Review: This Week in Farts

Monday was a good day for farts. I ate a lot of sausage.
Tuesday was an excellent day for farts. I had some of that hot queso cheese for lunch and HOOBOY. They were rank!
Wednesday was a fair day for farts on account of some of the previous day’s queso cheese still hanging around in there.
Thursday and Friday were not very good days for farts at all. I ate way too much fiber.
On Saturday and Sunday, though, it was an awesome day for farts. I drank beer all day both days, and I was like a one-man brass band!
Overall, I’d say this was a good week for farts.


  1. This is my fault. I sent him this AS A JOKE whilst he was at work, and apparently he thought it would be a good idea to implement it.

    Don’t worry. He is fixing it NOW.

    And I mean NOW.

  2. Lusipurr my kill the post, but it will live on in the hearts of my fans for all time…

  3. I hope it stands for all time as a testament to the posterity of of NATE’s posterior.

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