Feature: The Summer of X

Lusipurr.com is pleased(?) to present THE SUMMER OF X.

'Tidus' is pronounced 'Tee-Duss'. It's almost as bad as 'Nobuo Uematsu', which is pronounced 'Gawd'.
Final Fantasy X North American Box Art

When Final Fantasy X was released on the PlayStation 2, angels wept. Satan, seated on his throne of pain, cracked his knuckles whilst laughing with ghoulish glee. This, he knew, was an auspicious day. Unsuspecting Final Fantasy fans would soon suffer through more than forty hours of unpalatable bilge. This gave the Lord of Darkness reason for celebration. Yet, even he did not know the fullness of Final Fantasy X‘s terrible nature. Now, years later, we seek to relive those painful experiences as expiation for our sins. So, join us, readers, as we undergo the horrendous, grinding, awful, merciless purgatory that is Final Fantasy X.

This week, we will be focusing on the second ten hours of play. Post your comments on the ridiculous storyline, the dated graphics, the lacklustre soundtrack, the solid battle system, and the utterly abysmal voice acting. Is the script totally crap? (Yes.) Is the internal coherence wholly absent? (Yes.) Is the game a fetid waste of time–a miserable excuse for a budget expenditure which never should have been? (Yes.) You be the judge–as long as your judgement complies with our own unbiased, objective view of this rank turd of a game.

Yeah, we’ve got four more weeks of this and I can’t even feign interest long enough to end this post properly. Fuck it.


  1. I unashamedly love FFX, but you can definitely see the beginnings of FFXIII’s design ethos in some of the choices made.

    -definitely one of the series high points for characterisation, though the over-arching narrative doesn’t contain the immediacy of prior entries, and is host to a bit of a plot hole. It also relies way too much on coincidence, with Tidus accidentally bumping into a host of characters who all happen to share personal connections with him despite the fact that he’s a stranger to the world of spira.

    -The game environments still look great, but the character models have aged poorly, with the ever changing LoD models being extremely off-putting.

    -I love the OST, but it’s an acquired taste I guess. I like the variety, and the fact that it offers something new, whilst retaining something familiar. Junya Nakano’s contributions are particularly strong, and I love Hamauzu’s track “wandering flame” (the prettiest saxophone I’ve heard in VGM).

  2. I dont know why I am thinking about the summer of george, a seinfield episode xD

  3. XD That also immediately comes to mind whenever a new summer extravaganza is announced!

  4. I am waiting fot the xenogears week , too bad I dont have xenogears now -_-

  5. I think the summer of george was crappy for george, but the summer of X must be a reason for joy for a lot of people(?) xD .

  6. It’s happy for me! Yay!!
    I would like to start out by saying Otherworld is the best song on the FFX soundtrack, and that scene is made doubly as epic because of it. Also, Auron is a bad-ass.
    Then again, on the negatives, I don’t like how Tidus is struggling to hold the sword one minute, then waving it around like nothing the next. That’s a bit weird.
    But still, Yay! FFX!

  7. “Yeah, we’ve got four more weeks of this and I can’t even feign interest”

    You know its bad when Grandpa Lusipurr uses not one, but TWO contractions.

  8. Poor, poor grandpa…
    What’s wrong with Otherworld? The one that plays in the Macalania Lake scene is fairly good, but that girl sings too high pitched for my liking. Let’s be honest, the OST is good, but whilst there’s variety, it’s still repetitive (does that make sense?). The Hymn of the Fayth is amazing, but I don’t need it remixed eight times, even though each version has a different feel to it.

  9. KenJew has an icon! Woot!

    Hate Otherworld. There are some good tracks on the OST, but it all feels too wishy-washy for my taste. There’s not enough solid material for me to think it very good.

    And seriously, the remixes for every temple were a bit much. And I don’t even like the Hymn of the Fayth to begin with.


  10. That must be the eighth new spelling of my name! Woot!

    They’re not schizoid, your expectations are too high. :D

  11. I wonder how they convinced Lusipurr to allow this to happen? xD . After the third temple I had to play with the sound muted until I got out of the temple .

  12. and what happens if I say kenjujuu 3 times?=P . I have to find out how to put an image in that little square -_-

  13. still looks great but i miss the world map.
    and the “grid system” IS AWESOME, way better than ff13 grid system. you have way more options and you can see the whole abilities map.
    THE SUMMER OF GEORGE.the summer of George.

  14. and we all remember how good was that summer for george (?) , was better for those who werent george , so who is george here now?xD . I love that episode xD . The grid sistem is indeed better than ff13 grid sistem , and I like ffx music better than ff13 music, of course I like ff9 music better than ffx music =P .

