Review: Bioshock 2

2k Games returns to the underwater city of Rapture in the recent release of Bioshock 2

The Big Sisters are incredibly dangerous.

In Bioshock 2 the player enters the shoes, or diving suit, of “Subject Delta”, a prototype Big Daddy, who is on a quest to save the Little Sister he was once attached to.  The second game plays much like the first, combining elements of a first-person shooter and the ability to use special powers known as “plasmids”, but with a few changes.  In the first game the player had to switch between using a plasmid and using a weapon, but this time around the player has access to both at the same time which makes combat a bit more faster and fluid than in the previous title.

One of the best parts of the game is how the atmosphere of the underwater city instantly draws the player into the game.  Seeing what was once a great city almost completely destroyed by a civil war between two factions makes the player want to keep exploring and find out what exactly happened to cause all the destruction.  Much of the back story of the game unfolds through various recorded journal entries that have been left around by the citizens of the city.  While most of this was only hinted at in the first game, the second explains the downfall of the city in much more detail.  The inclusion of new enemies, such as the deadly Big Sister and hulking Brute Splicer, add even more to the universe of Rapture.

The ability to use both plasmids and weapons at the same time adds a new fluidity to the combat.

Bioshock 2 is an excellent game.  The only bad part of the game is the inclusion of the multiplayer which, while still fun, just seems like an unnecessary addition to the series.  The atmosphere of the game instantly draws both new and old players into the story of Rapture, making exploring the city that much more interesting.  For anyone looking for a good FPS, this is a great choice.