Editorial: Now Accepting Donations to Help Cure Gaming Burnout

Hello, my lovelies.

Alas, this post will likely be lengthily-challenged (short is a naughty word in Ginialand). The site playthrough of FFX has destroyed my gaming bliss. Really, the game slithered out of my PS3, reacghed into my torso and proceeded to yank out my bliss, spit on it, throw it down, stomp on it before setting it on fire. Luckily my copy of Xenogears and the Mother 3 book thing-a-ma-jigger just arrived, which should cure what ails me. Unfortunately this is further motivation for me to hurry this post up and gtfo the internet. I was going to rant about MMOs, but Mr. Liles of all people beat me to it. He will receive his stabbings later.

So, let me flip this post around a bit. Have any of you ever been in a gaming funk? Have you ever lost the will or desire to play for more than a few minutes here or there? What is your cure for this? Is there a cure? Should we start holding annual fundraising telethons? I will gladly accept donations to help us find a cure for gaming burnout. To answer some of my own questions, I would have to say that nostalgia is my cure. I know, this is a huge shock to you guys. It is true, though. For example, in between FFX torture sessions, I have been playing Lufia 2 and I am going through one of my all-time favourite sidequests, the Ancient Cave. An hour or so of random dungeon-crawling there and I feel well enough to face the horrors of Spira again. I imagine that time spent away from a game or games in general can also cure – either cure us of our apathy towards games, or cure us of our game addictions, whichever.

Pardon me, all. I need to play some Xenogears. Hopefully after a few hours oggling Citan and Sigurd will make me strong enough to endure more of Tidus’ buffoonery.


  1. When I am sick of games I play either old games that I love from the past, or TF2.

    Usually the former. When I am in a funk, I seldom want to play even TF2. But, a little Mega Man 2 and Zelda 3 might be just the ticket.

  2. I fired up Xenogears at a friend’s house on an emulator not too long ago. (Piracy, blah, blah, there’s a copy sitting on my shelf three feet to my left. :-P) Said friend was extremely inebriated and asked, “Is that FFX?” during the opening expository text “crawl.” Knowing that he has played FFX twice to completion I just nodded.

    While I might have otherwise been annoyed for the second thing after a cool looking intro movie, that makes very little to no sense until you’re ~60 hours into a game, to be several screens worth of exposition about various factions with odd names the music made it quite tolerable.

    Then after the text blob I was reminded that Fei was in fact an artist or something. Sort of like how Mario is a plumber or the ATHF are detectives. It was one of those “Oh, right. Wait a second…that’s never going to come up again?” moments from not having played Xenogears since beating it back in ’98. More than a decade before Oliver “The Destroyer” Waddles-Montok was born.

    So I guess my point is two fold.

    First, the atmosphere a good soundtrack can create can really make annoyances and/or glaring faults forgiveable.

    Except for FFX.

    And that second, popping in a mindless action game I haven’t play before, picking up an old favorite RPG, or finally dusting off a backlog RPG that I’ve heard great things about (and hopefully it not sucking) can really get me back into the mood to play games.

  3. hmm, I play PAIN or Castlevania when bored. PAIN cause you can imagine it being someone you dislike to launch into things.

  4. I have two major hobbies; Gaming and Anime, when I get burned out on one, I turn to the other, it’s the perfect nerd system to ensure I never am bored or sick of my hobbies.

  5. @Ginia – you’re gross.

    @RBK – that’s pretty much my system except I read manga instead of watch animu. you will be missed Fullmetal T_T.

  6. try Dracula X chronicles for old school castlvania goodness . and ginia thegreat potato is really Nate Bup Liles.

  7. when im tired of jrpgs i play some genres that i dont like that much, like shooters or fighting games.now for example, i dont have any decent single player jrpg to play so i had been playing a lot of White Knight CHronicles online.

  8. You should take up programming! It’s a great way to pass the time when you don’t feel like gaming :D