MAP Episode 72: Disorganised and Uncensored

There. I used the picture. Are you happy, Nate?
Oops! A couch! Where did that come from?

Download Link: Produced 2010.07.04

When Lusipurr’s case of Shingles makes it difficult for him to type, he introduces a new time-saving feature: total lack of organisation. And the result: the worst podcast in the history of the universe. Turn and run. Don’t look back. Just run. Run NOW.


  1. I’m hurt that you didn’t think I would finish this podcast. I’m gonna take my stunky back and go home.

    I think my favorite Miyazaki film is Princess Mononoke with Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service close behind.

  2. @DanChiSao: You have good taste in Miyazaki films! Also, many thanks for the Stunky. After a little breeding, the result is one of my staple pokemon!

  3. Cool. Let me know if you need anything else besides legendaries. My pokedex is around 360 right now so I can breed a lot of stuff.

  4. @Dan: Thanks!

    If it’s a Dark pkmn, I probably want it!

    So: Poochyena, Absol, Murkrow, Sableye, Houndour, Sneasel, Skorupi, Larvitar, Spiritomb, Carvanha, Corphish, Seedot, Cacnea, and, of course, DARKRAI.

    Any of those you think you can handle?

    This goes for all of you, actually. Any person who makes a trade with me will be thanked on the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast. And, just to make it interesting, the person who makes the *most* trades with me before our Xenogears playthrough will receive a PRIZE in the form of a new game of your choice (up to $60 USD). Wow!

    I’ll be updating the tally over the Summer. So far, Dan is leading with ONE. The tally will be posted on each podcast thread, starting with this one!

    If you can make a trade, post a comment on the latest podcast thread. Once your trade is made, it’ll be added to your total.


  5. I think I can get you a Poochyena, Absol, Murkrow, Sableye, Houndour, Sneasel, Skorupi, Larvitar, Carvanha, and Cacnea. Most of them require breeding, but I have a couple that I can trade almost immediately. I’ll work on breeding them. I enjoy the breeding/trading part of the game almost as much as the battles; so, this contest is just icing on the cake.

  6. Wait, it’s open to me too? Sweet tits! Let’s DOUBLE get our trade on! What chu want, Lusi? I’ve got Pokémon out my ass!

  7. @Dan: Okie dokie, because of the contest guidelines, I’m only going to let you do one at a time! So, when you have one ready, post it here that it is ready.

    @Ethan: Like I said to Dan above, feel free to tell me what you think I might like, and then I may say yes! This week, I’m looking for Dark PKMN. However, if that encourages you to look for something similar that maybe another person *isn’t* looking for, by all means SUGGEST IT!

    Also, Ethos, I’ll need your Trainer name and your friend code!

  8. I am available from 10.00 GMT to 19.00 GMT on Wednesday with Absols, Poochyenas and a heck of a lot of Houndours.

  9. I’ll have an Absol to trade tonight, but I have to run some errands for a bit. If you’re free to trade sometime after 7, let me know.

    Also, do you want any other starters?

  10. @Dan(and Kenju): An Absol would be grand, though I probably won’t be available after 19:00 tonight, as I’m leaving shortly for Heather’s house, and her network is WPA-SK, so I can’t trade over it. I’ll be around during the early afternoon again tomorrow, and after work on Wednesday (probably early afternoon again. ~18:00 GMT, KenJu.)

    As for groups or types of pkmn, this week I’m looking for Dark specifically. There may come a week when I’ll say that I want ‘Starters’ — but not yet!

    That said, you can certainly offer a single starter of your choice (after you trade Absol) if you think I may want one, and I may say yes to that. Or maybe not!

  11. I work 9:00-18:00 Eastern weekdays, usually home by 18:30 if I don’t have to stay late at work. I’ll try to get home to make a trade as early as possible.

  12. Argh. I thought I had a fighting chance, but it turns out I don’t. I forgot that my Platinum save was gone. Oh well. Do you want a…Lucario?
    A Kingdra?
    A Houndoom?

  13. @Ethan: You can only suggest one at a time, but you’re in luck–I do want a Lucario this week! When are you able to trade? I should be around tomorrow afternoon, and then Weds. afternoon as well!

  14. I’m at work, but I should be able to pull off a trade if the internet there and my DS get along. Depends on what “afternoon” means to you. Earlier afternoon is better. Text me. Obviously I’ll only suggest Pokémon in this thread.

  15. Wow, this thread has become one massive Pokemon prostitution ring!

  16. @Ethan: The reason that the DQIX interface is much worse than DQVIII’s, is that VIII’s was entirely remade for the West while I’m pretty sure IX’s is still the same as the Japanese version, and as we all know Japanese DQ fans like their interfaces to be just the same as the ones they used on the NES all those years ago.

    @Ginia: You can’t play the Sims.

    Also, boobs.

