MAP Episode 41: Worst Podcast Ever

Oliver says, 'I suck cock all the time.'

Download Link: Produced 2009.11.29

What are we thankful for? NOTHING. Nate seizes control and the news is left unattended in favour of speculation about the plot of Twilight. Lusipurr tries to get the show back on track, but finds it is like beating his head against a wall. Literally.


  1. Great podcast. Glad to have Oliver on the podcast again, too bad Ginia wasn’t around for the Twilight talk. NATE LILES is a bully. People that like Twilight are weird.

    Also, now that you mention it, there are no female readers at all, are there?

  2. 1. I can’t believe I missed Twilight Talk! SAD GINIA!

    2. NATE LILES was actually not completely incorrect with his Twilight spoilers. I am shocked, saddened and a tiny bit afraid. (Yes, Edward really does use his teeth for part of the delivery)

    3. Stephenie Meyer IS a shit author. She should take some of her millions and invest in a thesaurus.

    4. I like downloaded content more than hard copy, but only if the download is cheaper. :x

    5. I searched iTunes for an iPenis app, but there is none. You guys got my hopes up. Assholes.

    6. Goldberry.

    7. Best podcast ever.

  3. @Eric J – heh heh, me too.

    @Ginia – does he stick his penis in her heart too?

    this podcast was like someone being molested verbally. Lusi must feel violated and powerless right now.




  4. I am extremely sorry to have missed Lusipurr’s psychological and emotional raping on this podcast.

    And alas, no, there is some heart pumping action, but not THAT kind of pumping.

  5. I’m a female reader! Yay! The only one! Plus, I never post, just listen, so I’m effectively useless – I’m around for the Nate Liles lulz. However:
    Best. Podcast. Ever.
    And Twilight sucks ass.
    Also, didn’t Rodrigo Borgia sleep with his daughter?

  6. @kenjujuu – I call bullshit. if your female how can you think twilight sucks? that’s like NATE LILES not having gas.

  7. Oh my. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to listen to this podcast yet, but from the looks of it, I’m in for something amazing. Consider my hopes officially sky high. Just thought I’d put everybody on alert.

  8. Poor Lusipurr … :( …with the departure of Oliver and Ethan he had high hopes of turning MAP into something grand and classy, NATE LILES has obviously ridden rough-shod over those dashed ambitions in order to bring us his wonderful, wonderful chaos. :)

  9. @All: The podcast server is currently down, so you won’t be able to access the MAP or the RSS Feed. It will hopefully be up soon. Sorry.

    @Evilpaul: Yes. I’ll upload it and append it to the post above once our hosting comes back online.

  10. Oliver lives to humiliate himself!

    -This is the best Podcast I’ve ever heard, NATE LILES is a national treasure!

    -Twilight Twat!

  11. – Lusipurr sounds so sad when he was all alone on the podcast. Then people came back, and he immediately sounds sadder.

    – Favorite line of the ‘cast: “Talk about a wood steak!” – Erik J

    – I would think all this Twilight talk would only work to attract MORE female listeners. Perhaps you should change the podcast image on iTunes to reflect the new direction.

    – My dad uses one of those music subscription services and he seems very happy with it. It’s not really something I’d want, but then again, neither is Guitar Hero, so it all balances out!

    – I’ll usually try to get a game off of Steam if there’s an option for it. I’d much rather be able to re-download a game to reinstall it than have to keep track of a physical disc. I’m glad there are options for everybody (I can totally understand wanting the physical copy. I mean when Steam shutters, I’m screwed), and I hope it stays that way for the foreseeable future. Usually sales end up dictating where I get my games, anyway :F.

    – NATE LILE’s description of AC2’s ending actually makes me want to play the game MORE, just so I can see the insanity for myself.

    – I’d be up for some 2v2 TF2 whenever you guys are available. I’m free most evenings on account of being a friendless loser. I definitely wouldn’t call myself “good”, but I’d say I’m “competent” by most standards.

    – Overall, another great ‘cast to add to the current hot streak. Keep ’em coming!

  12. @Lusipurr, Most excellent!!! I’ve saved it in my ‘Justneat’ picture/sound directory. I’m making it my crashed program sound too I think.

