Feature: Valkyria Chronicles (Part II)

Valkyria Chronicles (North American Box Art)
This week, Lusipurr.com continues with the second part of its Christmas 2009 site-wide playthrough of Valkyria Chronicles.

Valkyria Chronicles is a PlayStation 3 strategy RPG which abandons the grid-based methods of other genre predecessors in favour of an over-the-shoulder battle system. Though the grand overview of battles occurs top-down with the assigning of units to the field, the actual battle takes place in this semi-real-time third person mode, where the player controls the units directly. Placing the player directly in the action not only speeds up the traditionally slow gameplay of a strategy RPG, but provides for a new and engaging story-telling experience.

In this week, we will focus on the chapters five through nine. Please comment on the music, graphics, characterisation, battle system, and especially the story through this point. What are your opinions: what could be improved, do you have a favourite scene or character, do you feel invested in the storyline? We want to know what you think! Your comments will be used on the 28 December episode of the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, so listen in for further discussion from our panel of panelists!


  1. I’m not sure what this has to do with Disgaea?!?!

    Also, I don’t care what Nate “Bup” Liles says to me in IMs, I’m not a fan of Hitler! You can call him the greatest man who ever lived all you want, Nate! I, however, disapprove of Holocausts and similar behavior!


    they missed so much on that damn giant tank mission that I wanted to shoot them. but as frustrating as that one was the desert mission made up for it ten fold. I love that mission :)

  3. Is Ch 7 the giant tank level (I think it is, but I’m too lazy to check)? Cause then I agree with Volke/Blitzmage, I’m not a fan of it. I’ve gotta try it again to see if I can get an “A” ranking, though I’m not entirely sure as to how. I don’t think you can get the tank to fire any sooner, since it appears to be on a set course with set points it fires at the ruins you’ve knocked down, but if that’s unchanging, I can beat it at most 1 turn faster. Oh well, far too lazy to attempt it again at present. Onward to the forest chapter!

    @Oyashiro: Would Selvaria qualify as a “sexy nazi”?

  4. @Darth: Hell yes! Thats why I’m glad they are putting her as a extra character in VC2.

  5. With this play through are we going to do the DLC as an extra thing or as part of the event? Also The Blue flame girl i hate her too…

  6. the DLC is 40% off today so if your going to buy it now would be the time. the sale went on literally hours after I bought it. so angry.

  7. @Breaka: Man, that does suck, sorry :f. How is the DLC, though? Worth getting?