Editorial: Winning

We all know the saying, “it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”. This, my dearest Lusi-sprites, is what I like to call loser talk. At the end of the day in any contest or competition, there are winners and there are losers, and history mercilessly cares only for the outcome. It may not be fair or just, but it is the truth. The fact that France cheated their way to the World Cup, for example, does not change the fact that they technically won the game and are in the tournament while Ireland are not. Skill and fair play seldom factor into the final score.

So what does all of this mean, why am I rambling on about it on a fine Thursday morning? It means that I am a bad, bad little person when playing games. I am highly competitive, nasty, ruthless and bitter in defeat. I sincerely hate being in competition with other people. It brings out the worst in me, and I feel just wretched if I lose (though I am so ruthless, that this is rare). I much prefer to play against a computer and prefer single-player games. The computer or my television cannot hear me curse then out, and do not have any tender feelings to be hurt by my tirades. I seldom play multi-player games, and when I do, I tend to play single-player modes, or complete group content alone. Of course I am not so altruistic as to claim that I do this solely for the benefit of others. I am an introvert, and naturally prefer my own company to others. There are exceptions, such as WoW, where I am such good friends with my guildies that it makes up for the occasional twinge of anxiety or bitterness towards other players (I threw a mild fit when the Warrior rolled against me for a gun). All in all, though, even in MMOs like WoW, I tend to be friendly, but solitary.

What are you folks like? Do you prefer to play games alone, or do you feel games are pointless without other people to share in the experience? Am I the only person who prefers to play games on my own terms, at my own pace? Am I just weird and anti-social?


  1. Multiplayer is always good, but it depends on the game. I will never play The Sims on PS2 multiplayer, for (a bad) example. However, I will brag about my Sims. A Lot.

  2. Woah … woah. Back up the boat.

    I can has multiplayer Sims and show off my awesomeness?


    *kicks Lusi in the shins*

  3. Interesting article as always Ginia :D. Personally, I like multiplayer, but, for the most part, I’m not a very competitive person. I’d much rather lose a close game than win in a blowout. All in all, though, I usually prefer co-op-multiplayer to competitive multiplayer.

    Like KJJ said, though, it really does depend on the game. I don’t really like playing games with people the first time through if I care about the story. Borderlands is an excellent example. The story’s really not worth mentioning AT ALL, but it’s a blast getting a party of 4 together, even if you’re just running around chatting while grinding.

    Also, I’ve never played The Sims, but I’ve heard legends of it’s awesomeness. I suggest you post daily descriptions of your Sims in great detail from here on out :D.

  4. I’m with Fearless Leader. The Sims are abominations and anger the Aesir.

    I like both; single-player experiences provide a wider variety of immersive techniques, which makes victories feel more personally satisfying (I enjoyed my first Dragon Age playthrough, for example, so much that I actually pre-ordered Mass Effect 2), but group celebrations (such as finally downing Saurfang on 25-man) provide a greater amount of happiness, to me. A victory shared is a victory increased.

  5. Well, the PS2 Sims did have a multiplayer option, but it also sucked ass, so yeah. And detailed descriptions of my Sims, huh? Have you got ten hours?
    Back on topic (sorry, Lusipurr) I personally don’t feel that RPGs can do multiplayer well, unless its Crystal Chronicles for the GC, or something of a side quest mode that reaps useful in game rewards, because otherwise, what’s the point? What they shouldn’t do is tack multiplayer on as an afterthought. And I’m a lot like DarthGibblet in that I don’t get super competitive, so simple yet useful multiplayer is best – like LittleBig Planet. That is multiplayer I can handle :)

  6. I enjoy mostly single-player experiences, but don’t mind the occasional multiplayer with friends.