MAP Episode 50: The Wrath of Lusi

It's a metaphor.

Download Link: Produced 2010.01.31 finally reaches the lofty 50th MAP episode, and celebrates in the traditional way: meaningless conversation, annoying noises, musical interludes, and, of course, a massive technical glitch that nearly destroys the entire recording. KHAN!!!!!


  1. – Even if you were burning money for fuel, the iPad would just take up space, so you could still argue that it’s not wanted.

    – Screw britfags and their messed up pronunciation. Americunts forever!

    – I LOVE mountain dew! I’m actually drinking some as I type this! Throwback, even! I’m one of those weird people that prefers the HFCS versions of sodas, but the MD Throwback is tasty as well :D

    – The facebook groups discussion is very reminiscent of the “testing the site” feature on RPGCast, but MAP goes a step further and tests OTHER sites as well! Thanks MAP! I declare Jenifer the winner of that segment, though

    – The Great Potato does not look kindly on this insolence! He will visit his cheddary vengence on all of you! Your blood will flow like so much sour cream!

    – I’m playing Xenosaga 2 as I listen to this podcast and I’m really not sure if the “xeno” series has the selling power it did when Xenosaga 1 came out. Hopefully Xenoblade is good, though. Also, wasn’t “monado” the name of the optional dungeon in Persona 3?

    – Lusipurr’s little improved voices for Terminal Mythology actually remind me of the novel American Gods. Excellent book if anybody else out there is a fan of mythological fiction.

    – I think the reason all the PKMN professors live in remote villages is that the local authorities tend to look the other way regarding their horrible addiction to young boy ass.

    – If you take all the improvements made to the PKMN franchise between Red/Blue and Diamond/Pearl, it’s almost almost enough to qualify as a really good remake!

    – The “spare pair of tits” discussion had me rolling around laughing in my chair. Well done, Jenifer

    – I’d love to see anime convention line disputes settled with “West Side Story”-style nerd rumbles.

    – If anybody out there’s going to ACen this year, my girlfriend will be there sellling stuff. Go give her your money!

    – Canadian money has birds on it. That alone should be enough to discount it as a currrency

    – Just as I thought the Ethos segment couldn’t get any better, the singing started.

    – @Ginia: OMG I thought I was the only person left who still ate Count Chocula. They had it in at the grocery store I went to while I was at school, but all the stores I’ve checked since moving up here don’t have it. I just finished up my stash this morning, too. There’s got to be a way of getting some airdropped into my back yard. Or, alternative, there is this:

    Congratulations to MAP for reaching 50 episodes, though, and this was a hell of a way to celebrate. I was saying last week that I didn’t really have a favorite episode, and I think this one has claimed that honor. Looking forward to 50 more episodes and many more after that!

  2. Mountain Dew Pitch Black II Was like sweet ambrosia. It was a crime against humanity that it was only available for a single season a few years ago.

  3. It was Lusipurr’s blood, so CLEARLY virgin.

    I actually thought he was going to curl up in a fetal ball and cry last night, the podcast was so friggered. :(

    God, I want me some Count Chocula now. For reals.

  4. Man, you’re good at editing.
    I listened the conversation we just had a few days ago and I didn’t notice all the stuff you cut out until the outtakes!

  5. Hey, speaking of Ethos (see what I did there?), Ginia said Mountain Dew tasted like ass. I thought that was Ethos Water?
    Congrats on reaching episode 50! 50 more to come, I hope! Woop woop!
    Also, the Snorlax plushie isn’t mine, Lusipurr. I found it at the one and ONLY anime convention I went to (when I wasn’t selling artwork). And thanks. :3
    Thanks for the beta thing, I was a bit confused. RPGCast and all. (I am so excited for Chris’ guest starring next week) And as for the FBI and Lolicon, is it a case of the 4chan party van?

    I too am aware of all internet traditions. :)

  6. @Ken: As you will learn in the next podcast, Chris’ visit has been pushed back a week (he has a Super Bowl Party to attend which he had forgotten about).

    You should totally have bought that Snorlax.

    @Ethos: Wasn’t it amazing? We are amazing!

    @Oyashiro: Montok blood. Extra virgin (like olive oil).

    @Ginia: Dunce.


  7. Ginia: Are there hot guys in it?

    Oliver: Well, only if you consider androgynous japanese 17 year old males.

    Lusipurr: YAY!

  8. -What the FUCK is a BAYTER?!!? I’m confused and angry!

    -I like Mountain Dew.

    -I don’t like Pokemon!

    -@Lusipurr: You should change Oliver’s job description to: SPARE TICS!

    -I wan’t to read the Riddlethos editorial!

    -HAHA! That was too funny, eh Oliver Motok!

    -@Lusipurr: As I recall, the reason that we kept disliking Ethan’s status was because he wrote “nobody had better dislike this status”, thus inviting us.

    -The FFXIII OST really is most dissapointing!

    -Arc the Lad 2 was awesome!

    -@DG: American Gods was the shit!

  9. @SN: That was it! The “nobody had better dislike this status!” threat was like saying “DON’T PRESS THIS GIANT RED BUTTON!”

  10. @ SN: We don’t even have Mountain Dew in the UK, and why don’t you like Pokemon? Are you diseased?
    @ Lusipurr: I really wish I had bought that snorlax. It was awesome. :) And on relistening, Feminists in the UK are manly women who don’t shave their underarms.

  11. @KJJ: No Mountain Dew?!!? Now I know I can never move to the UK. I weep for your tiny island nation.

  12. This brings up the question: Which is worse, disliking Pokemon or liking The Sims?

  13. I’m sorry to say this but I am done with this podcast entirely. After listening to the last few episodes of MAP my interest, as well as my enjoyment, has gone down the crapper. For some reason I just got sick of all the retarded and utterly annoying humor that is not even considered humor anymore. The humor is more like having some guy say the more inappropraite words in front of your face over and over again until you can’t take it anymore. Perhaps in the future, when certain things are cencensored and controlled to something manageable and not something where I cringe and feel disgusted every time, then perhaps I will come back but until then I feel like I need to remove myself from the podcast entirely.

    Just to give you a sense of what I’m experiancing, I couldn’t even listen to a third of episode 50 due to the extreme inappropriate content. Usuaully it’s manageable and there’s not that much but this just went over the top. Ya you can make fun of me, degrad my sense of morals and vaules, whatever, but that’s how I felt so I only ask you respect my decision. Thank you.

  14. Explicit-rated podcast contains explicit content.

    Hope life treats you well and all. :)

  15. I’m in the same boat as Jenifer about Pokemon. I have Red and Pearl, and both were fun, but it wasn’t very different. I think I need a little more innovation with my next Pokemon game.

    Or a sequel to Pokemon Snap. Yeah, that’s it.

  16. Bahahahahahaha@Syrek, it’s too bad that the things we find funny are nolonger considered humour, good thing we have Syrek as arbiter, else we’d never know … … …