Feature: The Great Pokemon Hunt 2010

Lusipurr.com is pleased to present The Great Pokemon Hunt 2010!

Bites anything when it attacks. Small and very quick, it is a common sight in many places.
#019 - Rattata

From 4 July, any person who trades Lusipurr a PKMN will be entered into The Great 2010 PKMN Hunt. The person with the most trades completed before our Autumn Xenogears playthrough (in October) will win a brand new, full price (up to $60 US) game of their choice! This contest is open to Lusipurr.com staff members and guests, but all trades must be set up using the comment system.

How To Play:
1 – Lusipurr will ask for a general type of PKMN until all the base evolution, non-legendary PKMN of that type have been traded. If you can fulfill his request, post a comment on this thread saying what PKMN you would like to trade him. One trade at a time per person, please!

2 – Lusipurr will attempt to trade with people for PKMN he wants on a first-comment, first-traded basis. If that attempt fails, he will move on to the next person offering, and so on, until the trade for that PKMN is successful.

3 – When a trade is successful, the person who made the trade will receive credit for it. Thereafter, no one can trade that PKMN to Lusipurr again. Running totals will be posted every week at the bottom of the podcast thread.

All participants will have their names and scores read on the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, and there will be a number of secondary prizes awarded, as well! So, even the smallest contribution is worthwhile. Get out there and catch some PKMN!

Remember, you will need to add Lusipurr to your Pal Pad, and he will need to add you to his own, so be sure to provide your information the first time you comment. Lusipurr’s PKMN name is Lusi and his friend code is 3782 3146 6386.

* * * * * * *

DanChiSao (Failboy – 3696 2733 0815): 101
KenJuJuu (Komaki – 5326 9229 7429): 97
Jenifer (Jenifer – 0604 0672 6866): 6
Ethos (Ethos – 3567 4536 4233): 2


  1. Goddammit, I left all of my pokemon games in storage until August.

  2. Kenju: I am available all day today, provided I have about 30-45 minutes notice. Name the tine and I’ll be here:

  3. I have a Cacnea to trade. I’ll be around most of the day as well. How about around 12:15-12:30 eastern?

  4. @Dan: Can’t do that time block, I’m afraid. Still not home yet. Actually will probably head there once Kenju gives me a time because I’ve missed her trades a lot due to timezone snafus.

  5. No problem. I’m going to go grab some lunch and run errands. I’ll let you know when I get back. Perhaps we can trade tonight.

  6. Sorry! Got sidetracked on Saturday by Kangaroo burgers and Napoleon Dynamite. I can do today normal time (19.00 GMT). Is that fair?

  7. @Kenju: I’ll be here from now until about 19:00 your time (or 18:00 GMT). I may be around a little longer, but I’m not sure. Anyway, I’ll be in the trading room from now until whenever I leave.

    @Dan: I should be home after 18:00 — maybe around 19:00 EDT, though I won’t be around for long, so we’ll have to do our best to connect then.

  8. Point awarded!
    Komaki successfully traded Poochyena!

    (And she should bloody well turn her voice chat on so she can hear me thanking her!)

  9. Sorry! Next time! I’ll stick my DS on to charge now!
    In fact, I can trade you a Sneasel now if you’d like – it’s Japanese, so you’ll be able to get the Japanese Pokedex entry from it, if you’re so inclined.

  10. ..Or, since you’ll be leaving in a minute, I can do same time tomorrow?

  11. I’ll do my best to be home by 18:30 EDT, possibly earlier. I will send you a message as soon as I get home.

  12. I wanna be the very best.
    Like noone ever was.
    To catch them is my real test.
    To train them is my cause.
    I will travel across the land.
    Searching far and wide.
    Each Pokemon to understand.
    The power that’s inside.

    For shame on you… How can you call yourself true Pokemon Masters if you don’t catch your own! For Shame, for shame!…

  13. @Dan: Will have to wait until tomorrow, I have an urgent meeting that just came up, and I will be out the rest of the day. Sorry!

    @Oyashir: The POINT of being a Pokemon Master is to learn to trade AND to catch. That’s why the games each have PKMN that the other games do not.

    A real PKMN master shares his PKMN and chooses them based on friendship, and not dominance.

