MAP Episode 45: 2009 in Review

That Santa's a spy!

Download Link: Produced 2009.12.27

Lusipurr and Virginia settle down to address the best and worst of 2009, their own Christmas hauls, and the biggest news of the week of Christmas. Enjoy this short, end-of-year edition of the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, and have a Happy New Year!


  1. Whatever might be said about this podcast, you cannot deny that the above picture of Santa is the best such picture the world has ever known.

    The Sketchy Santas, with their molestation desires so frightfully evident, cannot compare to the Santa. Ours has that warm, American, Rockwellian feeling that is associated with our colonial Christmases, but at the same time that finger raised to the lips as if to silence a child, and that look in his eyes–sincere, to be sure–but also slightly threatening, slightly glowering, and is that–could it be–just the hint of a leer?

    No, our Santa wins. Subtle, direct, authentic, and vaguely unnerving; he’s got it all.

  2. His mouth says nice, nice, but his eyes say naughty, naughty.

    A profoundly disturbing Santa, Well Done!

  3. @Oyashiro- Thank goodness for that, you don’t want what’s in Santa’s sack!

  4. @Oyashiro- Just leave a nipple under your pillow, and have the UNDERBOOB fairy bring you some milk!

  5. I would much rather be raped by Santa than the Burger King…just sayin’…*ahem*

    My Game of the Year: Devil Survivor
    Runner Up: Henry Hatsworth
    (DS rules and all dudes who disagree get Santa-raped(tm))

  6. @Ginia: I’m working on spreading the Legend of The Great Potato at work, and we need an official holiday. Thoughts? Also, I took 2 semesters of Japanese and still have no idea how to pronounce Seiken Densetsu. Linguistics have never really been my strong suit :F.

    @Z. Bill: To be fair, it’s entirely possible that the Burger King is Santa under the mask. Think about it, have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time?

    @SN/Oyashiro: I can donate my nipples to the UNDERBOOB fairy (man, I never thought I’d say that again…)

  7. If your looking for a nipple (or any body part)… it’s suprising what the homeless will do for money.

  8. @Ginia & darthgibblet: Maybe its because I go to a Catholic school, but believe me, the Great Potato is alive and well this side of the Atlantic. Also, what’s so hard about Seiken Densetsu? Say it how you spell it, right? Generally, Consonant+vowel=syllable in japanese.! Free Japanese Language Lessons!
    And in response to last week’s podcast, Kenjujuu is a kiddy nickname that caught on a little more than I like, but I tend to use it for things that aren’t completely embarrasing to be posting on, unlike Phoenix Wright forums, or Not that I’m on either of those things.


  9. The Great Potato sounds about as plausible as anything else, and many times more delicious when garnished with a host of celestial butter!

    -Last time I checked FFCC:CB’s metascore it had an aggregate of 65 from 9 reviews, that’s not mixed reviews, it’s mediocre.

  10. I was trying to be NICE.

    The trailer was a warning. Hugely epic movie stuff, and then you get to the gameplay footage which looked so horribly, horribly dated.

  11. The FFCC series has never really interested me for some reason. I think it was the bucket mechanic in the first game. Sounds fine in theory, but I could just see WAY too many problems playing something with that mechanic with my girlfriend :F. I know they’ve since ditched the mechanic, but it seems like every one that comes out gets at best mixed reviews, so I’ve never really felt the need to investigate it. Is there some hidden gem in the series I’m missing?

    @SN/KJJ – But what if The Great Potato fought the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Personally, I think the sheer awesomeness of that fight would rip the universe asunder.

  12. FFCC is a fine game if you playing the multiplayer and if you also have someone willing to carry the bucket. That person can’t actually play whilst carrying the bucket, and constantly putting it down/picking it up is a tremendous pain in the arse.

    Every other entry in the FFCC series has been terribly, terribly mediocre and in some cases downright bad. You really aren’t missing anything.

  13. The Great Potato would easily smite the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The GPO has more starch.

  14. Plus, wouldn’t flying get in the way of the spaghetti sauce? He’d lose all his power juice, and thus, the Great Potato reigns once more!

  15. This Great Potato is a false deity and all who worship it blaspheme the Flying Spaghetti Monster, his noodly appendages be upon you.

    Isn’t FFCC a Kawazu pet project? He’s the guy who made a game where it’s an actual battle between the player and the game to not beat himself in the face in real life as he beats himself in the face in the game to level. And Unlimited SaGa. Seriously, he should be kept in a padded room away from game design documents.

    He’s a bad, bad, bad man.

    Also, I’m currently playind Digital Devil Saga and Beelzebub is a bastard. He’s killed me about 10 times now. Death Flies is hella lame.

  16. death upon the vagrants, vagabonds, and despots that would soil the the name of The Flying Spaghetti Monster!

    Kawazu isn’t that bad. he’s not good but he’s not bad either. he also made the first two SaGa games and the whole Romancing SaGa series so he has his hits as well as his misses.

  17. BlazBlue isn’t that unbalanced, it’s pretty much just the boss, ν-13 (that’s nu, not v).

  18. @EvilPaul: I remember Beelzebub from Digital Devil Survivor, he was a bitch there, too (really most of the last stretch of that game was pretty difficult).

    RE: FSM vs. TGP: I think we’ve stumbled upon the source of the next crusades. Let the Great Starch Wars commence!

    @Breaka: As somebody who enjoys, but isn’t really that into fighting games, is BlazBlue worth looking into once it’s cheap? The art style has always intrigues me, but I’m really not that much of a fighting game person.

  19. @SN – That was probably just gas you were feeling. Gas and wanting a Wii feels like the same thing.

    @Darth – BB to me was the best Fighting game released in 2009. Its very easy to pick up and play.

  20. -Quite right Oyashiro, I fated and then all was well again!

    – Kawazu is the worst game designer who is not named Peter Molyneux! Utterly, utterly dreadful!

    – Well the Flying Spaghetti Monster does have PIRATES to his name, and PIRATE populations are back on the rise thanks to Somalia, so no fear of Global Warming!

  21. @Break66, I didn’t hate either SaGa Frontier game, but the first one had a serious lack of direction. You pick a character and then walk around trying to figure out what to do with them. Then you pick another character and repeat. Could you actually “beat” it though or was it just grind out all the characters and you’re done?

    SF2 I thought looked quite pretty, but I have no idea how the hell the combat/magic/items worked. I got up to the Egg final boss but had been run down to the point by then that I could never beat it.

    Neither were terrible, but they’re both on my shelf and I couldn’t say I ever plan to play them again.

    Although I haven’t played them, I’ve heard nothing good about the Romancing SaGa games.

  22. @Darth – most definintly, the variety in play styles is ridiculous even though there’s only ten characters. and the story is good, which floored me. and not by fighting game standards but just good in it’s own right. Blazblue Continuum Shift has already been announced, by the way, but it’s still a long way off.

    @evilpaul – I’ve never played SF so I can’t speak on that (though I can lead you to this wonderful article done on the series) but Romancing SaGa and Romancing SaGa 3 are two of my favorite games. it is possible to beat them it’s just very difficult. to my knowledge most people never beat them. I was perfectly happy just exploring everything I could find until some story came up but I can understand how that could frustrate som-… well most people. it’s the antithesis to Final Fantasy and its ilks constant hand-holding.