  15. @Lusi-I think the reason why I like the OST so much is because of the slightly exotic, upbeat feel, which really suits the environments.

    @Lusi & Kenjew- Would you prefer the same Hymn of the Fayth track used in every temple?

    @Ferchu- No one had to convince Lusipurr, he just realised that he gets to badmouth FFX for an entire month (that’s even better than having kids on his lawn!).

  16. @SiliconNooB- I see your point but I think Lusipurr can do that already without the summer of X (or the summer of george =P)and the sufering involved of playing FFX for 1 or 2 hours . I say there was blackmail involved =O . I WANT THE TRUTH xD.

  17. Nah, it just means that every day he can write:

    “Today I tried to play FFX, but then I vomited and decided to play something else. Damn kids in my yard again, THE HOSE!”

  18. @SN:lol, why your description sounds like a granpa? actually your description sounds a lot like george wilson from dennis the menace xD.

  19. Next year we’ll probably have the Summer of Kingdom Hearts …

  20. … I sure do wish that Sakaguchi never made The Spirits Within, and got turfed … that really is the turning point for the entire company.

  21. The Spirits Within was a “west friendly” Square product by the way.

  22. No it wasn’t, it was crap.

    Yuna’s voice actor makes me want to punch the TV screen in, but that’s because she was trying to match up her voice to the lip movements of her character, apparently.
    I’m playing this really slowly, apparently – I just got Valefor today. Where’s everyone else?

  23. FFX…

    I should start by saying I only finished off my July of last year FFIX playthrough like three months ago. I played to disc 3 and that upside down castle and wandered off to play other things. I liked it overall, but the ending was kind of just tossed on and aside from throwing you into various nostalgic environments and references to past FFs not much really happened.

    FFX I only played again for the first time since beating it twice when it was new in…2002? It doesn’t look too bad if you’ve got a your PS2 hooked up w/ Component Cables. There’s no 720p resolution, HDR rendering, and pixel shaders though, obviously. I’m not much of a graphics whore though, so it doesn’t bother me.

    The opening sequence I really liked. The music is nice and helps me tune out Tidus who’s somehow not highly annoying in it like he is most of the rest of the game.

    I saw the first (and only so far) part of Spoony’s review of FFX about three days later:
    And I’ve gotta say he hit the nail on the head with his point about Rikku. I didn’t realize she’s supposed to be 15, but the gratuitous crotch, tits, and ass camera angles were off-putting. By all means put pleasant to look at digital ladies in games, but for fucksakes have a little subtlety.

    I’ll try to get caught up with the Summer of FFX for next week. I’m currently playing a fan-translated Dragon Quest V on my PS2 which is actually a pretty good game. I’m about 35 hours in and almost at the end. I tracked down FFX International version (yay, Ebay!), so I can have a playthrough with some new stuff I haven’t seen before (Dark Aeons, etc). (It’s got all the English stuff from the US release for some reason.) If I can get my TV card working under Windows 7 x64 I’ll try to get some screen caps.

  24. @ Evil Paul: YES. International Version is so much better – you got all that extra stuff with the Capture Arena, although the Dark Aeons are a right pain.

  25. -Hey, has anyone seen the combat in FFXIV? It’s very surprising to say the least …

  26. The FF14 gameplay I saw was some guy standing around trading blows with something that looked like a combination of a cockatrice from FF11 and a giant chicken. It looked like HD FF11 auto-attacking pretty much. I’ve heard magic users get a ranged magic attack that doesn’t use MP which would help ameliorate some of the problems present in FF11 (Black Mages suck for Experience Points parties; melees+buffer+healer only). Didn’t seem like anything particularly interesting.

  27. I have thought long on this projected, secreted away in my Chamber of Sorcery six hundred and sixty-six yards beneath my hidden fortress. I have descended my throne of bone and blood and taken the half-caste smith, and upon an anvil of black iron mined from the pits of Sheol by the raven-headed servants of Adramalech, to whom is given the mastery of fire, I have created a great dark warhammer with which to smite my foes. I should like nothing more than to use its unholy might to smash all copies of Final Fantasy XI to bits.

    Unfortunately, they plan on executing a prisoner on whose case I worked as a prosecutor this week, and so I must needs be chained to my sorcerous workstation, lest the summoning circle I have cast be broken and such evil escape again into the world.

  28. @Lusi – after that intro I fully expect you to have some good and long diatribes for me and Ken to vehemently disagree with. also:


    what the fuck?