  17. I go away for a day and this is what I find?!
    Lusipurr, I think I know the problem – we here in Britain are on DST – I thought your GMT clock seemed wrong when you suggested trading at eight when it was nine. I can trade you a Houndour at 14.00 your time, 18.00 my time, but I’m only in for about 15 minutes – are you around any earlier?

    @Ginia: Keep playing The Sims.

    Also, boobs.

  18. @Ethan: It is what you were talking about on the podcast, how is this the wrong thread? I know this has become the official Pokecrack trading forum, but my comment stands damnit!

  19. @SN – Embarrassing! I forgot I was on the podcast!
    I said that because I mentioned that in my impressions on Riddlethos. Obviously this is not the wrong thread. I’m a blondie.

  20. @Ethan: I don’t read DQ impressions since each game is essentially the same.

    @Ginia: It is a brilliant method to catch them all without actually making the effort to do so. It actually brings to mind MMO players who outsource their grinding to 3rd world sweatshops, though given that the primary purpose of playing Pokemon is to catch them all, I don’t see what there will be left to play once Lusi has swindled from these poor fools the sweat of their labour …

  21. @SN & Ginia: Well, actually, I’m not really looking for anything I need! I’m trying to make a fair contest.

    Each week, I’m going to give a different type or group of pokemon and see who can trade me what. Anything in that type or group is fine–but I’ll only accept one of any particular sort of pokemon in a given week, so not everyone can trade me an Absol this week, for example.

    I will also accept some pokemon not on the list, but to find out which (and also what I am accepting, after this week) people will have to listen to the podcast.

    @Ken: Yes, we are currently GMT -04:00. If I posted the wrong thing earlier, it was a typo. No worries! Houndour in 20 minutes sounds good. I’ll be in the channel waiting from now until 18:15 GMT!

    (NB: The site is actually GMT -05:00 all year round, so it differs from *my* current time by -01:00 at present.)

  22. @Kenju: Looks like I missed you again. Tomorrow, perhaps? I should be around in the afternoon here again. Suggest another time?

  23. It’s update time!
    Pokemon Hunt 2010 – Phase 1 (Dark Type)

    Normal Trade (1 point each)
    Absol – Failboy
    Carvanha – Failboy
    Houndour – Komaki
    Larvitar – Failboy
    Sableye – Failboy
    Skorupi – Failboy
    Stunky – Failboy

    Legendary Trade (10 points each)

    Suggested Trades (1 point each)
    Lucario – Ethos

    * * * * *
    It’s worth adding that all non-legendary Dark-type have to be accounted for before I will announce a new general type-hunt (hint: the next type is *incredibly* common). And remember: breeding pokemon is the way to victory!

  24. Just like the poor chocobos. “Here, go fuck this BECAUSE I TOLD YOU TO.” Video games condone horrible things.

  25. Crap, I HAD a Sneasel and Murkrow in my other game. I think a few of those other too. Rrrrgh!

  26. …I am online all of tonight from 18.00 GMT – your Houndour is waiting!
    Also, if I give you a Shiny Palkia, can I have ten points?

  27. @Ken: 18:00 GMT it is! And I must decline your shiny Palkia, at least for now. (Surely you don’t really want to trade it away, though.)

    @Dan: Will you be around this afternoon/evening?

    @Ethos: Get to work, laddie. This is only the first hunt! There are plenty more to come!

  28. @Lusi: I got it in a trade. Valuable, but points are points, and if I win, I have plans to buy the Sims 3.

  29. You wouldn’t want to undermine the spirit (and indeed the text) of the competition, plenty of other eager competitors who actually wish to purchase games!

    We’ll have no more of this Sims 3 talk. :P

  30. I get off work around 18:00 Eastern again tonight. Hopefully I will be home shortly after that.

    Also, I will have to redouble my efforts to prevent Lusi from having to purchase the travesty of a “game” that is Sims 3.

  31. The Sims 3 is a game. And I think my declaration has causd Lusipurr to simply not show up on the Wi-Fi. Shame.

  32. @Kenju: You posted your comment at around 17:30 GMT. It’s just approaching 18:00 now. Are you sure you’re not on GMT+1?

  33. …maybe my maths was wrong, and I am on GMT+1.

    Oh well! Next time! :D If you still want that Houndour, let’s say 18.00 GMT, 19.00 My Bizarre British Time.

  34. Okay, I was definitely online, on the Wi-Fi. Do you have the right code for me?

  35. I do, and I just remembered! I forgot to put it in my calendar, so this one’s my fault. (Got distracted with podcast stuff. >.<)

    Will be around the rest of the day if you are still around. I'm sorry!

  36. @Kenju: Not sure if you had your volume turned up and could hear me, but I just wanted to apologise for forgetting earlier!

  37. No, sorry, I had low battery, so I left the volume off. No worries :)