a playthrough of any newly released full price game for that matter, but you might have thought about including said rules in the voting instructions. That way a man knows where he stands.

  108. @SN: Nate posted them generally in his objections which I seconded. The main post wasn’t really meant to editorialise on the reasoning, just to give instructions.

    In retrospect forcing rhymes (though entertaining) was very unbalanced. Some games lend themselves easily, others do not. So, I had to look on some games much more openly than others based on how many rhymes I myself could think of. Even Orange Box is easier to rhyme than Valkyria Chronicles, after all.

    It was also ill-timed. I should have expected that people would want to vote on the biggest new game–and a game probably going to be the RPG of the year–considering it was released during the poll. But I think most people forgot that we were going to be doing this at some point in future, and not immediately. And I’m not surprised people forgot, as it was announced on the podcast back when voting opened for the console.

    You can bet there will be reviews of DA:O in the coming weeks, and without any other site playthrough, I expect everyone else will be playing it as well–except for me, because I’m spending my time on Trine, A Boy & His Blob, and New Super Mario Bros. Having seen DA:O played now, I can say that it isn’t the sort of thing I would enjoy playing–but it is the sort of thing I enjoy watching.

  109. It surely isn’t that hard?

    I hate Valkyria Chronicles*,
    And detest it with all of my molecules,
    I wouldn’t half mind,
    Were it not for the grind,
    And tearing out half of my follicles.

    *No, not really (used for dramatic expression).

  110. @Lusi- Which version did you see played? Because I understand that the gameplay on the PC is vastly different from the consoles. The PC emphasises whole party management during combat, whereas the consoles play like KOTOR in that you only tend to control one character when in battle (could be you just saw the wrong type of gameplay?). Then again when you make up your mind it’s usually pretty definite.

  111. @SN: It was the PC version, and that was exactly the vibe I got from it–the whole party management kind of thing which reminds me (a little bit at least) of Baldur’s Gate.

    I’m not against party management–as a big fan of JRPGs how could I be?–but there’s also a very particular way I like to do it, and the Baldur’s Gate way isn’t really my favourite.

    I think what pushes me away from playing this and into the watching camp is the amount of depth to it all. I’m a big fan of having a few equipment slots and some spells that I learn automatically every few levels–preferably with names like Firaga or Fire III. I’m very jaded in that regard, and have come to really enjoy only games that are fairly Final Fantasy-esque in their design.

    However, I really enjoy the story (what I’ve seen of it at least, being very well written), and I would certainly love to see more of it. I just don’t think I’m willing to do the gameplay part of it–though I wouldn’t want to miss out on it.

    I need to hire someone to play DA:O in my apartment, basically.

  112. Ah, makes sense. The console versions supposedly have more of a single player focus to the combat and spell/ability selection limited to hotkeys, but that probably doesn’t do much to lessen the complexity of the system. You need to convince Ashley to play it! (tell her there’s hamsters)

  113. Are you sure you’re not overthinking it though? I remember a few podcasts ago, you recounting how you talked yourself out of A Boy and his Blob and swapped it for Metroid Prime Trilogy (and now it appears you re-bought A Boy and his Blob?).

  114. @SN: Everywhere else I’ve seen had kind of given the impression that the console version’s controls are “worse” than the PC version, but your description make it just sound “different” (I liked the KoTOR battle system). I’m still debating which version to get, so thanks for the summary :D.

  115. It actually sounds more appealing to me also, though enemy AI is supposed to be dumbed down significantly to compensate for the different control scheme.

  116. Actually today’s CatFancyCast discusses it at length, and the fact that they tried to make it a bit button mashy so the Xbox crowd would feel more engaged. (and you can set FFXII style gambits for your party members).

  117. damn this is getting long. should we shoot for 200 or should we let this die?

  118. 152 Comments is an EXTREMELY satisfactory achievement, but if you want to aim for the stars, who am I to deny you?

    @SN: Nate talked a bit about the swappable gameplay styles in today’s podcast. You can zoom in and out between 3rd Person Action style and top-down Baldur’s Gate RPG style.

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