Feature: Valkyria Chronicles (Part IV)

Valkyria Chronicles (North American Box Art)
This week, Lusipurr.com concludes its Christmas 2009 site-wide playthrough of Valkyria Chronicles.

Valkyria Chronicles is a PlayStation 3 strategy RPG which abandons the grid-based methods of other genre predecessors in favour of an over-the-shoulder battle system. Though the grand overview of battles occurs top-down with the assigning of units to the field, the actual battle takes place in this semi-real-time third person mode, where the player controls the units directly. Placing the player directly in the action not only speeds up the traditionally slow gameplay of a strategy RPG, but provides for a new and engaging story-telling experience.

In this week, we will focus on entire game, and specifically the culmination of the storyline in the final chapters of the game. Please comment on the music, graphics, characterisation, battle system, and especially the story through this point. What are your opinions: what could be improved, do you have a favourite scene or character, do you feel invested in the storyline? We want to know what you think! Your comments will be used on the 11 January episode of the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, so listen in for further discussion from our panel of panelists!


  1. Well only being on chapter 12 or so i can say that this game does have very hard sections but over is a great game and i cant wait for the 2nd one!

  2. and now I must sadly say that I can no longer play with ya’ll because I let my friend Purp play. and of course the second I get home I get the strongest urge to play VC I’ve ever gotten -grumble-

  3. I am saddened that I will probably not finish this by the time our podcast records this weekend. Such are the vagaries of fate. Next time, though, I’m *there*.

  4. @Lusipurr: Yes, I, too think I’ll miss the deadline, unfortunately. Being without access to a PS3 for most of the weekend really set me back more than I expected. Only thing to do now is try to get as far as possible :D. If nothing else, I’m definitely enjoying the game more on this playthrough than I did on my previous one, so that’s got to count for something, right?

  5. Ok, in lieu of actually finishing the game, I’ll post my thoughts on what I do end up finishing. I’ve decided to move my “wish the game ended here” marker to chapter 15 instead of 14. I think I just like the “Valkyria” aspect of the plot more than the “Gallia” aspect. More random thoughts as I play further!

    Also, I watched the last of the Doctor Who specials (well, the last for now) tonight as well. Such a great series!