  14. @Dan: Looks like it can happen tonight if you are still around. Got out of my meeting much earlier than expected.

  15. @Dan: I will be around here and there today. If you are available this evrning after 18:00 we can trade then.

    @Kenju: 19:00 GMT it is (that’s 20:00 for you and 15:00 for me!)

    If both trades are successful…

  16. …don’t suppose we get a heads up on the next type, do we?

  17. …Shall we reconvene tomorrow, an hour earlier? Normal time, since changing it seemed to throw us off. :D

  18. @Ken & Dan: Sorry guys, was called into the office to handle some urgent business and wascat work from 10:00 until 20:30. Tomorrow should be good. I will be around all afternoon.

    Sorry! Tomorrow we’ll trade and get our exciting new assignment.

  19. @Ken: Today at 19:00 GMT is fine, or at 18:00 GMT if you prefer. At any rate, I’ll be around from now until late tonight.

    @Dan: After work is fine for me. As I said to Ken, I’ll be around all night!

  20. @Ken: Was here, but I guess you were busy. Maybe tomorrow?

    @Dan: I have a meeting at 18:00 Eastern, but I should be home around 19:00. Trade then?


  21. It looks like my dinner plans for tonight are canceled; so, I should be around. Just let me know when you get back!

  22. I don’t have any decent Pokemon yet, but for future notice, I has a name (Jenifer) and a friend code (0604 0672 6866). Yay for mediocrity!

  23. Sorry about yesterday – I am in the process of preparing and going on holiday, so I won’t be available until Saturday at the earliest. Best you pass this one over to DanChiSao so we can get a new type.

  24. I do have a Spiritomb for you, but I probably won’t be able to trade tonight. Is tomorrow evening ok?

  25. @Dan: Yep, from tomorrow morning, I am done with work, so my schedule is pretty open until school begins in the Autumn.

  26. I cannot trade for an entire week, due to lack of Wi-Fi Spots. DanChiSao, feel free to rack up the points during this time. :D

  27. Umm…thanks, KJJ. Honestly, I feel kinda bad about you not being around. I hope you enjoy your holiday.

    @Lusi I should probably be home standard time tonight 18:00-18:30 Eastern.

  28. @DanChiSao: I’m around now. Sorry, fell asleep. Just leave a message if you’re still about and I’ll log in.

  29. Sorry, got caught up on the phone. Hope I didn’t miss you. I’ll be around if you still wanna trade.


    The new desired type is Bug.

    Trading will begin on 23 July at Midnight GMT. Please do not post trade intentions prior to that time. This gives everyone one week to catch a bunch of Bug pokemon!

    Good luck!

  31. ….Thank You Lusipurr!!! Now I won’t fall behind (because God knows I have enough Bug pokemon!)

  32. Hey, Lusi, just want to make sure we’re all on the same page. By midnight on the 23rd, did you mean last night (thus it’s ok to post now) or did you mean tonight at midnight?

    I see people use it both ways in contests, and it’s bred a level of uncertainty into my interpretation.

  33. @Dan: Nope, trading has been open for seventeen and a half hours!

    Everyone, post your trades today!

  34. Alright. Well I’m heading home right now with a weedle for you. Trade maybe around 18:45-19:00 eastern?

  35. Just got home, but I’ll be in all night, though I may take a nap in a bit. Just lemme know if you’re free!

  36. @Dan: Should be around during dinner; don’t know when, but not too long, I hope. (I’m hungry.)

    Will leave a message here when I’m available!

  37. I have a Paras and Venonat for you…I would also have a Pineco if the motherfuckers would stop using Self-Destruct. God damn kamikaze pine cones.

  38. Haha. Yeah, those are annoying. While we’re waiting on Lusi, is there anything you’re looking for Jenifer?

  39. Not yet, I’m still pretty early on in the game. I just got to Goldenrod earlier, so I’ve got a long way to go >.< But thank you.

  40. @Dan & Biggs: Sorry about tonight. Ended up not feeling well, plus loads of chores. Will be around tomorrow before TF2.

    See you then! Remember, Jen, I only take one trade announcement at a time. Your first one is the one I take unless otherwise specified.

