Review: Dante’s Inferno

Visceral Games and Electronic Arts send players to Hell and back with the recent release of Dante’s Inferno for the XBox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable.

Some of the enemies are a sight to behold.

Inferno places the player in the shoes of Dante Alighieri, a veteran of the Third Crusade on his quest to rescue the soul of his recently deceased wife Beatrice from the clutches of Lucifer himself.  Dante must battle the minions of Hell while traversing through each of its nine layers.   The game plays much like any other action-adventure game using a system of combos and various weapons to defeat enemies.  One thing that sets the game apart from others in the genre is how players level up Dante’s attacks, through the use of collected souls.  What moves the player can and cannot level up are directly related to how Dante defeats his enemies.  Should Dante punish enemies the Unholy path is opened more, adding more power to Dante’s scythe.  However, if Dante absolves his enemies more, his holy cross attacks become more powerful.  This adds an interesting twist to how the player goes about defeating the enemies.  These souls are also gathered by finding famous figures, such as Pontius Pilate the man who authorized Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, and either absolving or punishing them.

The only major downfall to the game is how much it is like previous action-adventure games, such as God of War.  While this is usually not a bad thing, players will most likely compare the two and GoW will be the winner every time.  This review could not put his finger on it, but there was something about Inferno that just seemed a bit off, but still enjoyed his time with the game.  However, those with access to a PlayStation 3 should just wait until God of War III comes out in just under a week.

The combination of Dante's scythe and holy cross devastate the enemies in his path.

Overall Dante’s Inferno is an excellent action-adventure title.  The combos and moves Dante can perform are devastating and enjoyable to both watch and use.  The unique way of deciding which path to focus more on will be a treat for those gamers who prefer one weapon over the other.  While the game does play pretty much exactly like the God of War series it is still a fun play.  However, PlayStation 3 owners should be wary as the newest installment to the series is out very soon.


  1. I thought Blood on the Sand was the game of the century, are you telling me Dante’s Inferno is even better?!

  2. all of ya’ll, stop being absurd. Blood on The Sand was the greatest game of this generation. what could possibly overtake it, save perhaps the much anticpated sequel to E.T. for the Atari?

  3. @Breaka- Well that was what I thought too, but you know how NATE LILES is never wrong about these things.