Review: Toy Story 3

Play through the events of the newest movie in the Toy Story franchise with the recent release of Toy Story 3 by Avalanche Software and Disney Interactive.

Players can ride Woody's horse Bullseye around town.

Toy Story 3 allows players to experience the plot of the movie from the eyes of three of the more popular Toy Story characters: Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie.  The game plays much like any other third-person action game, allowing players to explore levels to find hidden extras.  Each playable character has a special ability that allows them to access areas the other two are unable to reach.  Woody can use his pull string to cross long gaps, Buzz is the strongest and can hurl other characters to places normally inaccessible with normal jumps, and Jessie’s nimbleness allows her to balance on small objects.  Often times, the player will team up all three characters to complete levels.

In addition to the movie-centric storyline, the game also has an extensive side-story, known as “Toy Box Mode,” where the player controls Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and even Zurg (but only on the PS3) in an old west town inhabited by the various toys and characters from the Pixar franchises.  Players can explore the expansive world while completing various quests which award the player with gold.  The gold is then used to buy new buildings and characters to expand the town, which in turn opens new quests for the player to complete.

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is how much variation is involved in the gameplay.  Most movie based games are repetitive and boring, but this one seems to break the mold a bit.  Not only does Toy Story 3 include the previous two gameplay options, but there are also various mission-integrated minigames.  More surprisingly, these minigames are actually fun to play, whereas those in other movie licensed games just seem tedious and boring.  There is even a level where the player controls a Buzz Lightyear videogame, which is very surreal.  The variation of missions makes the player want to keep playing the game.  This reviewer found it difficult to put his controller down at some points.

I really only posted this because it looks like Buzz is pooping out the car.

Too often have developers released a mediocre, or even downright terrible, game and thrown a movie’s logo on it in order to generate more profit.  Toy Story 3 is not one of those games.  While most missions are typical action platforming ones, the addition of minigames that are actually fun and the Buzz Lightyear videogame make the player come back for more and more.  The Toy Box Mode is incredibly fun and addicting, and involves all the Pixar movies in some shape or form.  This writer found himself playing hours of the Toy Box Mode just to see what characters are unlocked next.  For any fan of the Toy Story franchise, or any fan of just a fun game, this is a great choice.


  1. “Players can ride Woody’s horse Bullseye around town.”

    Oh ho ho ho ho! ;)

  2. me and my friends were goin to watch TS3 but couldn’t cause it was 3D and two of us wore glasses and needed them badly.


    game looks kinda cool though.