  41. Hooray, I got the damned exploding pinecone! Would you like it now?

  42. Hi there! So I have a Kricketot for you, around 18.00 GMT today?

  43. sorry! the connection was lost – do you want to try again? I’m still here (and still on the phone).

  44. Point awarded!
    Komaki successfully traded Kricketot!

    No worries, Kenjujuu. The trade went through. My internet connexion has been going out all day every 15-30 minutes or so. I’m *this* close to calling Comcast and cancelling service with them.

  45. Oh, alrighty then :) I don’t know what Comcast is, but if your internet keeps crashing and its not in Britain, it can’t be very good.
    I have an Anorith too, if you’re still around.

  46. Hey. Sorry I’ve been at my parents (and thus sans Internet) all weekend. Will you be around tonight…say 21:30 edt?

  47. Sorry – I went offline before I got your message. 18.00 GMT today, for an Anorith?

  48. I have a Paras to go with Buttplug.

    Readers, name your Pokemon horrible things, Lusipurr loves it. Buttplug the Pineco is awesome!

  49. And lastly, Penis the Caterpie, so it may become Metapod and use Harden :D

  50. Sorry, I’ll be delayed by about 20 minutes. Will you still be around?

  51. It’s okay :) Sorry for the delay. I have a Yanma for same time tomorrow, if you’d like.

  52. @Jen: You’re in luck. H just left and I can’t use the computer for WoW, so you get a late-night trade in.

    @Dan: If you’re still here, let me know!

  53. Reposting my friend code because it seems to have disappeared from the site:

    Name: Failboy
    Code: 3696 2733 0815

  54. Sure thing – My code is 5326 9229 7429. I also have a Heracross to trade as well.

  55. …has your internet crashed again? I kinda can’t stick around for very long, so shall we try again tomorrow?

  56. @Kenju: Sorry, fired up my DS to find myself in the middle of a series of battles I didn’t finish last night.

    Tomorrow works fine! Sorry about that! (Also, yes, my internet is on the fritz again, too.)

  57. Goddamnit! I forgot!
    I was setting alarms on my phone for these, but forgot to set the alarm last night . . .
    I’ll be right in if you are still there. I’m sorry!

  58. @Kenju: Ugh, looks like I missed you. Totally my fault there. Vy sorry.

    I *WILL* be around tomorrow at the correct time, and I have set an alarm on my phone this time. I really need to remember to do that, otherwise I simply forget.

    My apologies again. I really, really will be here tomorrow–provided these storms don’t knock out the power.

  59. You have unleashed a monster, Lusipurr. A constant commitment until October …

  60. @SN: Tell me about it; and I’m very forgetful to begin with. Recipe for disaster! I need to SET MY PHONE for this stuff, otherwise I am going to have people angry at me (if they’re not already).

  61. It seems like you have people angry every day. Can you not specify one specific time per week wherein to transfer Pokemon?!

  62. …erm, I’m off on holiday, and current state of Wi-Fi in the hotel is unknown, so shall we say tomorrow at 19.00 GMT until I know otherwise? No worries about the whole forgetting thing – you have less inclination to remember than the rest of us, who are fighting tooth and nail for the Sims 3!…well, some of us.

  63. @SN, it would be nice if we could set a time for everyone, but it’s hard to do when we live on different continents.

  64. @SN: Because all the people who play TF2 live in North America (and in fact, almost all live on the East Coast), which is just one continent.

  65. @Dan: Sorry, been in and out all day. It’s been a while since your post, but I’m around now if you are available.

  66. Sorry, but I won’t be able to trade until sunday at the earliest.

  67. @Dan: Sorry, wasn’t available on Sunday! Will be around all day/evening Monday.

    @Kenju: If you’re around Monday at 18:00 GMT, I’ll be here!

  68. Sorry from me too, I went out before I got your message. I can do 18.00 GMT tonight?

  69. @Dan: Sorry, I was out by the time you messaged. I’ll be here this evening, though.

    @Ken: 18:00 GMT it is! I’ve set my phone!

