MAP Episode 40: Turkeycast

How Lusipurr Feels when Podcasting

Download Link: Produced 2009.11.22

Turkey is on the menu as the podcast panel gears up for Thanksgiving, now less than a week away. Nate is hungry and can think only of Turkey, whilst Eric J and Ginia desperately try to distract him from further amateur operatics. Poor Lusipurr!


  1. See? You made me go download that other podcast I stopped listening to a while ago. Stopped half-way though, it made me remember why I gave up on it.

  2. My favorite part of this podcast is Ginia’s response to Lusipurr’s threat to sink her island:

    “I have a kayak.”

    The mental image made me chuckle uncontrollably for the next 5 minutes.

  3. @Epyon: Sorry about that. The link in the RSS Feed was working, but I forgot to correct the link in the post itself.

    You’ll find they both work now (as does iTunes).

  4. Awesome podcast like last week’s. Nate coming back a second after he got hung up made me seriously laugh out loud.

  5. -you know, I was gonna come up with some kinda joke to make fun of Lusi but after thinking about it a bit I realized that this is one of those situations where nothing you can add could possibly make it funnier. real smart openly admitting that, especially when it’s being recorded to be reserved into antiquity. I think I’m gonna make a sound bite now.

    -teeth made of cocks… I need to use that one.

  6. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I thought this week might end up being TurkeyCast *gobble gobble*

  7. If you eat, you’ll get a hug!

    “I wish I could stop looking at naked pictures of Oliver Motok, but he’s just too sexy!”

  8. Then would you drink them from a jug?

    “And now I am taking off my pants. I am unable to stop myself!”

  9. Come on, come on, give them a chug!

    “Oh no, now my keyboard is all sticky!”

  10. Or, you could say “Green Eggs and Ham” is the stuck up snob’s version of SiliconNoob.

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