MAP Episode 67: Educational Programming

The correct answer to 'what is six by nine' is 'forty-two'.
Wow, that looks both fun and educational!

Download Link: Produced 2010.05.30

With all of the usual panelists on the bus to E3, only Lusipurr and Ginia remain behind to cover the news. Luckily, guest panelist Eric Jordan has remained behind as well. The three cover the news, educationally, with all the puns that are fit to podcast.


  1. I cant download the podcast. Someone else has the same problem or I am just that lucky? -.-

  2. The link is broken.

    The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie.


    (Sorry, was in the process of activating it last night when I was distracted and, thereafter, quite forgot!)

  4. yes!, I have the podcast. IT S LIKE WALKING IN THE SUNSHINE!(like towelie =P)

  5. its the madness you unleash when you do such a good podcast xD . The awesomeness of x2 is so good that it hits you like a horse kicking you in the face but you land in crap, that absorbs part of the shock =D . see? MADNESS xD .

  6. Australia’s highest rating is MA, M is the one bellow it. What we need is an R rating to bring our games classifications in line with our film classifications.

  7. @Lusi: I thought we had already established that the quickest way to solve anything is to raise an army?

  8. My favorite “edutainment” games were all of the Carmen Sandiego games, especially Where in Time. Oh, and Mario is Missing was fun, too.

    Also, the podcast needs Eric Jordan more often.

  9. @Lusi: Better then to overturn the weak populist Government, and salt the earth of the ACT, so nothing shall grow there ever again!

  10. -Cocaine wat? WTF did I miss?

    -Wolfenstein? I’ve never even played it, I’m confused.

    -When did we replace our albino Canadian with a bubble-gum-popping California girl? Liek OMG liek OMG liek really liek ya.

    -Bulbasaur’s Dating Dash? Sweet, Pokemon dating sims! ‘Bumper burn’ means you lost.

    -Colored Sonic is chasing WASPs? Hooray racism!

    -My ears have been taped by listening to this. The horror…

  11. Fine, don’t mention me in the TF2 talk, when you mentioned everybody else. I see how it is.

  12. They had that at the computer lab at either middle or high school. Operation Neptune and Oregon Trail too.

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