Review: Darksiders

THQ and Vigil Games ends the world with the recent release of Darksiders for the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360.

The horse combat is a lot of fun.

Darksiders allows the player to enter the role of War, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who was tricked into bringing about the apocalypse early.  War must then find out who tricked him, all while gaining back the powers that were stripped from him.  The gameplay is fairly simple, involving the player using a couple buttons to string together various weapon combinations; such as War’s sword, a scythe, and a clawed gauntlet.  Abilities and weapons are upgraded using the souls of the angelic or demonic enemies War defeats.

One of the first good things the player will notice is how amazing the detail is on the various characters.  Closeup shots of War show battle scars and the emotions War is feeling, which help pull the player into the game’s story.  The plot is very engaging, however a bit generic at times, and makes the player feel empowered as War meets past allies and enemies.  The battle system is both simple and easy at the beginning of the game, but gets more complex later on in the game.  This allows players new to the genre to get gently used to how these sort of games play, while veterans to the genre can just jump in and understand the complexity of the combat.

The character and texture detail are some of the best of this generation.

Overall, this is an amazing action-adventure game.  The gameplay is simple enough that new players to the genre will not be overwhelmed by the combat, while those used to the genre will still have fun.  The graphics and character detail are amazing, especially when it comes to the emotions War is expressing.  While the story may be a bit generic at times, the way it makes the player feel empowered more than make up for that.  For anyone looking for another great game to play, this is a good choice.


  1. I’m loving this game so far. It had way more personality than I expected, and it controls so well. I just got the Portal gun.