MAP Episode 43: Kiss It

Would *you* kiss it?

Download Link: Produced 2009.12.13

Another week, another stinker. Exhausted after another night spent in gaol for drunk and disorderly conduct, Oliver is as noncommital as ever. Nate tries to engage him, only to find himself thwarted by Eric J’s savage punnery. Meanwhile, Lusipurr weeps.


  1. A buckanear… el.oh.el.

    Also, even though Famitsu didn’t give Final Fantasy XIII a 40/40 shouldn’t piss people off. As Lusi says, they gave Nintendogs a 40/40… And Final Fantasy XII got a perfect score and IX didn’t! This leads me to not trust their opinions for my buying guidance. By all means, if you think that FF XII is the best of the series, and think Nintendogs is the best game ever, then maybe they did deserve the 39/40

    Overall though, seriously — it got a 96%, an A+, which is still a 4.0 GPA. ‘Nuff said

  2. Unfortunately I have to admit that this latest entry in MAP was quite the stinker and this coming from someone who praised last weeks episode. Oh well, but luck next time.

    Ya, even though I have to agree with Famitsu’s 40/40 for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, I still don’t trust most of their review scores, namely Nintendogs, Soul Caliber and FFXII, which was a good game but not that great.

    Also, that sketch of Nate Liles is awesome!

  3. Now, ordinarily, I would say thins podcast wasn’t as good as others – NATE LILES didn’t even sing! – but hey, I got a mention, so I can’t complain. And Lusipurr, no. I am not Jewish, but, Fun Fact! I am in fact half British, half Ghanaian! (In Africa, Nate, Africa).
    Also, could I by any chance get a shout-out next week? It’s MY birthday on the 22nd. :)

    @ Syrek: I totally agree – how did FFVII get lower than FFX? I think their results are based more on game expectations as a whole rather than basing it on what is expected from the genre the game is in.

  4. @Kenjujuu: Exactly. The results are based on ‘expectations’ as a whole, which is why Nintendogs(!?) got a 40/40 and Final Fantasy V got a 34/40.

    And yes, this podcast is crap. But next week will be better. I promise.

  5. @Lusipurr: Glad to hear that. :)

    @Kenjujuu: I agree completly. It’s strange to think that hundreds of thousands of gamers follow the review scores of Famitsu like it’s straight out of the bible or something. “Oh they have to be right. FFXII is better than FFVII because they said so.” *sigh* Don’t get me wrong, I’m interested in what Famitsu says. But even I have the common sense to not take their reviews as doctrine.

  6. @Lusipurr/Kenjujuu: As I said over on Riddlethos, I don’t understand why ANY single review is getting this much sway. There will be plenty of reviews out soon enough (I mean the game comes out Thursday, doesn’t it?), so we’ll see what happens then. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the game regardless.

    I do agree, though, that it seems a lot of reviewers are very susceptible to hype (just look at the metacritic page for GTAIV), and it’s a bit of a problem. Granted, it’s impossible to be able to tell what your feelings are going to be about a game a year (or even a few months) out, but I could tell before I finished FFXII that it wasn’t going to be one of my favorites in the series. All the more reason to read a review’s text, I suppose, and make sure it backs up the numerical score.

    @Lusipurr/Bup/Riddles – TF2 2v2 on Wednesday evening sound like fun? As I’ve said before, I’m not particularly good at PC FPSs, but it could still be a good time.

  7. NATECAST!!!

    -I’d hardly call the Yakuza obscure.

    -NATE LILES is right, Australia is mostly desert, Cactaurs live in deserts, ergo I must be a Cactaur … and as we all know Cactaurs store water in their UNDERBOOB!

    -The only bad podcasts are the ones without NATE LILES!!!

    -@kenjujuu: NATE LILES did sing, and it was beautiful!

  8. Its sad to see that the PS3 is still getting bad ports. You think they would find out that the only way to approach multiplat development is to develop on both platforms at the same time, or develop on PS3 first and port to 360. 360 to ps3 almost never works right.

  9. It was never intended to be a PS3 game by Platinum, it was only at the insistence of their publisher, Sega, that they allowed another team to work on porting it. And the general consensus seems to be that it really shows …

  10. I see, they should have kept it exclusive if they can’t release it of equal quality. Damn business decisions.

  11. Played the Dante’s Inferno demo. What can I say? Its basically God of War. Its fun, but its not going to be winning any awards for originality.

  12. @ Ginia: No, we’re pretty cool, actually.
    @ Lusipurr: Your remark that next week will be better scares me – Don’t get rid of NATE LILES!
    @ SN: When was there Nate Liles singing?!
    @ Darth: I do agree – surely the only reason Nintendogs got a 40/40 was because we hadn’t really seen anything else like it – or anything else on the DS at that point?

  13. @kenjujuu- Bup sang about Zelda Choochoo Conductor to the tune of Wouldn’t it be Nice.

  14. ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if Zelda Train Conductor didn’t suck, but it kinda fuckin’ blows?’

  15. I’m only ~15 minutes in, but I wanted to know was Nate Liles abusing “the reefer” (or whatever you kids call it nowadays) while recording this podcast?