MAP Episode 51: RAEPcast

It's peppermint flavoured.

Download Link: Produced 2010.02.07

Ginia’s computer explodes, Nate’s grandmother turns ninety and dies, Eric’s internet tubes are clogged, and Lane’s addiction to American Pansyball overcomes his senses. What is to be done? So, Lusipurr hits the bottle with a besnowed Jenifer. Listen now!


  1. Wow, scary bonus cavemen. Do real people even type like that? I’m no closer to understanding how babby was formed though… But please, feel free to NOT expand on the subject!

    Juju was right when she said you guys were hilarious!

    A new reader I may be, but as far as I’m aware, I’m not dead. But then, I have been wrong before… repeatedly.

    And happy birthday NATE LILES

  2. Well I often end up doing the improbable, the inconcievable and sometimes even the downright impossible, so nothing new there then.

    And if you must blame someone for this dangerous occurence, blame Kenjuju, you can blame her for Lissy too when she shows up (There you go Juju, you can have all the blame since it IS your fault!)

  3. Kenjuju is hard at work, it seems. But now you are also equally charged with expanding our mighty forces! Tell your friends! Tell them allllll so that the legions of Lusipurreans might stretch to the horizon!

  4. Oh my, that sounds like an awful lot of responsibility. I guess I COULD explain to the people staring at me oddly, why I’m sitting giggling insanely at my ipod…..

    But the horizon is pretty darn far away, you know, like, miles! Sure you can cope with that many rabid fans? Fans can be scary!

  5. It’s hot glue on those figures, Lusipurr.

    And let’s be clear, your lack of desire for 2D women, while disappointing, doesn’t make you a bad gamer. There’s plenty of other reasons for that, such as your ties to Cat Fancy.

    Also, women aren’t supposed to cry during sex? Or afterwards? I’ve been doing something wrong this whole time…

  6. @Dan: Not even 2D women! The ones in L. A. whatever (was it LA whatever?) are rendered in 3D and look like… I don’t know. Computer-generated blow-up dolls? They are so unreal and fake looking–weird and a bit repulsive, honestly. Sorry to disappoint! (I’m not really sorry.)

    Also, yes, women aren’t supposed to cry during or after sex. Or before, for that matter. I think that was the point Jenifer was trying to make. I think. I’m not sure. She had rather a lot to drink before/during the podcast, so I can’t quite recall what her point was.

  7. Kind of like the mental training the SAS go through? you must be pretty much imune to that kinda scary scary thing!

    I’m in awe of your handling skills. Now I’m off to have a sandwich with some sandwich paste, yummy!

  8. @Lusi – have you only just discovered sankaku complex? I thought a lot of knew about it. you know, as that part of the internet that everyone mentions when they talk about how depraved the interwebs are.

    also… all 150… in alphabetical order… really? really?

  9. @Jenifer – ah, rapelay. I’ve never played that but I did play battle raper. I see you’ve got the same problem as me with controlling morbid curiosity.

  10. nuar? dammit, did we change our name again!? I gotta show up to those damn meetins.

  11. You know, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy VI for three weeks and I forget it every single time we come to the Now Playing section.

    Granted, I don’t play it often–once or twice in a week for a few minutes at a time, but I *am* playing it–GBA version, too, so I’m not stuck sitting in front of the TV/SNES.

  12. – Oh, I do love that babby animation. Like Lusipurr, I chuckle every time I see it :D

    – I believe the 100 (or whatever) friend limit on XBL was a restriction they had in place on the original XBL they had to maintain backwards compatibility, so the 100 friend limit is actually kind of related to the discontinuation of old XBL.

    – Not to question the MAP fact checking, but it looks like FFXIII’s still selling for about $60 on amazon japan. Was this some kind of sale or something? Granted, that’s down from $100 or whatever it was when it came out…

    – Apparently Jenifer and Lusi needs jobs :F

    – Sadly, Mortal Kombat the Movie is STILL one of the better video game movie adaptations. I think at this point Hollywood’s just trying to make video game movies as horrible as possible in the hope that people can’t look away (speaking of horrible movies, I watched The Room this weekend. It was AMAZINGLY bad, and I recommend it to anybody who’s got a tolerance for B movies).

    – I’ve always thought that the logic behind MS Space Bucks not being 1-1 with US cents kind of made sense, since like Jenifer said, a you can make a game the same price regardless of the currency. My larger problem with the MS Points system is that, even though games come in multiples of 800, you can only buy points in multiples of 1000 (or whatever the numbers are. I don’t buy much of the XML Marketplace). No matter what the currency or exchange rates are, there’s no need for me to need to buy 1000 points to pay for an 800 point game. If they changed that about the system, I’d be more than happy to pay $10 for 800 points or whatever cooky exchange rate they made up.

    – I agree with Lusi about Lain (the anime, not the columnist). It did really just seem needlessly confusing.

    – During Lusipurr’s remark about running from the DOA girls because of their giant breasts, I got a picture of him running down the street wearing his pith helmet being pursued by a floating pair of mammaries, and it made me chuckle. As much as I think there’s an argument for finding “game” girls as attractive as “book” girls or “TV show/Movie” girls, the DoA girls are just creepy. They really are the digital equivalent of blow up dolls in every sense.

