MAP Episode 52: Australian Semaphore

The Australian Semaphore signal for 'Life Partner'

Download Link: Produced 2010.02.14

MAP Series 1 comes to an end with a crash and a bang as Chris Privitere of RPGamer graces the soundstage of to instill a little class, all delivered with sincere respect and tolerance of alternative lifestyles such as Australian Semaphore.


  1. when I try to download the new podcast , it downloads the MAP episode 51. Is this happening to someone else or I am that lucky? =D

  2. @Ferchu: Sorry about that: it’s fixed now. I put the wrong link into the post. The feed was correct, the direct link in the post was not.


  3. @Lusipurr: You know, if I dont have my weekly dosis of MAP, I whould probably die or lose my mind, wanting to play fable 3 =O

  4. I am just in the first 2 minutes and I it is so funny , GIOCITYS ,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. By the way, I enjoyed getting to listen to the podcast live via Cat Fancy’s live page since Chris was on. I dunno if you guys could set something like that up again, but it might be cool to do once in a while.

  6. – this didn’t go up on Monday, therefore it must not be an official MAP episode

    – Lusipurr:RPGcast::Bup:MAP

    – I couldn’t help but hear Bup reference Parts: The Clonus Horror when talking about game clones. Incredibly appropriate, not just because it’s about clones, but because it was cloned for The Island. NATE LILES operates on so many levels!

    – I think the benefit of pre-rendering scenes with realtime graphics is that you can use the in-game engine to set up a scene, so there’s no extra art assets like detailed character models or custom animations, but you can do more on screen at once than the engine allows.

    – my girlfriend has a zune as well and it seems like a nice little device. Now if only she could get wins working correctly on her computer :P

    – the iPhone really is the most handy electronic device I’ve ever owned. I’m still thinking about ditching it for an android phone when my contract runs out this summer, though. I think it mostly comes down to the fact that the iPhone more or less requires iTunes to be useful. I want a phone that does everything the iPhone does (or at least everything I use it for), but doesn’t rely on iTunes (or any computer-based program, for that matter) to get it’s media. Plus, I really don’t care for objective C.

    – I wish I knew the podcast was streamed live. I would have watched

    – Industry Expert Chris Privitere was great. They really do need a Riddles-equivalent on RPGcast again.

  7. @Darth: I remember making the Clonus reference, but I don’t remember it being on that many levels. I think I just heard the word “clone” and had watched that episode of MST3k the day before.
    As much as I make fun of the Zune, I actually really like the idea of the subscription-based service for music downloading. I kinda wish iTunes would do that, because I’ve downloaded SO many albums that I liked the previews of the songs on but not the full song.

    I still giggle to myself when I imagine Oliver calling his mother and her not remembering who he is.

  8. @Dan: Holy moly! It’s the guy from the stream! Hi!

    @Darth: Technically it went up on the site on Monday!
    Also, I am curious about Heather’s Zune, but nothing on Earth could part me from my iPhone–and the android phones just seem irritating to use. I think I’m too used to the iPhone.

    I wish I had known we were streaming live, too!

    Industry Expert Chris Privitere is my favourite guest so far!

    @Bup: I would like to see a subscription service run alongside their current service. I wouldn’t want subscription to replace the purchase option.

    @SN: It was actually on the Feed and iTunes a day early! A present for listeners on the occasion of our first series finale (and also I was busy all evening/night on Sunday).

  9. @Bup: Clonus was a great episode, I should go back and watch that again some time. My favorite part was when the old couple are fighting and their house suddenly explodes.

    RE: Monday – I suppose when it shows up on the site can count. All I know is I got in the car Sunday morning and was wondering which podcast I should listen to, then MAP was unexpectedly there, and that was the end of the debate :D.

    RE: Subscription iTunes – I think this would be an excellent idea. While I don’t think I’d use it much for music, I could see a similar model expanding to TV shows pretty easily, and that I think I’d get a lot more use out of. Right now I have a system involving torrents and PHP scripts and lots of duct tape, it would be nice to stop having to maintain that and be able to get everything through iTunes for a flat rate per month. Someday…

    RE: Zune/iPhone – From what I’ve seen of the Zune, I think my biggest issue with it would be the same as my biggest issue with my PSP, DS, or iPod classic: I connect it to the internet while riding the train. I know that isn’t really what any of those devices are designed to do, but I think that’s what’s been so valuable about having an iPhone. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back not having a constant internet feed of one type or another.

  10. Yay! Chris Privetere! It was like RPGCast all over again, except not! Streaming Live sounds awesome – is it hard to do? If not, you should try it out.

    As for the Zune, I don’t think we have it in Britain, so I am without purpose in this discussion. But hey, I mentioned it, so the next person to post can too.

  11. @Lusi Hi! haha

    It was neat hearing you work with Chris again, like their 100th episode show. It definitely isn’t the same without some randomness thrown in. Maybe you should try sending NATE LILES over there for a few shows.

  12. @Ken: I don’t know how, and I’m not sure I’d use that technology if I had it. Sometimes I do have to actually chop things out of the podcast, so I’m somewhat wary of having a totally live show–especially with NATE LILES on the call.

    @Dan: Clearly you want to see RPGcast destroyed. I would never send NATE LILES to RPGamer. I am a cruel man, it is true, but I am not that cruel.

    @Vinne: Yes. In fact, the amusement at Oliver’s expense is quite visible on his FaceBook. Or was, before he flew to Canada to get down and dirty with Ethan ‘Ethos’ Pipher.

  13. If NATE LILES was sent to RPGamer, I imagine he would have to burst into the skype call a la the Kool-Aid man while yelling “OH YEAH!” (Never mind that “bursting into” a skype call doesn’t make sense. NATE LILES will find a way!). I think that would, however, destroy everybody on the call’s will to live, and then there would be one less quality podcast in the world.

    @Lusi: If you ever are interested in doing a live show, I’d be happy to do the technical leg work for you (or at least try. I’ve never looked into it myself, but I’m sure there’s instructions somewhere out there). There are, of course, many reasons to be weary of a live cast, especially with the likes of NATE LILES about. Something like that could very well overload the internet.

    Also, I prefer to think that Oliver was so distraught he had no choice but to flee to Canada to avoid the incessant mockings of his roommate. Canada will never be the same.

  14. Chris sounded much more relaxed and natural over here. Guess it’s tiring to keep some of the egos in check.

    Great show.