  70. …I appear to have lost my DS charger, and I am now out of battery. Shall we postpone? Sorry about this :(

  71. damn this has gotten long. this is only partially relevant but I found somethin on Gelbooru involvin pokemon but not porn that was kinda cool. well, I thought it was cool. i figured a bunch of pokemon trainers would enjoy it. the pictures themselves are all worksafe but adds are not.


    also, DO NOT USE GELBOORU TO LOOK UP PICTURES OF POKEMON! now that i’ve said this if you do look somethin up and see some shit you didn’t want to see you have only yourselves to blame. i wash my hands of it.

  72. …that is the single coolest thing I’ve seen all day, breaka. I’m selling art at an anime convention, and I was actually thinking about doing something along those lines. Do you know if this artist has deviantart? I don’t dare search on Gelbooru for anything else.

    On the topic of trading, I’m available to trade a Yanma and a Heracross at 18.00 GMT tomorrow. Is that okay?

  73. here is Hitec’s site
    it’s in moonspeak, of course.

    on the left you’ll see numbers like 001-034, 035-068, 069-099, etc. those are groups of pokemon. once you select one on the left you’ll see the numbers 001, 002, etc with archaic runes next to them. those are the pics of the moemon. enjoy :)

  74. also, a star next to the number on the right means he/she hasn’t drawn that pokemon yet.

  75. That’s awesome – in the process of learning moonspeak myself (ha!) so we’ll see how this goes…

  76. @Ken: One sec whilst I log back in.

    This is why you should keep your speakers on and tell me these things! :p

  77. @Kenju: I’m there, and I see you, but you’re on standby and not responding. I’ll remain in for a while, so just try to trade me when you get back.

  78. I can’t stick the speakers on, I’m watching re-runs of Have I Got News For Yoy on Youtube. Sorry about that!

  79. You can hear when the sound’s off? Wow, that’s awkward…

  80. Hmm…I tried to send two messages earlier saying that I wasn’t going to be able to make it tonight, and neither one showed up. Hopefully this one will. Sorry I missed tonight.

  81. Alright. I’m home now, I’ll head over to the trading room shortly.

    I shall trade you the nincada I offered last week, and then I also have a volbeat.

  82. Haven’t seen you. I’m going to get dinner. Let me know if you’ll be free sometime later to do the trades.

  83. @Dan: Ugh! Forgot to set my phone. I was doing a WoW Dungeon with Ginia. Sorry!

    Leave a comment and I’ll login when it pops up. :)


    The new desired type is Ghost.

    Trading will begin on 16 August at Midnight GMT. Please do not post trade intentions prior to that time. This gives everyone one week to catch a bunch of Ghost pokemon!

    Good luck!

  85. opps…… i sorry, will stay to the rules from now on sir!

  86. Since it’s technically the 16th, Lusi, I can give you a Giratina if you want it. I think it has a nickname, and I won’t be able to get until the end of the week, but I’ve got one and don’t need it for anything.

  87. Damn! And I got up early for this and every thing! Ah well – I can get you a Misdreavus today at 17.30 GMT – maybe a Shuppet as well?

  88. What do you want its nickname to be? I can change it before trading, or even just change it to “GIRATINA” if you want.

    I’ll be back and able to trade probably Thursday/Friday at the earliest.

  89. Ouch…seems I’m late to the party already. I have a few to trade as well. Let’s start with Rotom. I’m off from work today, but have a couple appointments. I’ll be free to trade around 11:00 EDT for an hour or two, and then again sometime after 14:30 EDT

  90. @Ken: Sure thing! I’ll be here. Phone alarm set!

    @Deim: Just “Giratina” is fine!

    @Dan: After 14:30 sounds good! Just leave a comment when you’re here.

  91. @Deimosion: Actually, I’ll need to know your character name and your friend code before we can trade. Mine is up above in the actual post.

  92. I’m not sure >_>. I’ll let you know when I get my copy of Platinum back from storage.

  93. @Dan: Been waiting a bit, no sign of you. Just leave a message here and I’ll sign in when you’re back!

  94. I’m sorry! My appointment ran waaay long. I’m home now though! Let me know if you’re still around.

  95. I’ll be in town tomorrow, so I can get you a Giratina this weekend, as well as a Gastly, if noone else beats me to it.

  96. @Deimosion: Still waiting? If not, we should let other people have a crack considering there are no other PKMN left to trade at the moment.