    – I’ve been in favor of parenting licenses for a while now. People are stupid and the majority of them shouldn’t reproduce.

    – As I’ve always said, it’s not racist if you’re equally hateful to everybody!

  13. @Tsukikora: Welcome! And remember, there’s still time to run screaming.

    @Lusipurr: YOU were the drunk one! I didn’t start drinking until after the podcast! But yes, generally you’re doing something poorly if women are crying during sex. Such is why we don’t have sex, we just say “I want babby” and UPS delivers it. What can brown do for you?

    @Breaka: My morbid curiosity has led to many, many innumerable moments of “OH GOD WHY?!” after which I search desperately for the eye bleach. Then once I’m done scouring my brain with steel wool, I arm myself to the teeth in search of the people who created such a game. …But I did still find it amusing that she will stab you to death if you get her pregnant, XD

    @Darth: I was lazy and didn’t actually look up the prices on Amazon. The article I had found stated that it had, but the actual page it linked to was all in moonspeak, so I had to assume it knew what those silly Japs were talking about. Yet another hit against Sankaku’s credibility… if they ever had any to begin with.

  14. @Jenifer: I, too, have suffered from being a bit too curious with my game and internet surfing choices. At this point, I can’t get angry anymore; I’ve just convinced myself that it builds character.

    @Darth: There definitely need to be some ways of limiting reproduction. Idiocracy might have exaggerated a bit, but it might not be as far off as we’d like to think.

    Also, happy babby anniversary Bup

  15. @Darth: Don’t blame the bad data on me, blame it on Senkaku, who got their info from the actual Japanese. Presumably it was not

    – I have a job! It sucks!

    – The points system really doesn’t make sense because people still have to buy the points with real money somewhere along the line–ergo, a currency conversion to points is taking place–maybe not at the XBox Live Purchase the Game Now screen, but at the level where the points are purchased.

    800 points costs $10 US or £9 or ¥8,000 or whatever. It is no harder to make the game be X Currency based on your locality, rather than 800 points with the price of those points based on your locality. There’s still a conversion, they’ve just moved it from the point of purchase of the game so now there’s an extra step to go through. You convert money to points, and points to games. I’d prefer to convert money directly to games. Nintendo should be flayed for the same stupid thing.

    Buying tokens for games is just a way for a company to make money by selling you fixed quantities of tokens that are usually not what you need, so you end up buying tokens you don’t want so that you have enough tokens to buy what you do want. Moronic system. The motivation behind it is as transparent as can be, whatever their smiley PR people may claim.

    Also thank you yes, DoA, not L.A. Noire. What did we mention about L.A. Noire again? I forget.

    @Jenifer: I need the tracking number on babby.

    @Dan: I’ll let Bup know you wished him a happy anniversary. He can’t read.

  16. – Yeah, I’d trust the people who actually speak the language before anything I say (I’m not much for moon speak. I just saw yen symbols and numbers and assumed it was a price). I was just wondering if there was something I was missing.

    – I guess a better phrasing is “I’d hate the XBL points system less if they let me buy stuff in the right increments.” Still much prefer the PSN system. Money->Games without any middleman. Thankfully, I’ve never had to deal with the Wii’s online store.

    – I think you were talking about L.A. Noire because it’s no longer PS3 exclusive. As far as I know, nobody knows any real information about this game yet, so eh?

    @Jen/Dan: I’m pretty sure 80% of the internet thrives on morbid curiosity. Without it, the whole system collapses! And yes, it is awesome that she stabs you if you get her pregnant. She’s like a Black Widow, but slightly more clothed.

    And happy babby day to NATE LILES. Enjoy the quarter century mark!

  17. @Darth: Yes, the Wii store is just as evil, and Nintendo should be driven through the streets alongside Microsoft, and flogged until the skin hangs from their bones!

    I have no idea why we brought up L. A. Noire. I think it was to make fun of French people. Or black people. Or both. Oh wait, it was because it was about an American Indian who jumps over desks! That’s what it was.

    Glad we got that ironed out. Just when I thought we were being racially sensitive.

  18. Lusi, your cast is better while you’re drunk. keep up on that. you want old School gamin for Feb? try DWIII on the GBC.

  19. 25 posts in 2 days?! This is what happens when I have a cold, people! I’m glad Tsukikora is posting and that my recruitment work, well, works.
    Also, that was amazingly funny. Drunk Lusipurr is a happy Lusipurr, and also one who never wants to finish a podcast.
    And don’t worry about the summer extravaganza. I’ll be there. In Spirit. :)

  20. Juju, are 12 year old spirits allowed to go to such places??? Wouldn’t want your spirit all traumatised and stuff… :p

  21. Speaking of videogame movies, Jake Gyllenhall as the Prince of Persia??? I guess if you were a gay cowboy you can be anything…

  22. @ El_Hefe: Is it just me that thinks the prince looks very much like him on the cover of The Two Thrones? Minus the whole half of him is black and lava-like thing.
    @ Tsukikora: Just because you’re older than me in dragon-type age doesn’t mean you’re older than me in internet age!

  23. True true, but I’m older than you in real type age too, and just maybe in internet age on a good day. Actually, I think you’re pretty damn old in internet age….