MAP Episode 47: Godcast


Download Link: Produced 2010.01.10

Ginia’s religious experience in Apple’s phone bank is only a rumour until Microsoft steps in to confirm that God exists and will be launched in time for the 2010 Holiday season. Unable to restrain himself, Nate composes a suitable hymn for the occasion.


  1. I’ve got to be honest and critical when I say that this latest episode was kinda bad. I mean there was some good content and laughs but some of the antics and jokes were either just stupid or went to far, mainly the Jesus jokes. Now I’m not saying this was the worst podcast ever and I’m certaintly not saying I’m done listening to MAP but I would like to see some more qualilty control on the jokes and deeper insights and discussions. I’m sorry if you disagree with what I’ve said but as a loyal follower of MAP, I must confess that I was not impressed with what was said or done in this episode and I strongly hope that something is done to remedy this as a whole. I mean, MAP is going to reach it’s 50th soon and that’s an achievement unto itself but I think as the episodes increase, so should some of the quality in the manner of speech and decorm.

    Thank you for reading my rant and I hope some consideration is taken.

  2. First, a joke is a joke. It is not meant in any seriousness whatsoever. People who confuse jokes with reality are dangerous and should be beaten with rods until they are safely unconscious.

    Second, it is thoroughly unfair to censor the staff’s words in one direction but not in another. If they are allowed to offend Atheists, Pagans, Hindus, Bhuddists, Jews and Muslims, they’re allowed to offend Christians, too. is an equal-opportunity offender. Whether you are straight or gay, black or white, Jew or Gentile, rich or poor, native or imperialist, British or Barbarian, you are likely to be offended here if you can’t laugh at yourself with the same gusto that you laugh at others.

    Failing that, if you don’t like this podcast, might I suggest that there are forty-six other podcasts you can listen to in its stead?


  3. …Well, I loved it, and when people say something offends them like that it doesn’t make any sense. Being offended is a matter of how you see it, and if you don’t like it, why not just not listen?

  4. People that find themselves prone to crying like babies probably shouldn’t be listening to MAP … this isn’t PoliticalCorrectnessCast.

  5. – I’ll defend nothing! Although I do appreciate being called a “home skillet.” That made me giggle :D. I don’t dislike the Gallia aspect of VC or anything, I just personally like fantasy more than historical fiction. Until NATE LILES said so, though, I’d honestly never considered what would have happened if they’d completely omitted the Valkyria aspect of the story and just kept it as a psudo-WW2 plotline, and that would have been interesting as well, I think. I do agree with Lusipurr, though, in that it is very frustrating that, at points, the game assumes you’ve already played certain missions and failed them, so you know ahead of time what’s going to happen. The only mission that pops to mind that did that was the double-giant-tank pincher-attack one (I think it was Chapter 14?). The only way I found to get an A on that mission is to place lancers behind the tanks before they appear, which seems cheap to me.

    – I like Halo :D. I’ll never understand why people gush over it as much as they do, though, and if you guys just stopped covering it, I doubt I’d even notice (this thing about the multiplayer mode seems more like a reminder-from-Microsoft-that-a-new-Halo-is-coming than actual “news”). It is one of the few games left, though, where you can play 4 people on one xbox, so that’s gotta count for something.

    – I think it’s pretty obvious that Gamestop’s sales fell as a direct result of NATE LILES embezzling game out of the store under the cover of darkness.

    – I’ve never found Walmart’s pricing of games to be that competitive, either. In fact, if the game’s been out for a while, I’ll usually find it cheaper at GameStop. I think the bigger competition is online retailers like Amazon. Since I graduated, that’s pretty much where I’ve bought ALL of my games, usually at a cheaper price than what’s listed on

    – I’m tempted to move to Michigan so that my future children will receive the benefit of a Lusipurrian education.

    @SN: PoliticalCorrectnessCast would be so boring :D

    @EvilPaul: I’d be completely in favor of a MAP sing-a-long-cast.

  6. @Lusipurr: Why is it that “getting what I want” and “getting kicked in the crotch” always feel so similar?

  7. – I preferred the Gallia aspect of VC, the supernatural element just seemed like standard JRPG sillyness, whereas the war storyline was something more or less original for the genre.

    – I hate Halo.

    – Thankyou NATE!

    – The Book of Have-a-Cock: Wherein the Madonna and the whore are one and the same!

    – Pay attention to NATE LILES!


  8. I still think it would be terribley funny if NATE LILES made the LILES clan attend Lusipurr’s school, though that may well be the end of Lusipurr!

  9. If something dissapoints me it is the lack of outtakes recently. Where have they gone?!

  10. @Epyon: It’s a good question. The answer is pretty simple. The past few podcasts we have been very short on time, so we have gotten together, set up our show notes, and run directly through it. There hasn’t been much ‘chat’ before/after the show, so no outtakes.

    The ‘outtakes’ aren’t really outtakes from the show (seeing as it is largely uncensored), but are rather taken from the pre-/post- podcast.

  11. @Lusi: Next week we should sing the “Don’t Put It In Your Mouth” song.

    “I love you … can I eat the guitar?” Bwuahah.

  12. @Oyashiro- Wow that’s really awful. I think I can cope well enough with the game, but now it’s like they’re deliberately trying to upset people …

  13. I laughed upon relistening to this podcast and realising Lusipurr says he had to pull a random saint’s name out of his ass, and produced Have-a-cock.

  14. @KJJ: he’s the patron saint of penis enlargement and Nigerian bank scam spam

  15. What was the Final Fantasy tech demo mentioned in the latest podcast (which doesn’t seem to have its own topic?)?

    I “found” a Japanese PSX demo disc which has video of the FF6 3D Nintendo 64ish looking thing that appears an awful lot like the FF7 “Popeye” field models. It’s kind of lame, but kind of cool at the same time. Awesome to see all the same though as a HUGE FF6 fan.

    Also, Nate should bring Lusipurr a sandwich! Or at least some delicious pies of some sort. I don’t think Wendy’s sells pies though. Damn them!

  16. I have to say that I prefer the Gallian part of Valkyria Chronicles to the Valkyrian part. Both parts are great though. Best game of 2008. And 2009, even though it was already out. Here’s to a 3-peat for 2010.