  97. Let others have a shot at it, I’ve been really busy lately.

  98. …Giratina? 19.00 GMT today? Or is that rude? If not, Froslass works fine…

  99. Can we make it 20.00 GMT? I’m running a bit late food-wise.

  100. Suck it, Failboy! And I don’t suppose I could get that Giratina back at a later date, could I?

  101. Sure, I’d be willing to trade it for a Froslass. :D

    Generally, I don’t want legendaries. They are only on the list to give people who have them a chance to make a lot of points if they want to risk me saying, “No, I think I’ll keep it this time.”

  102. Nice try there, DCS. I do actually have a Froslass for trading – found a spare kicking around :D Does 20.00 GMT today sound good?


    The new desired type is Poison.

    Trading will begin on 4 September at Midnight GMT. Please do not post trade intentions prior to that time. This gives everyone one week to catch a bunch of Poison pokemon!

    Good luck!

  104. Hey, I have a Nidoran(f) and a Budew for anytime before 18.00 GMT. When’s best for you?

  105. And I’ll say around 16:30. Are we planning for the same time, by any chance?

  106. So, I’ve been hanging about for 15 minutes, so I’m going to go, but shall we try again same time tomorrow? Don’t trade too many with DCS!

  107. I have to go for a bit, too. Perhaps we can try again later on today? Just let me know what works for you.

  108. Sorry Ken and Dan, I’ve been sick all morning. I passed out earlier and just woke up again.

    I think I’ll have to give today a miss. I’ve set up my phone to alarm me tomorrow, though, if you’ll be around.

    Sorry about this. Think I had some bad lunchmeat.

  109. It’s absolutely fine. I think being on the floor unconcious is a pretty viable reason for not trading pokemon, after all. I’ll be around today, if you’re feeling up to it.

  110. No worries. Hope you’re starting to feel better. I’ll be around for the next few hours if you’re free to trade.

  111. @Kenju and Dan: Sure thing, just leave a comment here when you’re around and ready to trade. (Give me about 10-30 minutes to get the e-mail, though.)

    As soon the e-mail comes in, I’ll sign onto my DS and trade. :)

  112. I’ll say around 17.00 tomorrow for mine, just to be on the safe side.


  114. Hi Lusi,
    I’m about to head out for the rest of the day and evening, but I’ll be around tomorrow to trade if you’re free. I have rounded up a Bulbasaur, Ekans, Koffing, and Tentacool to trade.

    @KJJ: :D

  115. @Dan: I should be here around 13:00 Eastern (17:00 GMT). You’ll have to wait until after Kenju, though!

    I’ve got you down for the Bulbasaur–the rest depend on what she has to trade first!

  116. Yeah, suck it, Failboy! And it just so happens I have EVERY OTHER POKEMON ON THE LIST available for trading at 17.00 GMT.

  117. This is becoming most intense. I did not expect that we’d have time for another round of trades, but unless Dan takes until the 24th to trade his Bulbasaur, it seems we will!

    This one is going down to the wire!


    The FINAL desired type is Psychic.

    Because Psychic has so many legendaries, anyone could win now–even someone who hasn’t made any trades so far!

    Trading will begin on 13 September at Midnight GMT. Please do not post trade intentions prior to that time. This gives everyone one week to catch a bunch of Psychic pokemon!

    Good luck!

  119. Hey, Kenjuju. Since we’re past that set of pokeymans, do you have a seviper or croagunk that you could trade to me? I need them for my collection.

  120. I’m glad to see people trading with each other! That was one of the side-effects of this contest that I was hoping for!

  121. Sorry! I didn’t check the post, since we’re on vacation somewhat :D I can definitely trade you a level one croagunk, and maybe a Seviper at a later date. Once this round is done, we can set up times.

  122. Hey hey! I’ll trade around 17.00 GMT, if that’s okay. Do we have to specify which we’ll be trading, since it’s getting close?


    Lusipurr wants two items. Trade them to him with your Pokemon and gain 3 bonus points!

    The items Lusipurr is looking for are:
    – Razor Claw
    – Dusk Stone

    These items can only be traded to him once, so the first person to do so gets the points. Good luck!