    Also, I’ll try to go and give you guys a 5 star review on iTunes. It’s all newfangled and stuff though, so I can’t figure it out.

    Also, also, for a discussion topic next week, if you watch New Moon with a girl is it still gay?

  13. @Evilpaul: There’s a “Rate & review” button somewhere, I think. Or at least there should be. Fucking new iTunes. I hate it. Why does Apple ruin everything?

    Also if you watch New Moon, even if you are bathing in testosterone and eating a pile of sausages, you’re still gay. The end.

  14. @Lusi – same goes for reading the books. a friend of mine once tried to defend the fourth book by saying that since during the course of the novel an ass gets tapped that it was, and I quote, “a guy book.” I then asked him why he read three bitch books to get to the ass tapping. he had no answer.

  15. oh, and I forgot to ask, when does the contest end exactly? I’ve got two people to come here, chris and purplexpurp. was SN still leading with two?

  16. @ breaka Your friend is a closet ghey. Sorry. The ass tapping was so glossed over, you can’t even be sure it happened, ’til Bella winds up pregnant.

    I would check your friend’s bathroom for leave-in conditioner and hand moisturizer. These too are signs.

  17. @ginia – I KNEW IT! I should have known when he said he was going to start playing tennis.

  18. In case anyone was wondering Nate got his twilight information from last weeks mega64 podcast. My cousin is a HUGE twilight fan and confirmed that what nate said is 99% true.

  19. @kaya122 – I’m guessing the part about the cardiac edflowering is that 1%.

  20. I’m still convinced that Nate is a closet Twilight fan.


    He and I should, like, totally start a Twilight reading group.

  21. Best Podcast Ever!! Nate Liles has outdone himself again with his ability ti completly derail a podcast in only a matter of seconds. Also thanks for the sound files, Lusipurr.

  22. @Breaka: The contest has been extended a week just because things got Crazy over the holiday, what with recording on Tuesday and all. We’ll tally up the totals and announce a winner on the next podcast.

    Time is running out, people!

  23. That other thing that nate does all the time where hes like “coming soon on blueray!!!” is totally mega64s thing.

  24. @Ginia: For the Twilight book club, I recommend another podcast that is a dramatic reading of the books by you and NATE LILES. You could play all the male characters and NATE LILES could play all the females!

    @kaya: I think you’ve found out NATE LILE’s horrible secret: He IS mega64!

  25. Ginia and NATE LILES could turn their weekly articles into a series of Twilight fan-fiction!

  26. @SN: I can only take so much Twilight talk. This episode was pretty much my limit, along with the Twilightcast episode.

    After listening to this latest episode, one can only imagine how sane Lusipurr is after being verbally raped by Nate Liles.

  27. It appears Lusipurr has lost his sanity. In his latest tweet on Twitter, Lusipurr tips his hat for Oliver. This can only mean one thing. The apocolypse is closer than we imagined.

  28. …sure is a lot of comments in two days, huh?
    Twilight is more racist than Ethan’s RacistCast, and Edward’s a boring turd. But I would definitely listen to NATE LILES reading them. Although I will not be calling you, Nate. I’m British, and aren’t we supposed to have horrible teeth?

  29. wow, I never noticed before but Bup does make this place less classy, don’t he? if standards were prostitutes NATE LILES would be Jack The Ripper. with gas. and STDs.

    granted, I don’t exactly help with my diction do I…

  30. @Luspipurr: Who would you put forth as the alternative ambassador? Ginia or Lane? Then how will the other nations know about impending blu-ray releases? That’s a future I don’t even want to imagine.

    @Kenjujuu: I don’t think it can be counted as “racism” if he hates everybody equally. At that point, it’s just pure, unbridled rage.

  31. There really aren’t words to describe my intense disappointment at the way this site has gone off the rails since its noble, idealistic beginnings.

  32. Hey shouldn’t Oliver and Ethan’s website be hamster or gerbil fancy? I always thought that those were the pets that gay guys love.

  33. “The Offical Spolier Alert” clip and the “There is no exploration in Metroid” are on my ipod( I don’t have a phone at the moment) clip. I’m not too keen about having the second one considering the content and the fact that it’s Oliver who said it.

  34. Everytime I get a text, there is a cry of ‘There is no exploration in Metroid!’ and I get funny looks.

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