MAP Episode 57: I Love Vanille, Mate!

Oerba Dia Vanille

Download Link: Produced 2010.03.21

The panel examines the various comments left by readers in the continuing Final Fantasy XIII feature. Special guest Oliver Motok shows up to profess his love for Nate Liles, whilst Ginia and Lusipurr discuss awesome games from the past.


  1. Where I am in FFXIII (just started got to Pulses’s non-tunnelly-goodness), they just gave Vanille a really interesting (in my opinion) back story hook in the datalog. I really hope they expand on it in later cutscenes (or even mention it somewhere outside of a random datalog entry), otherwise it’ll be a really missed opportunity. Also, I think I’ve just become numb to her VA by this point, and her voice doesn’t bother me any more.

    Also, Lusi was dead on. I sound exactly like Australian Sean Connery in real life.

  2. -NATE LILES is very special., mate!

    -I FUCKING HATE TRULY LOVE Vanille!, mate!

    -Metro 2033 is the spiritual successor to STALKER., mate!

    -I don’t like Oliver’s attitude, he should apologise to NATE LILES!, mate!

    -FFXIII might be selling well, but is it really going to be something they can spin into a franchise like the previous games? I don’t feel remotely like purchasing XIII figurines (or $9 I phone wallpapers), and I’m struggling to want to keep playing XIII, let alone XIII-2., mate!

    -I am in total support of Sakaguchi being contracted to design the next FF game!, mate!

  3. -I couldn’t agree more about the size of companies being inversely correlated with the quality of games. Sackaguchi may have had abominable business sense but he made his games with a lot of love and it showed, now all FF games are created by focus group, and feel appropriately sterile.

    -I really can’t blame all the game designer jumping the corporate ship.

  4. -I don’t want motion controls with my games!(DO NOT WANT)

    -Chaos Rings is actually being developed by Media Vision, who did Wild Arms. The game is 3D characters over 2D pre-rendered backdrops a la FFVII-IX.

  5. -I think charging for maps only enhances Activision’s image as an evil corporation.


  6. -I think that should find a way to mention the FFVII remake every week, even if it’s the one week a year that SE execs don’t have a running commentary on the prospect of a remake …

    -@NATE LILES: You forgot to read the LADY GAGA news this week!

  7. Honestly, I think they’re just trying to be too clinical and professional about game development, to the extent that they’ve created the fabled Bobby Nodick ideal of taking all the passion and fun out of game development. Back in the day they used to create epic flights of imagination, but now they’ve really just boiled Final Fantasy down to a commercial formula of X parts fan-service to Y parts Star Wars dog-fights, and then focus-tested the life and vitality out of every element of the game. It’s the McDonaldization of Final Fantasy, and they’ve cut everything that they thought they could get away with.

  8. -Also, I’m pretty sure that the unbalanced dramarific dialogue comes from the belief of management that audiences will no longer sit through cut-scenes unless there’s always something explosive happening, and so emotions are dialled up to 11 and Star Wars is aped in every other scene.

    -There isn’t much room left on big projects for creative freedom …

  9. Ah yes, LBP. At long last, I can rest easy.

    Note: Listening to that song during the podcast. When Nate Liles makes a comment, I think of Nate driving a van around a school with a ‘free candy’ sign.

  10. @DG – Thinking of ways to catch Mr. Liles in an act, thus creating either A. a viral video; or B. credit for solving a missing persons case. If those don’t seem feasible, my backup plan is to troll chatroulette all day. Manycam ftw

  11. OMG, Lusipurr is the only person in the whole web that loves Vanille… well, him and that dude from GameFAQs.

  12. Lusipurr (looks around to make sure nobody is here) Ginia is secretly seducing you little by little so she can make babby! Sadly, after babby is formed, they need to do way instain mother, and just like that- Ginia is gone…


    PS. xD

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