  124. I would like to trade Uxie, Mesprit Azelf, Abra, Unown and Slowpoke. Is that too much?

  125. It’s okay, we can trade my pokemon back in turn, if that makes sense.

  126. Well…that’s about all she wrote since I only have 3 legendaries that I could trade. Makes it hard to catch up.

  127. It’s not over until all the normal trades are in, especially considering I am tired of trying to get a Dusk Stone and a Razor Claw!

  128. I might be able to trade Tuesday evening at some point, starting with Lugia. I have class and work until at least 18:00 Eastern tho

  129. @DCS: If I am not here at 18:00 (or whenever you are available), leave a comment and my e-mail will pick it up within 15 minutes, and I’ll sign on.

    If you have either of those items, they are a three-point bonus!


  130. AND I got a Dusk Stone today, so that means only a Razor Claw is left.

    However, to make up for this, I have increased the points for items. A Razor Claw will now net you five points!

    Razor Claws can be obtained in the following areas:
    Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: Route 224, Victory Road, Battle Tower/Frontier, Team Galactic HQ
    HeartGold/SoulSilver: Battle Frontier (48bp), Cerulean Cave B1F

  131. @Dan: It’s 18:00 Eastern. I’m in the Battle Frontier for a few more minutes. Let me know with a comment when you are around.

  132. Alright, well, I’m going to bed. I will be home from class/work for a short time around 18:30 Eastern. Will you be free then?

  133. Dawn Stones!!!

    Sorry Dan, had a lie down and didn’t get your e-mail until I woke up. Won’t be around tomorrow evening (class), but Thurs. is open!

  134. @Ken: On the phone with comcast having them fix my internet. Give me 30 minutes?

  135. @Kenju: You’re not here, so I’m guessing you either had something come up or got tired of waiting. Leave a comment when you get in, and I’ll log back into the game.

  136. Oh! I didn’t realise I was at 97! You think if I trade again tomorrow I could hit 100?

  137. @Kenju: Yep. Three normal trades would put you at 100 points even, with 63 points outstanding, enough for DCS to still have a shot at victory, provided he has access to at least three of the legendaries, and both items.

  138. @Dan: Just logged in to see you weren’t there.

    I’ll be around most of the night, but you’ll need to let me know a bit beforehand as to when you are available. Best way is to leave a message here in the comments, and when I get it, I will sign in.

    I have to run to the store at some point, but that will only take me 15-20 minutes at the most.

  139. Sorry, Lusi, I’m trying to get home ASAP, but would re-scheduling for later tonight be ok? Would 21:30 Eastern be too late? It would take a little stress off for me

  140. Your sound is off, but I have everything left to trade you. Hopefully you’ll get this while we’re still trading.

  141. We have something of a problem. I’m trying to figure how to work it out fairly. Here’s the posish:

    Kenjujuu did ask to trade, and I told her yes. She said ‘three of the normal ones’, but didn’t specify which.

    Because she didn’t specify, she has no claim to any of them–and Dan traded all of the outstanding ones tonight. But, if Kenju’s claim were upheld, Dan would have been prevented trading three, and then Dan would be six points behind Kenju, assuming all else being the same.

    I have always been pretty strict about not accepting people’s trade intentions unless they were declared. It is curious that my lapse in this instance is so vital. For that, I bear responsibility.

    My proposed suggestion is this:

    Because I did tell Kenju yes, that she could trade three normal pokemon, I will allow her to do so. However, I will not allow her to trade more than three normal pokemon. This will put her at 100 points–one point behind DanChiSao.

    However, during her trading, if she trades me either of the two outstanding Legendaries, I will accept them as I would for anyone else. I honestly do not know if she has either of them, and so I make this offer as fairly as I can. (Though I am, of course, aware that both Celebi and Deoxsys are incredibly rare.)

    . . .

    I am trying to be as fair as I can, knowing that in some part my own ambiguity and other additions have had a hand in this (such as the addition of item trades just prior to KJs trade, so that she didn’t have time to get them, and so on).

    Objections, suggestions, ideas?

  142. Earlier in the contest, and in your rules, you said that we could only lay claim to one pokemon at a time. In theory, wouldn’t that rule apply here as well?

  143. @Dan: I did, but I today made the genuine mistake of basically saying “Yes” when I was asked to trade three, without specifying which three.

