Editorial: Things That Make You Go "Awww!"

Happy, happy, joy, joy!
A few weeks ago I put morose fingers to keys and compiled a list of my most tear-jerking video game moments. This week I am in an exceptionally pleasant mood and would like to focus on the happy, sappy and snappy moments that made me go “awww” with gooey happiness. Please, please, pretty please feel free to add your own. Share the love.

1. Vivi and the Black Mages
This was always a bittersweet plot thread for me. I spent my first FFIX playthrough in utter terror that Vivi was going to “stop moving”. However, that aside, I found it so sweet and so endearing to see the goofy little guy find a place to belong, people to relate with and be familial with.

2. Magus’ Identity
Okay, so this subplot may have struck a chord because I’m a softie for handsome baddies with longer silver/blue hair, but … I melt every time I see Magus reveal his true identity and true motives. I never do have the heart to refuse him from my party. It’s so sappy to see him make friends!

3. Grandia
In general, Grandia makes me extremely happy. Every time Justin crosses new boundaries, I feel as excited and nervous as a kid at Christmas. Or an adventurer exploring brand new lands, in this case. Whether it be crossing the ocean or climbing over the wall at the End of the World, I shared in Justin’s excitement when he would do what everyone else thought was impossible.

4. Prinnies
They just make me happy, dood. How can Prinnies not make you happy? They’re Prinnies, dood.

Okilly dokilly, Lusi-sprites. Back to work time for me. (uh, WTT blog timeslot. PST?) Sorry again for phoning this one in from the office.


  1. Ginia you know I like your opinions, but this one made me puke in my mouth a little. Just a little. No-One cares about the feel good moments, we’re all part of a society based on vengeance. When sephiroth kills aerith no one said, oh no she’s dead. people said, “SOB killed my best healer that fucker will pay!!!!”

  2. Any time you hug your blob in A Boy and his Blob for the Wii. That little squeak your blob makes is A-FUCKING-DORABLE!

  3. Missing from your list is the ending of Persona 3: FES The Answer! Despite the game’s sad beginning they somehow mananged to make the ending happy!

    @Underdog, use Spoiler tags, you ruined it for me!!! Also, now that I’m at the end of Disc One of FFVII, released in 1997 by Squaresoft, I couldn’t help but laugh at Aeris’s death. Seriously, I really didn’t find it moving.

    Also, why the hell did Holy bounch so freaking weird? It reversed direction and spin mid-air for no apparent reason!

  4. I like adorable things! And now that you’ve added a picture, I will read this and properly comment a little bit later!

  5. What? No Sora and Kairi share a Paupu fruit? Dood, where’s the love for KH?

  6. @evilpaul the fact that you’ve played Persona but not FFVII should be a testament to as why I don’t care about spoiling it for you :-P

  7. @Ethos-Lol, I forgot, I thought it was just Lusipurr that hated KH.

    @NATE LILES- What do you think about Turkey?

  8. Speaking of Magus…I remember when you first run into Janus in Zeal, he says not to bother his cat and that it only likes him.

    After Magus joins the party, if you have him with you when you go to the Commons, his cat knows who he really is, runs up to him and does not let him out of sight until your group leaves the area. I thought that was really cool.

  9. Uh, Sackboy!

    That one time in Super Mario Bros. 3 when mario is in a green boot!

    The fact that Chibi-Robo exists!

  10. when I saw the trailer for the new Okami for the DS. the original creator is now working on Bayonetta so the quality of the game is up in the air but I may have to get it regardless of quality just to play as chibi-amaterasu.

  11. KH is poopy. Bleh.

    I should add “Stupid-ass Aerith getting stabbed through the chest” to my list of happy moments … *muses*

    The hopping green boot of hopping was awesome. Mario needs more cute little outfits.

  12. For some reason I find Dogmeat’s dead stare in Fallout 3 really endearing.

  13. @ginia – Vivi? cute? he ain’t cute, he’s gangsta! did you not see his swagger! apologize to V-dog.

    breaka sent me.

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