Feature: The Summer of X-2

Lusipurr.com is pleased(!) to present THE SUMMER OF X-2.

Good God, what an abomination. How will we ever earn forgiveness for this?
Welcome to the Summer of X-2!

Following up on the huge and inexplicable success of Final Fantasy X, Square Enix began the first direct sequel in the history of the Final Fantasy franchise. After lengthy research and opinion samples taken from wealthy young ladies in the 12-14 age bracket, the development team felt it was ready to move forward. With Brittany Spears as their artistic director, work began on Final Fantasy X-2.

Seeking to redress the distressingly ridiculous ending of Final Fantasy X, developers decided to follow the antics of High-Summoner-turned-Pop-Star Yuna in her quest to make it big with a group of sphere-snatching pirates calling themselves the Gullwings. Fate intervenes when an orb is found to contain an image of a lost loved one. So it is that Yuna, along with her partners Rikku and Paine, set out to find a particular blitzball player, once renowned for his expert skill with the Zanarkand Abes. Along the way, there are plenty of slapstick comedic exercises, and with its focus on fashion and glamour, the target audience is sure to devolve into squeals of joy.

What do you think of Final Fantasy X-2? With an inspired battle system, there is much to laud–were it not buried beneath six thousand metres of pink, bubble-gum-flavoured icing. But, let us hear your opinions. They matter. Oh yes, your opinions matter very much.

Enjoy the Summer of X-2!


  1. I finally remembered how to sticky our features so that they stay on the top of the page without me having to manually move them around!

  2. I think my favourite part of this game is the unskippable opening sequence with all the really amazing singing and dancing and flashy lights and the totally awesome and radical choreography not to mention the super-hot sexy girls who are the main characters and they are really awesome the whole thing is awesome I just think it is all the most awesome thing. Don’t you? It’s awesome!


  3. Is this some kind of joke? I was under the impression that a Summer of Xenogears was going to happen after FF10…

  4. @RootBeerKing: What, do you not like the awesomeness of Final Fantasy X-2? I do not understand. It is too awesome not to like. I mean, how can you dislike something which is so obviously awesome?

    You are probably thinking of the Autumn of X(enogears), which will of course be awesome, but not nearly so awesome as this is.

  5. Is it just me has a world of great emotion just surrounded me? I know that forward is the only way my heart could possibly go into the great SUMMER OF FFX-2!

    Also, the article above is inaccurate! Yuna didn’t become a popstar, the ineffectual comedy antagonists are using a dress sphere to pretend to be Yuna being a popstar to…I have no idea really. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    Anyway, I’m going to see if I can find a picture of that dress sphere that’s like a mech made out of pink feathers. I’m nearly 100% certain there was a gas leak in Nomura’s office when he designed it.

    P.S. Who the hell is RootBeerKing? I remember it being mentioned during the last podcast, but forget.

  6. RootBeerKing is the king of root beer, obviously!

    A world of real emotion is surrounding me, too!

    Now, let’s see what else this X-filled Summer will hold?

    What (else) can I do for you?

  7. no, no, no, april fools happens in april, not in may . I am guilty of liking a lot the theme, real emotion xD, the japanese and the english version, the game? not so much =O.

  8. Noooooo! I was anticipating opinions! You lied to me!

    Also, Go Gullwings (or whatever their catchphrase is)!

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You changed the picture! Good show, Lusipurr! Glad you found my Photoshop skillz hilarious.

  10. That is the single funniest and horrifying picture ever. Worse than NATE LILES’ Eeyore porn. Good show.

  11. HAHA, I’ll never be able to look at Paine the same way again …

  12. Of course! Face-punching is made excellent with weapons!

    …I suppose this is also a bad time to mention that I’ve cosplayed these characters before. Tidus was my first costume, followed by Songstress Rikku.

    brb an hero tiem!

  13. HI-larious! I bet you regret tellin’ me to “Comment more bitch” now, eh Biggs?!

  14. And another one? Robots really like X-2! Is the filter broken?

  15. Obviously they just can’t resist the awesome picture!