    To be fair, I was operating under the assumption (at the time) that you were only going to trade a Latios, so I didn’t expect it would be a problem. Of course, this doesn’t make it all right. In the end, I should not have said yes. I should have said, “Name which pokemon you want to trade.” In all other cases, I have done this.

    Regardless, by approving her trade, I feel I have given her the right to do it. If I had said, “no, you must trade it right now,” or “you need to name it,” she would have had the ability to do either of those things, both of which might well have prevented tonight’s sweep. But I didn’t, so she never felt the need to act. It is unfair to her for me to give her the impression that she would be able to act in the future, and then to pull it out from beneath her, even if that impression was given accidentally.

    The situation is such that I need to be fair to all the people involved, and for that, I need to take into account

    1) That Kenju had genuine approval from me to trade three normal pokemon from the list that was standing at the time.
    2) That consequently she legitimately felt no necessity to take any action that would have prevented her losing by sweep.
    3) That given the circumstances as I observed them, and the flexibility which has been applied to the rules lately, my mistake was genuine and based upon the information as I held it.

    I mean, if we want to be super-pedantic, we could say that only pokemon trades which were specifically announced would be allowed. That would mean, for example, that tonight’s Latios is the only fair trade, and Kenju’s Latias the only fair trade from this morning.

    But what I am trying to do is to be objective and to look at the spirit of the matter and say to myself, “how can I do what is most fair for everyone involved, given the point of this game as a demonstration of pokemon-catching prowess?”

    It is a difficult path to work out, and I am certain no matter what choice I make, someone will feel aggrieved, but that doesn’t mean I can avoid trying to rectify the situation I created.

  144. That was a very long reply, I think I can say it more quickly, and make my point much better. Here it is:

    – What I should have done was to tell Kenju that she had to name a Pokemon to claim it. She would have done so and that would mean that ONE normal pokemon would still be outstanding, and when she traded that, she would be able to trade any of the other pokemon that were still outstanding at the time of that trade.

    – When I told her Yes, she believed (quite reasonably, given the flexibility which we have used toward the rules) that she did not have to name a particular pokemon–after all, I had already said Yes.

    – If I now renege on it, I am basically shorting her by not only turning my earlier Yes into a lie, but also by having implicitly prevented her laying claim to a pokemon in order to prevent being swept.

    – Thus, I feel it is only fair to give her a chance to make a trade as I had approved (whether it is one or three normal does not matter, as in either case, she cannot win with normal pokemon alone), with the typical option to also trade any of the outstanding pokemon left: that is, Deoxsys or Celebi.

  145. One more thing:

    This all presumes Kenju has a Deoxsys or a Celebi to trade. Without them, she loses. The most normal I will allow her to trade is three, in which case she will lose by one point.

    We’ll find out tomorrow, I think.

  146. ….I have lost. I should have specifically named the ones I was able to trade, and so I think DCS has won legitimately. I don’t have a Celebi or a Deoxys, and since there’s no way of me actually winning, I think you can declare the winner. Well played, Failboy. Change your name.

  147. @Kenju & Dan: Thanks for being such good sports!


    Without a Deoxsys or a Celebi, Kenjujuu is forced to concede defeat.

    THEREFORE, let me CONGRATULATE DanChiSao for winning The Great Pokemon Hunt 2010! His final score stands at 101, which is quite impressive. As promised, he may have any New Game on Amazon valued up to $60.

    SECOND place goes to Kenjuju. Her reward is a guest panelist spot on any podcast between now and year’s end! We typically record on weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun), I’ll include you on the scheduling e-mail, and you can reply when you find one you want to be on.

    And our other participants: ETHOS and JENIFER both receive HEAPS OF SCORN. But in addition to this:

    JENIFER will receive three uses each of MASSIVE HEALTH and FOE DESTRUCTION for our TF2 nights, which she may use at any time on any person.

    ETHOS will receive a signed and framed photograph of me for his desk. LET IT NEVER BE DENIED THAT I AM A GENEROUS MAN.

    Congratulations to all of our participants. I look forward to seeing what you come up with during The Great Pokemon Hunt 2011! CHEERS!

