MAP Episode 66: Cosporn Deviance

Rumour has it that you can unlock a secret dress-sphere for Yuna in FFX-2: The Pole-Dancer.
Yuna: High Summoner, Rock Star, Porn Idol

Download Link: Produced 2010.05.23

Once again, the internet manages to sidetrack the panel into a discussion of matters unsavoury. News of GameStop DLC, LittleBigPlanet 2, and 3D PS3 games round out the news. Meanwhile, a quote from FFX-2: “BROTHER: Naked Yuna? I want to see!”


  1. I’ve gotta say, this podcast is the most entertained I’ve ever been by audio of people looking at porn.

  2. Well, you can’t see them, so they both exist and don’t exist at the same time. Schrödinger’s Bewbs!

  3. -Don’t you put it in your mouth, because it might go up on Mondays!

    -@Lusi: The entirety of your FFX thread discussion consisted solely of your own comments.

    -I believe the highest rating on Zune is a stony silence* …

    *(incidentally also the lowest rating)

  4. Despite my moniker, I actually don’t have free bottles/cans of Root Beer laying around to pass along to the masses. Try as I may, Barqs just doesn’t want to sponsor my life…Of course it would help if I actually contacted them about this…

    There! Now you can’t say I never comment! However, I’d comment more if you installed disqus…Just sayin’!

  5. “accedentally” went to a porn site. sure…
    -so the 360 has just outright porn in japan? ballsy. I can’t say that’s really a good or a bad thing but interesting nonetheless.
    -broad shoulders, high hairline, no hips, large hands… THOSE BEWBS ARE A LIE!
    @SN – damn… *snicker*… ehahaha… AHAHAHAHA!

  6. -Xbox doesn’t really have much of a brand to protect over in Japan, though they would probably be hoping not to get caught up in a Rapelay situation …

  7. I haven’t even started listening and I can already say this is better than the Eeyore picture Bup linked :)

  8. Summer of FFX-2 next year?

    Just curious, do you know what happened to the facebook group? You don’t have it on the links, and I just can’t seem to find it on facebook.

  9. DG: “this podcast is the most entertained I’ve ever been by audio of people looking at porn.” …..I am terrified to ask, but at what point have you been listening to other audio of people looking at porn?

    RBK: Clearly, “comment more bitch” works wonderfully. And Lusi doubted me.

    Dan: Goatse is better than the Eeyore picture honestly. And I’m highly doubtful its better than VC.

    Vinneh: If Lusi ever even considers putting us through Summer of FFX-2, I will immediately quit and drive up to Michigan for the sole purpose of stabbing him for being a sadistic prick.

  10. @Everyone: no longer supports Facebook. Sorry! It is a company which shits all over its users rights for the sake of making a profit. It is unrepentant and has no interest in actually doing what is right or fair. When a company is being chased by both the ACLU and the EU Commission on Human Rights, something is probably rotten with the way it is doing things. Follow us on TWITTER (now with 80% more Twat).

    @Vinneh: You asked for it . . .

    @Dan: As much as I loved the originality of VC, I’m honestly having more fun with 3DDGH. But, I’m a classic NES/SNES gamer at heart. So, consider that as part of the equation.

    @SN: What do you mean the entirety of our FFX Thread discussion consisted solely of my own comments? I have no idea what you mean!

  11. @Lusipurr: Hooray! More Twatting! Also, it might be a difficult question to answer, but would 3DDGH hold up for somebody who has no history with the Zelda franchise (or, really, anything pre-PS2-era)? I’m sure it’s a solid game regardless, but is it worth playing over everything else that’s out if you don’t have the Zelda memories that most have? I ask because I kind of want to play as a land shark, and the game concept sounds like it could be fun, but the only Zelda games I’ve played is Wind Waker and I’d definitely classify myself a latter-gen gamer.

    @SN: That picture is the stuff my nightmares are made of

    @Jenifer: DON’T JUDGE ME!!1!

  12. @Darth: Hmm, I honestly don’t know. It’s clearly designed for people who appreciate the top-down adventure game model of the NES/SNES/Early PS1 era. Games like Alundra, Secret of Mana, Cystalis, &c. If these things interest you, by all means–but, it is only $40 new anyway, so you won’t be out a whole lot even if it doesn’t appeal.

  13. Hmm, Steam group’s invite only. Can I get an invite? Steam username’s Deimosion.

  14. @SN: MY EYES!!!

    Also, why is overboob inferior to underboob? It’s strange, but seems true.

    @Lusipurr/Jenifer: FFX-2 was probably the more fun of the two games to play.

    The ATB is back and better than ever.

    It’s got the Job System.

    It’s non-linear.

    Sure, I play it with the TV remote nearby ready to press the CH_RETURN button to switch over to something not horribly embarassing should someone walk into the room, but what other game can you say that about? None! It’s a unique and beautiful snowflake of a game. Only those lacking in taste and refinement would not enjoy it!

  15. The overboob can be done without thinking, whereas the underboob can only be done with careful preparation.