Feature: Lusipurr.com’s First Anniversary

The Official Seal of Lusipurr.com

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the opening of Lusipurr.com! Ring bells, bang drums, and wake the neighbours! Today, we are ONE!

Lusipurr.com has come a long way from our very first day of operation. Beginning with the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast (Episode 1 aired on the 16th of February), and a staff consisting of Lusipurr, Nate, Ethos, Lee, and Thea, the fledgling site created on a whim by a few ex-Cat Fancy members rocked the internet with a whopping almost no hits at all in its first week!

Do you remember Dancing Bear?

Over the months that followed, we experimented with new ideas and types of content. The focus was quickly streamlined down to video game and industry news in an effort to be able to present at least something approaching a weekly summary. News and releases moved from weekly posts to the podcast, new staff members were hired, and countless features were devised: group playthroughs of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, and Valkyria Chronicles; a Summer Spectacular at Cedar Point with a live and in-person Podcast; a Christmas Spectacular at Castle Lusipurr complete with a trailer starring NATE LILES; and our scientific and unbiased evaluation of the year’s worst game.

Nate's Broken Headset

Countless Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast-specific features were created as well–some completely by mistake! There were special podcasts focused on the Wii, XBox 360, PS3, Nintendo DS, PSP, and the PC; holiday podcasts for Easter, Oktoberfest, and the New Year (featuring the entire year of gaming in review); not to mention our massive E3 Coverage live from Los Angeles, the firing of Ethan and Oliver on the air, our first video game giveaway contest, the fastest podcast ever and the worst podcast ever; and all culminating in our landmark 50th episode.

Three Amigos

But as if that wasn’t enough, there were so many other things besides! Who can forget (no matter how hard they try) the Lusipurr.com staff rendition of the Pokemon theme? And all of our other musical endeavours, too, from the dulcet tones of an Amazing Horse, to our Riddlethos goodbye outtake montage, and a cautionary song about the dangers of inserting objects of any sort into one’s mouth. Of course, we also had other little audio bonuses: Oliver declaiming the lack of exploration in a particular Nintendo game, Oliver professing his love for roosters and phalluses, and the co-effort of Nate and Eric who created a system to warn listeners of impending spoilers.

Just another day at Lusipurr.com

But lest it be thought that we cater only to those capable of hearing, we made sure the deaf had a good time as well–our way of helping to alleviate the frustration of never hearing the doorbell or the kettle. There were pictures of Ethan riding Oliver, of Nate and of Oliver drinking beer, of the exclusive new Mario Universe MMO, and of tea and biscuits.


It’s been a great year, readers–but we have you to thank most of all. With all our slow technological progress, with all our editorials and reviews, with all our podcasts, features, and spectacular events, Lusipurr.com would be nothing. It is the contribution of our readers through discussion on our comment threads that keep the site alive and interesting, fostering discussion that makes itself heard on the podcast and everywhere else. You, our readers, have been unfailingly loyal when podcasts went up late, when authors were unable to post, and when technical errors sabotaged our recordings visual and audio alike.

One creepy sumbitch.

A year has come and gone. Three hundred sixty-five days ago we opened this site to a post that received, at the time, no comments whatsoever. Our first podcast received just seven comments–four of them from staff members, two from colleagues of staff members, and exactly one (1) from a reader. Since then, we have had posts with over a hundred comments. On our first day, we registered 17 hits. 65,000 hits later, Lusipurr.com only has you, our readers, to thank.

What about you? What are your favourite Lusipurr.com moments? Staff and readers alike, we’d love to hear from you in our threads. What is your first memory of Lusipurr.com, where did you hear about us, who have you told about us, and what keeps you coming back? What would you like to see in the future? We want to know.

Tifa Lockhart is the Best

On behalf of every member of the site, once again, we want to thank you. Here’s to another year of hilarity and dismay; of epic fails and best evers; of blu-ray releases and kissing it; of Jenifer Biggs, Lane Haygood, Virginia Herrell, Eric Jordan, Nate Liles, Oliver Motok, Ethan Pipher, and even me, Lusipurr.

Site Coordinator, Lusipurr.com


  1. It might be because it’s so fresh in my mind, but I think my favorite Lusipurr.com moment was MAP 50. Really great podcast that had me laughing all over the place. Congratulations on hitting the 1 year anniversary, and here to many more to come!