  148. Oh, DCS, did you still want the Croagunk and Seviper? They’re kicking around my PC Boxes if you want them!

  149. Thanks, all. Sorry about the delay in my responding as I have been away from computers for most of the last couple days.

    @KJJ: It was a hard-fought contest. Perhaps we’ll meet on the field of pokemon battle again someday. I hope you enjoy your time on the podcast as that seems like it could be a lot of fun.

    And yes, I would love to trade for those two. Is there anything I can trade you in return?

  150. Podcasting does sound like fun – I am super excited :) Hope you enjoy your game – what have you chosen?

    There’s nothing in particular I would like, except maybe if I could do a trade trade back of your Latios? I kind of need it in my Pokedex. Aside from that, anything really – except Pidgeys. God knows I have like a thousand of them now. :)

  151. Congrats Dan! Commiserations to poor Kenujujujujuujujujujuujujujuu who must now endure our company for a full podcast, perhaps you’ll try harder next time given the severity of the consequences!

  152. @KJJ I think I’m going to go with Civilization 5; it comes out Tuesday. And yeah, we can do a Latios tradeback. How full is your dex now?

    @SN Thanks. Don’t be too hard on Kenjujujujujujujujuju

  153. @SN: The atrocities! If only I had known….
    But in all seriousness, it will be awesome. I’m thinking one of the October podcasts, when I get some time off.
    @DCS: It’s literally about three Pokemon away from completion. The worst part is if I had gotten SoulSilver, the legendaries I’m missing would be available, since they’re all from Ruby. But I wanted the nostalgia, so I got the same version I had originally. Also, times-wise, when are you free to trade?

  154. @KJ: I’m just agog that you have nearly completed your national pokedex. The people at Nintendo should really give you some kind of tangible reward, like a free trip to Pokemon Centre New York, or something.

    Just a heads-up to people using this thread: it will fall off the main page today. To get to it quickly, if you haven’t bookmarked it, you should click the CONTESTS link in the right sidebar on the main site. This will be the top post in the list when you do that.

  155. I wish I got a prize! Do you remember the original games? YOu worked so hard to get all 150 pokemon, and all you got was a lousy certificate! That you can only see when you talk to the guy who gives it to you!
    Also, I’ve been to the Pokemon Centre in Yokohama. It’s surprisingly bland – just filled to the brim with Pokemon Merchandise, which is fun. Oh, and there’s a corner for all the little Japanese kids and their mums, clutching their DSes, wanting to trade Pidgeys for Mews and stuff.

  156. But hey, at least I got a guest role on the Megaphones Ahoy podcast out of it. The most any other retard would get is a ‘HAHA N00B’.

  157. We’d rather have you on the podcast, Mwahahahahaha! You can be in charge of getting NATE to behave.

  158. @KJJ Wow that’s damn impressive…Right now, mine’s right around 400, but I have quite a few that I need to finish raising to evolve, but even then I’ll probably still be somewhere in the 430 range or so. Gotta spend some more time in the Safari Zone…

    As far as trade times, during the week I am out of the house for class or work from about 12:00 GMT to 22:30 GMT so it might be hard to trade unless we trade really late for you. My weekends are usually pretty flexible though. What about you?

  159. @SN: NATE behiving is almost as impossible as Lusipurr preventing the LADY GAGA news. You realise when that’s gone, so are half the listeners, right? No matter what evilpaul says.

    @DSC: Gotta catch ’em all! You know the rules. Weekends are easier for me than trading after 22.30 GMT, since here we are actually on DST, so it would be like 23.30. I can’t do Saturday, but how’s about this Sunday? Anytime you like.

  160. @KJJ Slowly but surely I will get there. I’m pretty sure I will be free this Sunday. I’m a fairly early riser, even on the weekends; so, how about sometime around…12:30 or 13:00 GMT?

  161. Erm, lunch is running a bit late. Would it be okay to say around 14.00 GMT? Or is that a bit late? If not, I can do next weekend…

  162. Haha! Lunch finished early! Sorry about that – I’m around now anyway, if you want to get it done.

  163. Thanks for that. Sorry about the time messing up and the lack of voice chat – low battery :(

  164. I think it is awesome that this thread continues to bring people and PKMN together. Best contest ever!

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