    @Kenjuju – fuck yea, Otherworld! and yes, Auron is indeed a badass.

    -@SiliconNoob – when you say too dependent on coincidences do you mean early on or throughout the whole thing cause I could only think of two: him meeting Rikku and then immediately meeting Wakka.

    and yes, I was very surprised when I saw that video. I was expecting to see something at about FFXII’s speed on default. I reeeaaally hope they fix that.

    @Lane – I take it you had a bad experiance with FFXI…

    -I think the graphics look just fine but then again I’m not much one to care. I can play Silent Bomber with no issues.

    -truth be told I wasn’t even consiously aware that the hymn got remixed. I tend treat music the same way I treat graphics, as atmosphere. if it’s not annoying in ant way I’m usually just vaguely aware that it’s there. it has to really resonate with me to catch my attention.

    -Rikku is how old? I was much younger when I first played this so I never even noticed the close ups at first but thinking back I’m getting a blurry picture of crotch.

    -Tidus’s voice still doesn’t bug me. Don’t know why.

    -I think I might have to have another of my “Nomura’s designs suck” rants… goddamn buckles…

  29. -Tidus randomly comes across Rikku twice in the game, once in the middle of nowhere, and again chillin’ in the Moonflow. Rikku happens to be Yuna’s cousin. Tidus washes up on the shore of Besaid, home to Yuna, the daughter of Jecht’s summoner Braska (may or may not be a coincidence depending how much control Jecht/Sin had over Tidus), but it is also the former home of Chappu who (for reasons unknown) happens to look like Tidus (que plotlines of Lulu and Wakka dealing with his death).

    The story really is a jumble of coincidences. Its real strength lies in its character interaction.

    -I also don’t mind Tidus’ VA.

  30. – Auton is one badass mofo.

    – The game really isn’t as shit as I thought it was. I’m actually kinda enjoying myself.

    – I’d forgotten about how you can switch party members on the fly. Such a good idea. Although it is irritating when the game does something bullshitty, like make you fights Bombs and virtually force you to use Lulu.

    – I’m on my way to Djose, about 9 hours in. I’m kinda taking my time, doing my best to find all the Al-Bhed primers, and playing Blitzball, and all that stuff.

    – I still don’t understand how Lulu’s dress stays up.

  31. @Ginia:

    – Who is Auton?

    – The battle system is much better than I remember it being. Unfortunately, the storyline, characters, and voice acting are much, much, much worse than I remember.

    – Switching party members is cool, except that members who do not participate in the battle don’t gain XP. Retarded!

    – Blitzball is retarded. How do these people breathe underwater? I like that this is something completely bizarre, and yet it is never even mentioned–not even in passing!

    – Lulu’s dress is MADE OF BELTS. If anything should stay up, that should!

  32. @ Ethos: I agree. The laugh scene is stupid, but I think his voice isn’t half bad. Yuna’s is just stupid though, but she gets better in X-2.
    Ginia: Yay! I hoped everyone wouldn’t hate their way through the playthrough :D
    You know, the weird thing is, I never really struggled on any part of this game in my first playthrough battle-wise, but the whole Cloister of Trials thing always got me – not the first two especially, but Macalania’s was a right pain.

  33. @Lusi: I meant Auron. Shut up, you’re a butt.

    And in regards to Lulu’s dress, I meant her boobs. How is she not flashing nupples constantly?

    ps – Blitzball is dumb. It’s like the game pulled down its pants and pooped on physics.

  34. @Gin: Finish a battle using Lulu. She’ll give you a nice cleavage shot as a reward.

    @Ken: Blitzball IS the best sport ever…

    …for me to POOP ON!

  35. thought this would be appropriate.
    in an act of shear madness this dude played every Final Fantasy (original versions) in order and then wrote looong articles on each one. what he has to say about FFX is rather insightful.

    @SN – damn, I never even noticed before.

    @Lusi – the game is pretty incosistant in how it explains the water thing. some NPCs say that the players can simply hold their breath for absurd amounts of time. when Letty said the best players can hold their breath “like, forever” he might not have been joking. I remeber meeting at least one dude who said that what they play in ain’t actually water but on of those oxygen rich fluids your can breath, at least a little. I’ve pretty much accepted that all Final Fantasy characters are super human so it never really bugged me. if they can be brought back from death with a peacock feather then maybe they can also hold their breath for a long time.

    @Ken – no, Blitzball is fuckin horrible.

    -and once again, Final Fantasy introduces game elements that are hardly explored and eventually scrapped altogether. it’d be nice if the adventure game type stuff stayed throughout the whole game, gathering material to make a fire was kinda cool. more dialog choices woulda been nice too.