  2. Congratulations on the year people! I’ve been listening since roughly the 5th episode, and its been really good since then, really amusing =p

    There are so many moments I enjoyed I can’t really decide on a favourite exactly, but some things I always find hilarious-“I’m doing a podcast!” and the spoiler warning..they always make me laugh for some reason hehe..

    I hope you can continue to produce many more episodes in the future, keep up the good work!

  3. Their Anniversary is also my birthday! It makes this day ten times better!!

  4. This site sucks, the staff sucks, the readers suck. I don’t have any happy memories at ALL.

    ‘Cept for all the times Lusipurr got really pissed off during the podcasts. I live for those little mental breakdowns.

  5. Oh! And Lane. I really enjoyed reading Lane’s posts. Even the ones that ooze with his dirty Alliance bias.

    Oh! And it was awesome to meet Eric and realize that I am not the only person who can’t freakin’ finish a game.

  6. Well I’ll use this anniversary to reminisce on my long and wonderful two weeks of listening to your podcasts….Hmm, the memories are amusing yet oddly few in number….

    Anyway congratulations for your anniversary!

  7. congratulations! Twilightcast. BEST. PODCAST. EVER. heart pumping action.

  8. I just went back and listened to the second podcast. Shaun was very upset that Nate and Lee kept saying the word penis. it was a simpler time when Lusi still had hope that this site could have some integrity. then I listened to map 51 again. damn.

  9. @Breaka (and Tsukikora): If you listen to the MAP backlog backwards, Lusi goes from a slurring drunk to a civilized gentleman before leaving for a position at CatFancy.

    @Blitz: Happy Birthday! Hope the weather’s better wherever you are than it is here!

  10. Lusipurr looks like the guy from the MAD magazine covers.

  11. Congratulations on your first anniversary from a long-time reader/very occasional poster. In recognition of this historic event, a five star iTunes review has been posted. Alas, I am Canadian and thus of little geographic importance.

    In response to the question of what we would like to see in the future, I enjoyed the special theme weeks heard earlier in the year, such as when each console was examined in depth, and the playthroughs. Perhaps a regular panel discussion on a different topic each week would be a nice addition to the podcast, and generate additional reader comments as well.

    Thanks to all of those who take the time to write columns each week and record the podcasts!

  12. That’s a hot Tifa pic

    And congrats on your one year anniversary. Here’s to another year of awesome podcasts.

  13. I like Edge’s idea muchly. When we have larger panels (4+ people) on the podcast, it would be nice to have some roundtable discussions.

    Also, Edge, I happened to see your review last night. I went on my iPod to download episode 51 and saw that we had 2 reviews on the Canadian store. Thanks so much, that really was an outstanding review. :)

  14. @ Ginia: it actually took me a while to realise podcasts are done on Skype, and I imagined a round table with pounding of desks and heated discussions. It’s more fun that way.
    I liked Oktobercast the best. Or maybe Worst Podcast Ever, because Eric J livens it up with his puns. :)

  15. In my three weeks here, I’ve been promoted from ‘Real Live Girl’ to ‘Spare Pair of Tits,’ and I couldn’t have done it without out our loyal readers! Or I couldn’t have done it without Oliver being pedantic about the male-female balance on the site, but that’s a minor detail. Its all somehow the fault of our amazing, awful, amazingly awful readers! I love you all in a platonic, only-mildly-threatening manner! <3

  16. People read my posts? I’m gonna have to start putting some actual content in there now.

    Sorry guys, that means the ASCII porn has got to go.

  17. Congrats! I’m truly glad to have been a part of the beginnings and occasionally the continuings!
    I loved the April Fools Day posts with boobs and bubbles and paper cuts.
    Also, every time Lusipurr commits and punishes everybody with a history lesson or music that just never ends on the podcast.

  18. And Kenjujuu, the garage podcast was one such occasion! Although there was no pounding on a table, but we were in a circle.
    Oh yeah, that’s one of my favourite podcasts. I rarely laugh that hard. Thank you Ric Dic.

