MAP Episode 65: Like Clockwork

It's a NATE LILES joke made real.

Download Link: Produced 2010.05.16

The panel explores the week’s releases, including 3D Dot Game Heroes and… well, nothing else. There’s also Final Fantasy X to discuss–but a far more important matter intervenes: the TIMELY arrival of Lusipurr’s new wall clock. Get it? Ha! Ha!


  1. I know I’m going to regret this…but what did Nate link to?

  2. I agree with Lusipurr’s thoughts on what Obama said about video games, the American people no longer want to do the research to find out the truth behind the arguments and will accept what their favorite news program tells them is the truth. For example, I live in Arizona and as many people know the state just had a controversial immigration law put into place. The national news is reporting the law to be a “nazi-like” law, however it is no where near as bad as being reported but because of people not wanting to research said law, Arizona, and the companies based here, are earning boycotts.

  3. @KST: I think I’ve said this before, but I am generally concerned when residents of one state try to tell another state what to do. America is a very large country, and there is a reason we have a Federal system wherein individual states enact their own laws for many matters. Simply put, there are too many regional differences for one set of rules to adequately deal with the issues of every single state. The law of California wouldn’t work well in Michigan (but hell, it doesn’t even work well in California).

    I would like to say to the morons protesting the AZ law: “If you don’t like the laws in a state, don’t move there.” I don’t march about protesting the laws in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, however inequitable they may appear to me to be.

    Having them read the law is secondary. It doesn’t apply to them and isn’t really any of their concern. When and if it does apply (for example, if they decide to move) then they should concern themselves with it. In the meantime, they should stop their bitching and try to handle their own affairs.

    This might seem bit insular, but quite frankly we have enough problems to deal with at the moment without one state’s population trying to order another state’s population about. (And how does that work, anyway? Why should the opinions of a bunch of Californians have any writ in Arizona? As far as I am aware, the people of Arizona elect their own government, and that government sits in Phoenix, not Sacramento.)


    -damn Lusi is white.

    -how the hell do you sexualize a character that much and then get mad when that character gets used as fapping material? and NATE has a point, people would probably buy Official Bayonetta Tenga Flipholes. when you cum it would summon demons to clean up the mess. AND THEN DEVOUR YOUR SOUL!

    -I can’t fuckin stand parroters either. southern whites are often defend waving their confederate flags by saying that it symbolizes states rights. this is bullshit. if you read South Carolina’s actual deceleration of secession it clearly states that the reason SC broke off was because Massachusetts refused to abide by the law that said all citizens are responsible for returning runaway slaves. SC was against states rights, they retconned that shit after reconstruction. few confederate flag wavers know this cause they never bother to look it up themselves. fuckers.

    -fuckin Just Dance…

    -yes, Wakka is John D-whats-his-face. I swear sometimes I can hear Conrad.

    -yes, Blazblue is awesome :). how about all the Blazblue people set up a night where we all play together?

  5. @Lusi: Very well said, as always. I agree with the “if you don’t like it, don’t move there” point-of-view, I think what bothers me the most is the way that the news is being held less and less responsible for the truth in their stories. Take, for example, the Mass Effect “rape simulation” debacle, the person they brought to defend the game was treated as an idiot and barely given a fair chance to speak. The news networks are slowly turning into a place where the shocking (no matter how true it is) is what’s real.

  6. Logic is no longer being taught as a matter of course, nor is serious argumentation studied. Everything is sophistry–behold the result!

  7. -Wait … so the Tea Party movement retarded themselves through video games?!

  8. – I can’t remember why I called Jenifer “Master of Wankery,” either. It was in response to some specific line said on the last podcast, I think about how all her stories involved “wankery” or something along those lines. It’s lost to the ages now, though, and all that remains is the title!

    – The clock is Amazon’s “frustration free packaging” at it’s finest (an effort which, all joking aside, I’m 100% behind)!

    – Ginia should totally play TF2! She and Jenifer can form an infinite medic loop!

    – I think I’ve got blocking more or less figured out in Blazblue, but I still have no idea how to counter :F

    @Breaka: We should totally get a Blazblue night going. I played a few more rounds online on Saturday and won maybe 5% of the time if I’m being generous, but damn if it wasn’t fun. And you were right, Nu-13 (or whatever her name is) is a cheap little whore that should be destroyed with the strength of 1000 suns!

