Editorial: It’s Not the Size of the Mini-Game …

As the old adage goes, it is not the size of the thing that matters, it is what you do with it. In this case, it is not the size of the mini-game that matters, but rather how much freaking time I spend obsessively, compulsively playing it.

Mini-games are nothing new, and come in all forms and fashions. In fact, if you ask Nintendo, mini-games are their own bloody genre now. Some are frustrating, some are fascinating, some provide useful tie-ins to the games, and others are meaningless, mindless, wonderful wastes of our time. All of the games in the Gold Saucer come to mind, along with a slew of card games, racing games and, well, about half of Final Fantasy IX’s content. My all-time favourite, though, the one that has devoured the most hours of my life, is Lords of Lunar.

Like this, only more Lunar-esque!
Lords of Lunar is an arcade game included with Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. It is accessible through the “Making Of” disc that came with the game. When the movie begins, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, Start to access it. The game, name and all, is a tribute or homage to the Atari classic Warlords. Up to eight characters at a time can share the screen in a Pong-like battle of epic proportions. Unfortunately most characters will be AI-controlled, but the difficulty setting is customizable, so the robots can pose a bit of a challenge at times. My favourite part of the game was deliberately putting couples at opposing ends of the map, and watching them beat the snot out of each other.

Lords of Lunar may be a bit out of date (even when it came out) but that’s part of its charm for me. It provides simple, classic video game fun, and I spent almost as much time playing it as I did playing the actual Lunar game. What about you guys? Any closet mini-game addicts in the house?


  1. Played Triple Triad in FFVIII a lot, it was at times more enjoyable than the main quest.

  2. I like Chocobo racing … when I’m not forced to do it for hours on end to get Knights of the Round … D:

  3. I justified my Triple Triad addiction by telling myself it was just so I could turn the cards into items. -_-

  4. Triple Triad is awesome. I use to play Triple Triad online all the time.

  5. I loved Triple Triad right up until the “random” rule got introduced. It was all down hill from there :f. Still an awesome game, but minigames contained in RPGs are probably about the only minigames I play, you know?

  6. Yeah I only play mini games in RPGs (and RE4), there has to be some kind of purpose for me to want to play them.

  7. Lords of Lunar sounds awesome!

    In Time Splitters 2, you could collect hidden cartridges for your handheld radar and play games on it. The first one you collect is Anaconda (which is basically just Snakehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_rpiB-jiqA). It kept track of your high scores and HOLY CRAP did I play that a lot.

  8. Triple Triad sucked… and FF8 is one of my favorite games. I enjoyed FF9’s card game much better. Now that I think of it, I do remember playing all the mini games in FF9 a lot. I jumped rope, raced the hippo, choco-dug for hours on end!

  9. I never got into FFIX’s card game like I did Triple Triad. Did it have any awesome rewards like the converted cards did in VIII?

  10. I don’t remember it having any rewards. I just remembering Tetra Master being bad and it sucking that you can only have a max of like 99 cards total (1 of each card).