Review: Red Dead Revolver

Rockstar Games tells a tale of revenge in the old west in the 2004 release Red Dead Revolver.

Red uses a variety of different weapons on his journey.

Revolver allows players to enter the shoes of Red Harlow, a bounty hunter on a quest for revenge after his parents were killed in front of him as a child.  Along his journey Red teams up with various other characters, all of which the player gets the chance to play as after their initial introduction.  These characters include the English duelist Jack Swift, rancher Annie Stoakes, Red’s Native American cousin Shadow Wolf, and U.S. soldier Buffalo Soldier.  The game tells Red’s story through linear levels that mainly include third-person gun-focused combat with a couple stealth levels.  The combat feels well done and polished, even by today’s standards.  One of the most interesting aspects to the game are the dueling segments, which involves Red in a showdown against anywhere from one to three opponents.  In these segments Red has a limited amount of time to aim his six shots and kill his attackers before they try the same on Red.

One of the only bad parts of the game are the dated graphics.  As this game was picked up by Rockstar after Capcom shelved it semi-finished in 2002, it was never graphically on par with other releases of the same time.  One other thing bringing the game down is the lack of online multiplayer, especially in the XBox version.  This is made even more apparent with the fact that the split-screen multiplayer is incredibly fun, with over 30 playable characters and each having a unique special skill to help in combat.

Red will have to duel with many different characters.

Overall, Red Dead Revolver is one of the best old west games ever made.  While the graphics do not look as good as other games of the time, the polished gameplay and fun split-screen multiplayer more than make up for its faults.  For anyone looking for a great old west game to play, especially with the near release of the sequel Red Dead Redemption, this is a great choice.


  1. I keep meaning to pick this up, but now I guess I should just wait for Red Dead Redemption …