  9. -I think Lusi’s unfavourable comparison of FFX’s writing against XIII’s really serves to contextualise the veracity of his complaint.

  10. I think Nate Liles should make his own hentai porn site. And then sneak the link into the link section.

  11. @KST: If Nate had his own hentai site, I’d expect all the pictures to have him photoshopped into them in some manner.

    @SN/Lusi: Despite Vanille’s utterances, I thought the VA of FFXIII was overall much closer to “good” than “bad.” The VA for FFX is atrocious in almost every regard. I did enjoy the plot and characters of FFX much more than XIII, though, so it’s got that going for it.

  12. @DG: Good point. And he’d photoshop Oliver’s face over Eeyore. With that in mind, I withdraw my previous post.

  13. Yeah, XIII’s VA was much better (Vanille not withstanding), their efforts were really let down however by the nonsensical script. Try sounding professional with Toriyama pulling your strings …

    -That said I do really like the FFX VA cast, they really suit the characters, but unfortunately the VA direction is way off, resulting in an unacceptable amount of errors. Many people have blamed their having to synch up to the Japanese facial animation, but I think it sounds more like they were only given one or two takes for each line of dialogue. At any rate their performances were much more solid in X-2.

  14. I said to Heather that I think they were forced to record their lines completely ignorant of each others’ work, in a single take.

    Normally these days, voice acting is done much more professionally–the voice actors hear each other’s dialogue and respond to it in a much more normal manner, based on each other’s tone of voice.

    For an early example of why I said the characters seem Schizoid, take the moment when Tidus is given food on Rikku’s ship. He makes a big nonsensical show of wolfing down the food, being ill, then being thirsty, and then suddenly he leaps to his feet and starts strutting around, laughing like a chicken and whooping. Then, he talks to Rikku and jumps up and down like a retard. After all this HE SUDDENLY, INSTANTLY BECOMES SEMI-NORMAL AGAIN.

    If you saw someone behaving like that in real life, you’d cross the street to avoid him. It’s like the Seven Faces of Dr. Lao or something.

  15. Wasn’t FFX one of the first video games to feature such extensive voice acting? From what I remember the voice acting was the big innovation for X.

  16. How dare you call Harvest Moon a bad game! I will not stand for blasphemy. You are sentenced to constantly replay FFX for all eternity.

    I too have been playing Agarest War, and I’m enjoying it so far. Sometimes it feels like it moves a little slowly though. I wish there was a bit more story between battles, even if it’s not the best story ever.

  17. @Lusi – that seems more down syndrome than schizoid but I see your point.

  18. @Darth – you are being far too kind to Nu. if it makes you feel any better the bitch got nerfed to hell in Continuum Shift.
    -I good play BB pretty much every night. Ethos, Lusi, you two should join, it’s way more fun with four people shit talkin.

  19. @Breaka-Nah, it sounds more like he has Bipolar.

    @Lusi-I think you might be right, it does sort of sound like the VA was recorded in isolation, especially Yuna.

  20. People of America,
    I would like to adress an important issue at hand.

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    I went to Gamestop to get a copy of “Final Fantasy XIII”, which seems to be ‘all the rage’ with our citizens, according to press.
    Never have I experienced a more horrible piece of media. I suffered through its monotone, boring storyline, chasing a neverending tunnel of mental terror and was just about to give up on videogames as a form of entertainment.

    By coincidence I came across Star Ocean – The Last Hope, which despite its rather childish plot did not disappoint. I found myself enjoying the time I was investing into it, other than the game I mentioned above.

    I am getting more into gaming now,
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  21. If Star Ocean 4 was Obama’s only example of video gaming, then I could forgive him for labelling them a waste of time … :/

  22. Unfortunately, a lot of VA is STILL recorded in isolation, and without the actors even having a basic premise of the game’s story and sometimes even without a voice director.

    I’m not sure how much of that was the case with FFX, but if any of those – unfortunately Japanese – practices were true, it does make it more forgivable from a distance. Doesn’t make it any less annoying to LISTEN to while playing, but still.

    If only everybody could follow Naughty Dog’s example and record the dialogue with ALL the actors present while simultaneously motion-capturing the scene using said actors. It makes the dialogue, the animations and the interactions all incredibly natural.

    But of course, there’s the issue of writing again, and that’s where FFXIII fell, because the VA itself wasn’t so bad, but it was hard to tell under that dialogue.