Editorial: Not Lazy, Just Canadian

Hello and Happy Canada Day! I hope you all, Canadian or otherwise, find time today to pay homage to the Great Potato. Perhaps eat some bacon, drink some syrup, and call someone a hoser.

Unfortunately, I do not have much of a post for you guys today. I had a spiffy idea, but I was too sick yesterday to implement it and today I simply do not have the time. I will leave it for next week, and instead offer something that someone else did, which will probably be much more entertaining anyway.

Stay tuned to your browsers next week for a batch of retro review nonsense from me, and in the meantime enjoy The Spoony One’s Dismantling of Final Fantasy VIII. I promise, next week will not involve the Sims. It will involve Terranigma, though! Hurray!

Sorry again, but I did not want to leave you guys with nothing, nor did I want to slap some uninteresting, unfunny nonsense up.


  1. lolCanada

    Spoony’s FFVIII review is good, but his FFX review (unfinished) is amazing.

  2. If Canada is America’s hat, are Canadians America’s dandruff?

  3. I was crying I was laughing so hard at that review. this man speaks the truth. doesn’t Oliver like that fuckin game? I hope you showed him this shit.