  19. Thanks, everyone, for the overwhelming responses!

    Personally, if I had to pick just one moment from all the work we’ve ever done here, I think I’d pick Eric shouting, “I’m doing a podcast!” It was one of the most lol-worthy moments ever, and I still laugh every time I think of it, let alone hear it.

    Let’s see if I can respond to everyone before I leave to mail out a buttload of vija gamez at the post office.

    @Berserk: The Spoiler Warning system was a moment of inspired Genius. The whoop whoop vocal noise is Eric Jordan, a fact which many people are not aware of. The music in the background is something by Philip Glass, I seem to recall.

    @Blitzmage: I think you mean that your birthday is on the anniversary of the site–which means that your BIRTHDAY is infinitely better. Not the other way round!

    @Ginia: You are a stupid little canadian tick.

    @Tsukikora: I still can’t believe you are a new reader. This is a boon as not to be believed. Tell your friends. Make them tell their friends. And so on. GROW, MY LITTLE ACORN, GROW!!!

    @Breaka: Twilight. Grrrrr… >:(

    @Darth: It’s true! That’s a beautiful way of putting it, and should simply be the explanation of the site’s ‘progress’ henceforth. We begin as Dante investigating the dark wood of the soul, and end as the Daily Tattler, speculating on Kylie Minogue’s boob job and twenty-five ways to please a NATE.

    @Vinne: It’s a terrible picture, really. I actually look like this:

    @Edge: I’d love to revive our panels and I’m glad someone else enjoyed them too. Perhaps in the next few months you’ll see something of this sort. If I can get all of my staff together for a meeting, maybe we can cook something up.

    @Epyon: Tifa ROCKS.

    @Oyashiro: Thanks Oyashiro! And thanks for being here almost the entire time! Long-term fans are awesome, even if I can’t figure out why they are still around.

    @DanChiSao: Thank you! Are you new, too? Or have I just forgotten you?

    @Kenju: You have single-handedly quadrupled our readership in the past few weeks. We should give you some sort of award. Worst Podcast Ever has become one of my favourites, too. Remember the polka music for Oktobercast? Ahhh, bliss!

    @Jenifer: And a good thing we had a spare pair of tits, or where would we have been on Sunday? 60 minutes of Lusipurr’s Historical Moments, that’s where. You came along at exactly the right time. Glad to have you aboard.

    @Lane: They do! They are a WEALTH of content. But you need to make more podcast appearances! They could do with a bit more style, civility, and substance–anything to counterbalance NATE LILES.

    @Ethos: Now that you are an unemployed layabout, you should be on the podcast EVERY SINGLE WEEK.


  20. The polka music was one of the single best uses of music in a podcast I have ever heard. After which is the Fastest Podcast Ever’s background music. Also, I have actually managed to round up many a listener at this stage, it’s just half of them dont want to comment. :D

  21. Not like me ^^ We could bribe Lissy to comment with talk of….CONVENTIONS! I’m sure that would get her talking. A lot. Forever.

  22. Yeah, we should probably avoid getting her started on THAT subject actually.

  23. She’s going to come onto the site now. She’ll ahte us forever.
    We love you, Lissy. Don’t ever change.
    Now, Lusisprites, feel free to continue posting about the actual topic, and not our embarrassingly absent friend.

  24. No. I actually just got a promotion. But I work in tv, and the Olympics are on, so the station is taking a 3 week break.

  25. @Kenju: Don’t believe him. Think about it. Would you employ Ethos? Need I mention the CHRISTMAS TRAVESTY 2008!?!?

  26. Good times, gooooood times.

    Besides, we all know why he’s not working for three weeks, amirite?

    Hint: It pays for Nate’s Mac and Cheese.

  27. I would totally employ Ethos. Then I’d always have a scapegoat when things go horribly, horribly wrong!

  28. @Lusipurr: What exactly happened with the Christmas 2008 stuff, anyway? I’ve gathered that there was some sort of technical collapse, and Ethos is supposedly to blame, but that’s about all I’ve gotten. My current working theory is he’s actually made of magnets and stood too close to the hard drive containing the videos.

  29. @Darth: Your theory is actually correct. I’m surprised anyone was able to figure that out. Ethos is actually Magnet Man from Mega Man 3.

  30. @Lusipurr

    I’m kinda new, but not entirely. I used to drop by randomly, but only recently have I started commenting more regularly.