MAP Episode 69: Australian Rules

Bieber. It's Australian for FAGGIT.

Download Link: Produced 2010.06.13

It’s Australian Rules when Julian ‘SiliconNoob’ Taylor, Australian, joins the podcast for the first time. Bup is quick to educate the panel on the latest and greatest(?) Lady Gaga news, whilst Biggs dodges Biebermania in an effort to talk boobs, instead.

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Conversations With Bup
(Being a behind-the-scenes look at the quotidian aspects of working with Mr. Nathaniel Liles, Gentleman.)
Lusipurr: Will you be home on Saturday at 11:00?
Nathaniel Liles: Am or PM
Lusipurr: 11:00. Neither AM nor PM. The only 11:00 in a 24-hour day. Or indeed in a day of any length of hours greater than or equal to eleven hours.
Nathaniel Liles: AM or PM
Lusipurr: 11:00
Nathaniel Liles: AM or PM
Lusipurr: 11:00
Nathaniel Liles: AM or PM
Lusipurr: 11:00, neither Ante Meridian or Post Meridian.
Nathaniel Liles: AM or PM
Lusipurr: Nate Liles. I will kill you with a biscuit tin full of death. Tell me whether or not you are working at 11:00 on Saturday so that I can send out an e-mail!
Nathaniel Liles: AM or PM
Lusipurr: Confine yourself to YES or NO.
Nathaniel Liles: Confine yourself to AM or PM
Lusipurr: There is no AM or PM on my clock! We do not use that antiquated method of timekeeping at If you go to the site, you will see this PROUDLY DISPLAYED on every post. You use it in the backend! Will you be home at 11:00 on Saturday!?
Nathaniel Liles: AM or PM
Lusipurr: I am putting you down for “No.” and also for “Asshole.”
Nathaniel Liles: AM or PM
Lusipurr: ASSHOLE PM
Nathaniel Liles: No I will not be home at 11 PM. 11 AM I will be.
Lusipurr: I don’t know what 11 PM is. Is that like 23:00? I think it might be. I understand mad people used that method of counting the hours, once, in AGES PAST.
Nathaniel Liles: AM or PM
Lusipurr: Asshole Motherfucker. Persistently Moronic.
Nathaniel Liles: at 11 Asshole Motherfucker I will be home. At 11 Persistently Moronic I will not.
Lusipurr: You are always persistently moronic. That is why it is PERSISTENT.
Nathaniel Liles: You’re welcome
Lusipurr: Apology accepted.
Nathaniel Liles: You’re welcome
Lusipurr: Apology accepted.
Nathaniel Liles: AM or PM
Lusipurr: Today is Monday.


  1. … I really need to get a proper headset, I sound near inaudible.

    *Salutes UNDERBOOB*

  2. 1. The secret’s out. I got boob reduction surgery and did a shit ton of pilates to stretch myself. I’m actually Lady Gaga.

    2. “HI NATE!!!”

    3. Julian sounds cute and not at all like Vanille. Yay!

  3. @Darth: Glad someone noticed!

    @SN: A better headset seems to be in order, as does a MECHAKANGAROO or a ROWBOAT. Get on it!

    @Ginia: No Ginias Allowed!

    How about them outtakes!?

  4. Needs more boobs. Also, this has got to be a record for “NATE LILES’ Fastest Podcast Derailment Ever!”

  5. The M$ conference was amazing, I can’t believe how badly they’ve fucked up … the Wii is going to outhardcore the 360 this year, and that is both sad and shameful!

  6. There are bad conferences, and then there is what Microsoft did today on the floor of E3.

    If they were a dog, I’d rub their nose in it.

  7. -Fantastic picture.
    -I still enjoy a lot of JRPGs. For example, I wish that Persona 5 would hurry up.
    -I love the Civ series. I’ve played all of them. The new hex-grid format will be interesting.
    -WTF is a Beeta, Lusi?
    -FF13 is worth more than $5, it’s worth at least as much as a movie ticket. Most of the things in the theatre are just as shitty as that game.
    -I was actually bothered by them taking out the mahjongg and hostess stuff. I was thinking about buying it, but when I heard they started cutting stuff out, I was one of the people who decided to skip it.

    (Only got through about half the show, but time to leave work, I’m sure I’ll have more to say later, too)

  8. At least Microsoft is being hilarious to watch. Just because something is stupid, derivative, and horrible doesn’t mean one can’t derive pleasure from it.

  9. It was fun, but it would probably be less so if the 360 was my only console …

  10. @Lusi – uh, Move?

    does anyone else think that SiliconNoob sounds a bit like Russel Brand? maybe it’s the headset…

  11. Don’t speak too soon, we’ve still tomorrows Sony conference to get through …

    -BTW, it looks like babby requires its own power source.

  12. @Lusi/SN – At this point, E3 is Sony’s to lose. Even if they spend 1/2 their press conference on Move and 1/2 on real games, that would still blow MS out of the water (also, is it just assumed at this point Nintendo will have a new Zelda for 5 minutes, then spend an hour talking about how awesome the vitality sensor will be?)

    @DCS – I’m really curious about Civ V as well. I wouldn’t consider myself a serious Civ IV fan, but I do come back to it a few times a year for a few weeks. I think the most interesting addition to Civ V, though, is the removal of unit stacking. I’ve lost track of how many times I didn’t feel like finishing a game because both me and my opponents have huge stacks of units and we don’t want to actually bother moving them all around. If they can clean up the combat, Civ V might just be the perfect way to lost hours of your life without even noticing it.

  13. @Breaka: See Darth’s comment. Also, even with Move, Sony has not (yet) retooled their entire brand with a focus on casual gamers. I would be very surprised if they did, considering the tenor of their PR line about such things, too.

  14. Yeah, I was quite surprised with their insistence that Move be shoe-horned into Socom and GT5, it seems they’re dead set on establishing motion control as a core game mechanic. I have no faith that they can actually pull it off, but at least their conference won’t be dominated by a Wii Sports re-skin.

  15. Neither EA nor Ubisoft’s press conferences made me care about much either. It’s kinda sad that the highlight of the day was Child of Eden. I hope Sony and Nintendo’s go better.

  16. I have just heard an anecdotal account on Twitter that the 360 Slims don’t have red lights!

  17. SiliconNoob’s introduction made me spit water all over, including almost onto my laptop.