Review: Splinter Cell: Conviction

Ubisoft concludes Sam Fisher’s tale of espionage and betrayal with its recent release of Splinter Cell: Conviction.

The Mark and Execute feature is incredibly useful when encountering groups of enemies.

The first thing the player will notice is how Conviction plays a bit different than previous titles in  the series.  While still focusing on sneaking around enemies instead of attacking them head-on, Conviction adds a couple gameplay elements that make combat more action packed.  One of these is the “Last Known Position” system, which adds a “ghost” of Fisher in the last place an enemy saw him.  This is useful as it allows the player to sneak up behind an enemy who is investigating the area with the “ghost.”  Another useful addition to the game is the “Mark and Execute” feature, which is gained after Fisher performs a hand-to-hand take down of an enemy.  This feature allows Fisher to mark some enemies and execute them quickly and quietly.

The best part about this game is how engaged the player will get in the story.  The story has twists and turns up until the very final moments of the game and the player never knows which characters to trust.  This reviewer found himself glued to his 360 during the final level of the game.  Another great addition to the game are the interrogation scenes, which allow Fisher to question some of the shadier characters to get clues as to where to go next.  The most interesting part of these areas is that there are always a few unique ways to coerce out the information, such as slamming someone’s head against a sink or kicking someone through a glass wall.

The only real bad part of the game is how short the single player story is, as some players could complete the story in only a few hours.  However there is a separate co-op storyline that is a prequel to the single player story that may extend gameplay time for those who have a friend to play with.  Another way Ubisoft is extending Conviction’s lifespan is the weekly release of free DLC, usually in the form of a new weapon or gadget for Fisher to use.

Either Fisher just slammed this guy's head against that mirror, or he's doing pushups to practice for Wii Fit.

Ultimately, Splinter Cell: Conviction is an excellent stealth-action game.  The engaging storyline and the new gameplay elements will keep players glued to their seats and wanting more when the game ends.  While this ending may come sooner than most players would like, the addition of free DLC and a completely separate co-op campaign may just satisfy the hunger for more.  This game is a perfect choice for anyone looking for something new to play.