Editorial: O Hai!

So, my beloved Lusi-sprites, it appears that I am back … sort of. I am still using the old, broken, piece-of-crapola laptop, but Lusipurr is a cruel tyrant very persuasive person, so here I am! This will be brief, and I do apologize. Next week I should be using the shiny new computer, with the working monitor and fully-functional keyboard.

This week I would like to open a discussion regarding pleasant surprises. Pleasant surprises in the world of gaming, to be precise. The wonder and joy of a long-awaited Ginia post does not count, your praise and flattery can be directed to ginia@thedaytonight.com instead.

Xenogears > Lunar
The primary catalyst for the discussion is Final Fantasy XIII, of course. My expectations for the game were so abysmally low that truly it really could not fail to surpass my expectations. An enjoyable battle system, likable characters, and an intriguing plot combine to make the game an unexpected pleasure. Other games, though, have risen above and beyond my bleak expectations. Xenogears is another example. That Christmas I had set my heart upon receiving Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. I was heartbroken when it was delayed and I had to “settle” for a copy of Xenogears. I was miffed, sure that this goofy robot-filled game would never compare to the classic, epic, uber-traditional Lunar. I was correct, of course. It was better.

What about you folks? What games have you played and enjoyed much more than you had thought?

Ok, bye! Better post next week!


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  2. Um … whaaaaaa?!!

    -I prefer the second disc of Xenogears to FFXIII.

  3. …”Drill my ass!”?… ETHAN! is that you!? if not then Tharthan is broken, somebody get a new one.

    -I liked FF II way more than I thought I would. I actually liked it better than the first FF. I like having that much control over how my characters develop, grinding be damned.

  4. -suikoden 2 (16 bits graphics on ps1 ? WTF) 3rd best game evar for me

    -xenogears (the first town looks pretty crappy, and out of place)2nd best game ever for me

    -legend of dragoon (bad reviews)

    -lost odyssey (bad reviews)

    -final fantasy 8 (first jrpg i ever played and best game ever)

    – shining force neo (diablo made by japanese developers? so much fun

  5. Juan22 – Shining Force Neo? really? my friend told me to buy that and I didn’t speak to him for a week.

  6. I approve of most of the responses. :D

    Though my expectations for LoD, Suik2, and others were high to begin with. I’m a believer!

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