MAP Episode 46: Oh! By Jingo!

A face only a mother could love.

Download Link: Produced 2010.01.03

After a night spent shouting “Oh! By Jingo!” until they were hoarse, the panelists find themselves facing a podcast in a week without news or releases. Exhausted, and in some cases hung-over, they decide to record themselves sleeping, instead.


  1. First!!! I just reinstalled Windows and don’t have iTunes back in yet, so I have nothing useful to contribute. ; ;

  2. Third, with someting useful to say! Woot!
    Speaking of Virtual Console Games, I recently went on, armed with Wii Points, and got Super Mario Bros 3. and Castlevania, both of which are really, really good. But I’m slightly annoyed at the fact that they haven’t spoken yet about a virtual console release of the SNES versions of Final Fantasy IV, V and VI. Do you think they’re planning on remaking V and VI for the DS?

  3. Unless Square-Enix has stopped liking money I think the remakes of the other SNES FF titles will happen eventually.

    They may be holding off because they were doing the DQ 4-6 trilogy or maybe for the next gen handhelds (DS2?) which are probably 1.5 years or so away (I’d guess anyway).

    I’m kind of curious if they’ll try to address balance in the FFV and FFVI remakes. In FFVI you could have one character able to solo any of the late game bosses in probably less than a minute. Ultima and 1MP doublecast relics were pretty broken.

    I only played FFV through once emulator style before it was ported and just finished it and never attempted the super bosses (except the one walking around by a waterfall by accident >.>) or leveled lots of stuff to become crazy broken, but I understand you could do it in FFV too.

    There is some appeal to that becoming a walking god sort of thing, but having a game be challenging but fair is also appealing. And trying to balance a game more often than not doesn’t really work very well anyway. Oh well, all hypotheticals at this point.

  4. The problems in the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer that Lusipurr talked about were only in the 360 and PC versions to the best of my knowledge. Since my time with the game on the PS3 my main problems with the multiplayer has been with the way the servers handle host migrations which more often than not fail.

    From the other problems mentioned in the podcast it seem like its just more of the same problems all games experience with online multiplayer, a small portion of the audience wants to play by the rules and then there’s the rest of the people who are either under 18 and scream in a little girl voice whenever they die or the ass hats that know they can’t win by normal means and must cheat the system.

  5. @evilpaul: You underestimate Nintendo. They’re working on the DSi that plays CDs, Blu-Ray Discs, takes USB ports and has disco lights along the side.

    And I haven’t played VI yet, but i have played some V advance on an emulator and I feel it would be better suited to a home console. But I agree, it is very easy – not very challenging at all, which was a pity. They’ll probably fix it if they do a DS release, like the fixed Edward in IV, but I doubt that they’ll sort anything if they just stick it on the Virtual Console. They didn’t sort the whole ‘buy a single potion’ thing on FFI, after all.

  6. Well the whole point of a virtual console title is that it is a literal re-release–it is not a remake or an update in any way. For this, I’m glad. I like to think of it as a gaming museum, which preserves the past as it was, and not as people at this particular moment think it ‘should be’.

    For remakes, the WiiWare section is much more appropriate. However, if SE is going to release FFV/FFVI DS, they’ll announce it no later than this year. I don’t think we’re going to see them at all if they don’t announce them within a period relatively soon after FFIV DS.

  7. My favourite part was when Lusipurr nearly choked on a crisp.

    More of that, plz.

  8. – RIP Lusipurr – He choked on crisps while NATE LILES ate a butt.

    – I don’t speak english and I don’t know how I’ve gotten to this web site. Why are all these people typing funny words at me?

    – As a certified monk, I’d like to point out that all the chanting and working and such is greatly blown out of proportion. We actually spend most of our day eating crisps and drinking Sprite. The rest is reverent self-immolation in honor of The Great Potato.

    – Between “crisps” and Lusipurr’s pronunciation of “lieutenant”, I think this episode might set a new record for britishisms.

    – I prefer to think that is like the Emporor’s new clothes, in that only people who are incredibly cool can view it. Everybody else sees nothing but static.

    – “Random Nonsense that You’re Spewing From your Face” is the title of NATE LILE’s autobiography

    – General Kakanus is pretty hilarious, but I found the tank battle in LO to be pretty irritating at times.

    – Kiss It!

  9. TENTH!

    I just stared listing to the cast. I beat VC last night. Still love the ending.

  10. DAMMIT DARTH! You made my last post the 11th one! Now i look like a huge idiot! Now people will know I am!

  11. I’m fourteenth and now I can begin my pasta related apocalypse!!!!!

    I’d say FF6 was up there as one of the best FF games, so I’d grab it. The GBA version was also better than the SNES version except for sound. I think the translation and presentation were both better.

    If you were a Monk, in addition to being a master of hand to hand combat, being able to heal yourself with chakra, and cancel enemies’ attacks with your own, you could make the most bestest (technical term) cheese, beer, and fruitcake EVAR (also, a technical term). Some may slight fruitcakes, but those are repressed homosexuals who have never tried one. They are radical to the extreme. How can you not like liquor, nuts, and delicious cakey goodness? I submit, sir, you could not!

  12. I see no reason to pay for something I could have for free on ZSNES!

    -LOL @ Modern Warfare 2 having broken multiplayer, this makes for such sweet catharsis!

    -I hope Sakaguchi’s magnum opus turns out well, I do suspect that his sensibilities lie more towards the Blue Dragon end of the spectrum, than Lost Odyssey, but we could just as easily end up with the spiritual successor to FFIX.

  13. @ evilpaul: Believe me, I tried to get ahold of ANY copy of FFVI, but alas, I lack a SNES. I was born too young. Go onto (yes, .uk) and type in FFVI advance shopping results. First price? £120. That’s a lot of money, even when translated to normal cash (ie, dollars). The PSone anthology isn’t much cheaper either.

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  15. @Oyashiro: hahaha, it’s all part of my plan to drive you slowly insane by disrupting your day in minor, slightly annoying ways. It’s kind of the same premise as Mystery Science Theater 3000, but you don’t get any cool robots.

    RE: MW2: I’ve gotta say, I’ve played a little bit of MW’s multiplayer and, even if you disregard all the bugs (which I didn’t really run into in my tiny sliver of playtime), I still prefer the Halo combat style. It seems like MW2 is more tactical with greater emphesis on getting the drop on an enemy, while Halo’s more about skill in prolonged firefights. I can understand the appeal of both, but my preference is for the latter.

    RE: FFVI: Man, KenJuJuu, that’s ridiculously expensive. I’m not a huge fan of the emulator experience, but in that case, it may be worth the trade off. Great game, though, regardless of the medium. I played the GBA version about 2 years ago, and while, in my opinion, it didn’t quite live up to the hype, it was still an excellent, well-rounded experience.

  16. @Darth – Damn you and you “Pinky and the Brain” like plans! *Shakes fist*

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