    -good GOD this game is sexy! polygon count be damned, I had forgotten how good the art was in this game. the amount of detail and consistency is incredible.

    -if ya’ll ever hear anyone call Tidus whiny back-hand ’em for me. after his town gets fucked up, fights a few battles, gets dragged into forced labor, and nearly chokes he frickin LAUGHS. dude’s got balls.

    -after playin a bit of thirteen this game looks like a shining example of how to do exposition properly. they never introduce more than a few story specific words at a time and everything is explained quickly and concisely after it’s introduced. they also had that clever sin’s toxin plot point so that Tidus has an excuse to have lots of things explained to him without going for the amnesia cliche.

    -godDAMN besaid is sexy!

    -I also like how they put all puzzles in the cloyster of trials. I find it helps immersion if the problems I’m faced with are somewhat sensical (here’s lookin at you, Xenosaga).

  36. @Ethos – Rikku is done by Tara Strong. She was good even back then. do just not like happy girls with high-pitched voices?

  37. @Breaka: Both explanations for underwater breathing fall down when you see that the characters can breathe underwater outside of blitzball arenas, such as in the sea. As for holding their breath, Tidus is washed overboard from Rikku’s ship early on. Unconscious, he is in the water face-down when he wakes up near Besaid. Surely, he’s not holding his breath then, too.

    I know you love FFX, but trying to explain away all mention of its faults is a vainglorious task. It is not perfect, however much you may want it to be so.

  38. @Lusi – oh, no no no, I didn’t say they were good explanations I was just throwin them out there. and I do not think FFX is perfect. that descriptor belongs to FFT alone.


    My comments are slowly becoming less and less insightful. God I love this game. Do we need an explanation for blitzball. It’s pyreflies. That’s explanation enough.

  40. I don’t think that there is anything that could explain Tidus waking up face down in the sea, other than Blitzballers have gills.

    I can sort of see where the idea of Blitzball came from though, there are pearl-divers and such who can hold their breath for up to about 20 minutes. I’m pretty sure that this traditional pearl diving either does or did occur in Okinawa (the inspiration for Spira’s design).

    Yeah, this is some pretty round-about reasoning, and given Squaresoft’s commitment to making sense any inherent plausibility could be purely accidental, but the tenuous possibility exists that they intended to have this make some kind of sense …

    -I really want to start my game, but am swamped with Uniwork. :(

  41. Boo! It’s exam period over here too, but I’m playing in (extremely) small doses :P
    Yay for Djose, by the way. Ixion is my second favourite aeon, but slightly useless, since the next stop is the Thunder Plains. 200 Lightning Bolts, anyone?

  42. yea, I’ll probably do the 200 lightning bolts. it’s easy enough to do. but fuck chocobo racing and fuck the world cup.

  43. Easy?! 200!?! I got up to 193 one time and wanted to shoot myself when I got shocked. Yeah, screw the chocobo racing, but I LOVE BLITZBALL. :3

  44. I’m gettin near the thunder plains now so we’ll see if it’s as easy as I remember.

  45. Ah, but can you get the thing for Lulu’s ultimate weapon before you get the airship? I was under the impression you had to at least get past Yuna’s wedding.
    Speaking of which, do you think that actually counts? Because Seymour is dead at the time. Ah, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it :P

  46. I haven’t played FFX for a few days, on account of work, sickness, and TF2.

    And … I kinda miss it.

    I only played FFX once (and I tend to replay games a crap ton) and it was about 6 years ago … I am fuzzy on the plot and side content (on that note, I had forgotten about Seymour being dead, kthnx, lawl?)

    Something is wrong with me. This flu thing must have gotten to my brain.

  47. @breaka – No, I didn’t mind Vanille’s voicework. I can deal with the high-pitched. I CAN’T deal with:
    “Yunie, y’know? Yunie, y’know? YUNIE!! ….y’know?”

  48. I have nothing interesting and worth mentioning . I am watching sailor moon xD . I was playing FFX in my ps3 before FF13 was released, I got bored, and just 2 weeks ago I let one friend to borrow my ps3 so he can play ff13.

  49. I’m partway through the Thunder Plains. ^_^

    Rikku is such a damn twerp.

  50. suck my BALLS thunder plains! 3 for 4! I’mma get me an Onion Knight!

  51. You did it?! I got shocked like twleve times trying to make my way through there! And those Iron Giants are a right pain.
    But hey, Al Bhed Primers! Sure is helpful :D